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October 3rd, 2011

[Oct. 3rd, 2011|11:48 am]


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Open auditions. Adelphi Theatre in London, starting Wednesday, nine through five, until we find the Angel I require. Oh, for Christine to be here

Operatic training a bonus, but not required. I can train anyone to perfection.
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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|12:25 pm]
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Varric, my friend, I owe you a beer. Maybe several beers. Actually I probably owe you a whole tavern, but I can't afford one, so you'll have to settle for several beers. Let me know when you want to collect.

Incidently, I seem to be dating the most amazing woman in any world. Not sure how I got that lucky, but I'm not going to complain!
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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|12:43 pm]


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Gaius, Stefan, Hope, Thomas )

Stefan only )

Alim Surana )

Private )

Aedan )
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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|04:45 pm]
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I'm thinking tonight should be a Vegas night.

Who's with me?
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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|07:31 pm]
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This isn't Besaid. I'm sure it isn't, I know Besaid by heart. This beach is similar but it's not one I know.

It can't be the Farplane, can it?

...am I dreaming? Or being dreamed?

...if I whistled, would you hear it this time?
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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|09:29 pm]


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I'd be more upset about being here if portkeys weren't so darn convenient. It's really helped me turn on the romantic. ... okay, and the promotion didn't hurt. ... and the new house. ... and less crime. ... okay, it's kind of amazing here.

But Neal? Next time you get a traffic ticket or a - wait, what is this, a noise violation? - make sure it doesn't end up on my desk. I'm not your babysitter, at least not anymore. ... as much.
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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|11:19 pm]


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Bast? I gave Carlo the night off, in case you were wondering.
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