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If you wish to place a hold at ~ghostcorps, you must make a post in this community. Include the PB, preferred team and role, and codename you would like to reserve. If you do not have all of this information to start, please update your entry with it as those decisions are made. Make sure to tag your entries with the proper team so your future teammates can more easily plot with you. Also be sure to plot with any teammates who comment your post.
Since not all holds will apply, we will allow challenges for roles on a team. If the team fills up, it will be first come, first serve, and the later applicants will be put on a different team. Refer to individual team pages for what roles are available.
Holds will last for 7 days with a possible 3 day extension.
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new teams [21 Aug 2016|06:40pm]

As we're sure you all have noticed by now, there are four teams listed on the information hub that are not yet open for play. We plan on opening two of them in the very near future. Tonight we're going to list some concepts for these teams and let players decide by a vote which are the most popular ideas. The top two will become our Charlie and Golf teams. In the future, as all of our existing teams fill up, we will unlock Romeo and Juliet with two of the ideas which do not get voted in at this time. This vote will run until 8/27 at midnight EST. Results will be announced on 8/28.
The concepts are here. )
The poll is here.

As a tangential announcement, we have done some additions and rearranging of the locked teams. The teams we will be unlocking are Juliet and Romeo, which will share a housing floor. The teams that will remain locked are Charlie and Delta, which will also share a housing floor. We have also added two NPC teams, Uniform and Victor, also sharing a housing floor, which will come into play for future plots.
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[20 Aug 2016|06:24pm]

PB: Natalie Portman
Codename: Cheshire
Team: Echo
Role: Infiltration #1
Powers: Teleportation, Intangibility

Juno is a not-so-good Midwestern girl who currently (hopefully?) serves as Echo's first infiltrator. She may or may not be better suited to something else, I don't know - her abilities are teleportation and partial intangibility, which make her kinda slippery and pretty damn useful when it comes to getting in and out of places in a hurry.

Personality-wise, she's pretty aloof, definitely has a sense of humor that could be best classified as dark, and probably seems a little bit.. weird. I'm thinking she's been in the program for a while, but only recently returned to field duty. Thinking she got messed up bad, nearly/should've/maybe died (for a little while!) and was put back together again, manifested her secondary ability (intangibility), then got a new codename to match.

Lines are good. I really need to flesh her out more, so she can probably fill more or less anything right now.
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[20 Aug 2016|03:37pm]

PB: Peter Dinklage
Codename: Medic
Team: Echo
Role: Healer
Force fields - capable of generating force fields that can withstand various levels of attacks. He can shield up to his whole team. The amount of damage the force field can withstand depends on how much focus he has, but at his age and with his level of experience, it's a pretty significant amount even at its weakest.

Temporal healing - the ability to heal by turning back time or else negating an event on the person, or the injury itself. In other words, any damage done to someone within the last 20-30 minutes, he can undo, leaving only the memories of what happened. Since he's manipulating the time around the energy and not the injury itself, there's no limit to what he can heal as long as it falls within the time window. Bullet wounds, lost limbs, even if someone died recently enough, he could probably bring them back as good as they were half an hour prior. This is best applied on the battlefield itself, because wasting time in getting to the injury risks running out the clock on his ability. He has no other time manipulation or event negation capabilities; only healing. (Believe him, he's tried.)

Echo team, this is Xander. His parents turned him in as a preteen. They didn't realize they'd never see poor Xander again. He's been a part of the Ghost Corps since he turned 18 in 1990. He's a generally grumpy, bitter, and jaded guy, because he hates how much of his life has been spent locked up, that he never had a chance to actually live his life, and how many supers he's seen come and go in the program over the years. He usually sticks to hanging out with the older supers and/or the ones who've been there longer, because he feels he can relate to them better. Of course, he'll have no choice but to hang around the beautiful young Gorgon since they're roommates~

Btw if anyone feels like bringing in a Hugh Laurie for an older brother for him, I could totally fit that in. GoT or X-Men bromances also welcome. You know you want to~
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[20 Aug 2016|02:11pm]

PB: Sophie Turner
Codename: Gorgon
Team: Echo
Role: Damage #3
  • Petrifying Beam. Gorgon is able to produce a petrifying beam from her eyes that turns anyone or -thing caught in the crossfire into stone. She is able to choose the type of stone they are turned into, from regular rock to gemstones. They do not die, but become stuck in an in-between state of consciousness: neither living nor dead. Depending on the strength of her beam, the petrification can be permanent or temporary. Permanently petrifying a single person can drain Gorgon for days, but petrifying multiples for a few minutes at a time is doable. All damage sustained by her petrified victims will carry over when the petrification wears off; so if one of her statues is shattered...

