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[Feb. 26th, 2008|10:56 am]
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Who: Kar and any New Yorker interested. AKA open.
When: This afternoon.
Where: Inside a cafe.
Warnings: Uh, no. XD.

After her usual morning visit to see Landon and check his vitals when the doctors weren't there to tell her not to sress out over them (pah), Karen drug her laptop to a cafe and got coffee before setting the computer up and popping in a jump drive, opening two files, an ultrasound she and House had taken of Landon's heart the day before, as well as the EKG his doctors had done. She slowed the ultrasound, carefully examining it, not seeing anything resembling a heart murmur, as Landon's doctors had freaked her out over. It was a relief. She knew it wasn't set in stone confirmation, but it was damn close. Good enough for her for now. Murmurs could be dealt with, especially if he was older, it would be a lot easier than now, in his infancy, while he was still behind in growth. Even tho he was catching up splendidly.

She let the ultrasound continue, watching his heart pump, sipping her coffee thoughtfully. Drinking with House had been sorely regretted as soon as later in the evening, and her head was still a little pained, but the coffee kept her mind off that. The EKG ended first, so she closed it, and the ultrasound ended but she left it up as she opened her planner and made a note to burn the ultrasound onto a disk to give to Landon's doctors.
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[Feb. 25th, 2008|01:24 pm]
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Who: Karen and House
Where: Some random bar in NY.
When: Around 3 P.M.
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol consumption.

Karen decided to wrap up her last hour before meeting House by spending half checking Landon's vitals, and spending a little time with him before heading home to change and run a brush through her hair, taking care of a few mascara smudges and obvious skin flaws before heading out to the bar she'd suggested to House. She still felt like a major ass, knowing he'd even pinpointed it before it had happened, post pregnancy hormones, post partum depression. Not a serious case, and she was already on something for it, she'd just been careless and forgotten the pill that morning. After seeing the baby tho, she felt a lot better.

Parking and going inside she went straight to the bar, ordering a glass of Chivas Regal on the rocks. She'd never been a fruity drink girl, but she reserved any Scotch drinking for when her nerves were really worked up. Reaching over she grabbed a peanut from the tray nearest, shelled it and popped it into her mouth, making a face and deciding, wisely, to leave the peanuts and just drink.
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[Feb. 14th, 2008|03:05 am]
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Who: Karen Davis, Caleb Angel and anyone who wants to be there.
Where: The hospital Karen's been at.
When: Starting at around 9:30 A,M, today.
What: The birth of Landon.
Warnings: Tense situation?

Pete sat with Karen as nurses busily buzzed around him, prepping for her to go to surgery in the next half hour. Her bed was surrounded, now, by balloons, including some he'd brought earlier in the morning, blue and white with silvery ones that read 'It's a boy!'. There were cards on the tables by her juvenile patients, some of which containing picutres of her with them over the years and weeks before this day. He looked at those, sighed, stroking her hand between his. Caleb was "scrubbing up", and he already had his scrubs on, it was just a matter of time.

A nurse said something about them being ready, awaiting Dr. Chase to take her down to the OR. He nodded, glancing at his daughter, brushing some of the blonde strands from her pale face, which was visibly thinner. He glanced over to the bathroom door when he heard Caleb come out, and worked up a smile. "We're just waiting on Dr. Chase."

[OOC:For those who want their pups to be in the waiting room, start a new thread in this log, so Caleb can come and greet y'all's kids in the waiting room ;).]
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[Feb. 1st, 2008|08:34 pm]
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Who: Karen, Caleb, NPC!Pete and a couple less important NPCs. Also a cameo by Harry, of course. His bleeding arm.
Where: Kent and then oddly enough, Kent.
When: More than 12 hours after the initial collapse. Now, more or less.
Warnings: Abuse of a pregnant person, swearing.

Behind a barricade several yards back from what had once been the parking garage, family and friends of those trapped inside waited. They cheered when a rescue was succesful, and there was complete silence when a janitor was brought to the surface, covered in a white sheet, motionless, bleeding through it. Pete was at the very front of the crowd, barricade gripped in his hands, eyes searching, hopeful for the familiar blonde to walk out. Hoping, waiting.

She'd been in there too long, the dust had probably suffocated her, something could have collapsed on her. But then that wasn't like Karen. This baby had become so much to her, she wouldn't stop fighting, she'd keep it safe. He sighed impatiently, passing his hands over his face. 13 hours, it was dark, no sign of her. There was talk of abandoning the search. And then a worker said they'd found someone. A woman.

Then he said she was pregnant.

"Karen?" He yelled past te barricade, leaning forward, waiting for a sign of life. He got it when flashlights shone on the large whole torn in the rubble to get people through and Karen took a step out, a bloody Dresden hanging on tightly to her arm.
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YAY it's Friday [Feb. 1st, 2008|12:05 am]
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Who: Karen, Reina and Sofia. (Later Tritter as well.)
Where: Kent and it's parking garage, or what'll be left of it.
When: Friday morning, about a quarter after seven.
Warnings: Scary situations, some mild cursing, I bet.

"Girls, I'm so sorry, I don't know how I forgot it." Karen was of course referring to her wallet, where her credit card was waiting to pay for them to get their hair done as she had promised. "This will only take a minute, come right into the office." She didn't care if that House gave her a hard time about showing up on her day off, today was about time with the twins.

Walking in, she moved to her desk and pulled her wallet from the drawer, where Robert had likely stuck it when he saw it on the desk, that dear. She smiled back at the girls and reached for both of their hands after saying and signing for Reina. "Ok, back to the car and off we go to get pampered." She took their hands, leading them down a series of halls until they reached the elevator, they had to go down two levels before entering the parking garage, just to get to the car quicker.

"So you girls excited? What do the dresses you brought look like?"
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The Hammer of Jeff! [Jan. 11th, 2008|01:06 am]
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Who: Karen Davis and Shawn Spencer (erm, the original? Aki!Shawn.)
Where: His place, ders.
When: Later today. Afternoon-ish.
What: Bonding and other fun things that BFF!Sibling types do.
Warnings: There will be fluff. Disgusting and adorable amounts.
Why?: Because it's Friday, dammit, and we've waited over a week to play them!!!

After leaving an hour later than she'd planned and indeed making a Gamestop run before jumping a Portkey, Karen dropped off 10-15 Wii games intended for both House and the girls (to hopefully save his sanity even the tiniest bit) at the apartment they were at. Keep thy boss happy. From there she stopped herself from stopping to get coffee (it took a lot of willpower, ok?) and found herself at Shawn's door. Pausing before knocking she thought for a moment, then rapped on the door several times.

"I have little doubt that you aren't already at the door, Shawn. Either way, open up. I might have a surprise for you." She did indeed, but the contents of the tote slung on her shoulder would have to bne a secret just for that added "shock" value. Wincing at some clicking sounds she turned to see a group of photographers standing out closer to the street and she managed a smile at them, turning back to knock harder a couple of times. "Ok if you're sitting on ZMT waiting for the pics to show up, I'll hit you with something, Shawn, I didn't bring my bodyguard dude. We can look at my new life as an online tabloid princess together, they posted a video yesterday of my telling them to move the fuck out of my way."
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