  • Stone Constructs. She can manipulate anything she uses her Petrifying Beam to petrify into stone. Her stone constructs tend to be slow moving, which is especially true with bigger stone constructs. Gorgon loses control of her stone constructs when they are shattered, and if she is manipulating a living person who was petrified to stone they can also be disabled by being beheaded.

  • Vibration Emission. This is Gorgon's least mastered ability, and she is especially prone to "slipping up" and emitting vibrations while touching someone/thing whenever her emotions are running high. She can only send vibrations into something she is physically touching, and the power of those vibrations range from "tingly" to "deadly."
Still working on the particulars (especially re why she's young and in Echo).
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[20 Aug 2016|11:52am]

PB: Henry Cavill
CODENAME: Harbinger
TEAM: Echo
ROLE: Wildcard

Metallic Form : His number one power and the reason why people think of him as a 'tank' on most situations, he is able to transform all of his soft tissue into a form of organic steel with a similar density to tungsten. Naturally, in this form he is incredibly strong (he has been known to lift 20 tons without visible strain) and almost invulnerable to damage (most common metals shatter or flatten against him with viable force). In this state his muscles also don't produce fatigue toxins, so he is able to perform arduous or taxing feats with inhuman stamina as well. Also he can jump, like, insanely high. He has definitely full-court dunked as a party trick before. The longest he has been able to hold this form is three hours before it taxes his body too much and he reverts back to his baseline state, usually with a serious case of exhaustion and/or migraines. This is also an all-or-nothing power, meaning he must fully convert his body and it denies access to his other power.

Shapeshifting : It manifested months after his first ability, but is something that he can use at will when in his baseline state. He is able to completely alter himself to appear as anyone he has ever seen before, which is not an altogether comfortable feeling and is not instantaneous (it takes between a minute and three). His weight remains the same and his height can only be altered so much (no more than four inches), but for all intents and purposes he become a wholly different person in appearance when he uses this power. The longest he has been able to hold a new 'shape' was two hours and then he naturally reverts back an is usually pretty nauseous afterwards. If he is in a shifted form and needs to use his metallic form, he rapidly shifts back to his normal state and takes off an hour (minimum) of how long he can be in his metal skin. Exhausting himself in either power means he doesn't have access to the other.

Details: Winston "Sonny" McKenna is was a world-class photographer with the world on a string, in his mid-twenties with his dream job and a girl who had no business being with him. When his powers manifested, he went on the run (hard to stop a guy who can break a tank) and was successfully rogue for a year. When authorities finally caught him, things got bad and his actions caused his woman (who had went off-the-grid with him) to die. Offered death row or government service, he chose death row out of guilt and depression. Turns out he chose wrong or it was a rhetorical question. Never got a chance to ask. He's been with the program for a few years now and is one of their favorite stories to use about how it 'can turn a bad case around'.

So, I'd love lines for this handsome fella who has a redemption complex and a genuinely good moral compass. He can be dark and moody sometimes, but he generally tries to do the right thing. A mentor who helped him assimilate, training partners, maybe an ex who is on cordial terms. I'm thinking he's been in the Corps for a little over half a decade now, so there's room for new and established ties.
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[19 Aug 2016|01:28am]

PB: Dylan O'Brien
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wild Card
Codename: Chaosbomb

Powers: Emotion Bombs : Chase has one ability only (so far as he can tell), and that is to infuse objects with emotional bombs as he likes to call them. He always does this in a specific way - he prepares vials of liquid (it can be anything) that he infuses with whatever emotion he wants to heighten, and when he's ready to, he lets them fly via breaking the vial (Chase isn't immune to his own work, so he generally throws them from a distance then runs like hell). Basically, they are like area effect spells for the gamers out there, and they’re specific to affecting anyone who happens to walk through it. Examples of bombs he commonly makes are: lust, anger, fear, anxiety, truth, curiosity, etc.

What they do is ramp up that particular emotion or feeling, dialing it up to eleven. It doesn’t change anyone’s feelings, orientation, etc. There’s no deception of the senses involved, it just takes one chord and plucks it hard, creating circumstances where someone’s on the warpath, or feeling particularly brutally truthful, or horny as hell and more willing to give things a try that they were only curious about before. It kicks people in a certain direction, and he loves seeing how they respond.

It's great for causing big diversions or simply causing chaos for people to have to deal with, whether it's security, or the authorities, etc. People pay so much less attention to important things when there's an orgy budding in the lobby of a building, and when they go to check it out they can really only think about joining in.

The effects only last so long, but they're very powerful, and so far no one's worked out how to avoid being affected.

I'd love to have all of the things! Especially perhaps a girl he can flirt with who's probably way out of his league.
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[19 Aug 2016|01:44am]

PB: Gerard Butler
Team Echo
Role: Echo/ Tank #1
Codename: Ares

Enhanced Mental Processing (Primary): Ares mind processes information at a greatly enhanced rate, granting him an accelerated learning aptitude. This allows him to process rapidly changing information on the field of battle and respond accordingly. He has an eidetic memory, perfect recall, and the ability to master any weapon or improvised weapon he can lay his hands on

Nigh Invulnerability (Primary): Ares skin is as hard as titanium and his bones and tissues are considerably denser than those of a normal human being. As such he can shrug off most conventional weaponry, sharp objects, extreme temperatures, electrical shocks and falls from great heights. He is not completely invulnerable, however. Something like a shot-gun to the head could scramble his brains or some other form of high explosive.

Super Strength (Secondary): Can lift up to 10 tons with ease. He has been known to literally rip people in half.

My thought is that he has been with the Ghost Corps for a long time, and was in the military before that. Thinking he just thought he had an innate skill for combat until he was shot and realized there was more to him than he realized.

I put him in Echo so he's a little older, and made him a tank so he can pull others out of trouble appropriately. Beyond that I'm still working and thinking about his history so I welcome any and all lines. Name is Robert Mason.
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[18 Aug 2016|12:13pm]

PB: Sam Heughan
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #5
Codename: Mimic

Energy Absorption & Replication: (Primary) Simply put, the ability to absorb the energy and powers of those around him. This can be done only when a power is used in the near vicinity and only one power at a time. He picks up on the residual energy like radio frequencies in the air and draws them in like a magnet. The stronger the frequency, the stronger his ability to mimic and double that power. It's gotten him into a bit of trouble, considering his ability is comprised of leeching off of others, and usually without their permission. Absorbing another's energy has the ability to drain it from the source temporarily, rendering them powerless. The effects are immediate but do not last very long though small traces of that power remain with him for up to 24 hours. He is limited to non-cellular regeneration abilities only and is unable to mimic any shapeshifting abilities.

Energy Manipulation & Transferal: If a power is used against him directly, he can gather that energy to produce a shield, blocking himself and his team from its effects before redirecting the path of energy elsewhere at a magnified amount. This comes in handy during combat. Related to this, he has the ability to redirect the energy of moving objects. Knives, bullets, and other weapons are easy to revert and maneuver. Cannot control stationary objects.

Kinetic Telepathy: The ability to recognize certain energies in certain people is the basis of his power. They present themselves as different colored auras based on the type of ability that person possesses, and he can control those auras and use them as his own for a short spell.

Brief History
Preston MacLeod is a former soldier: a member of the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) in the British Army. He joined the army shortly after the 2001 attacks and saw active duty when Britain assisted in the removal of Saddam Hussein during the 2003 conflict. He did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, where his service ended. When his unit was taken down by an IED during a combat engagement in Herat, Preston was the only one who survived with only cuts and bruises. In spite of this revelation, the higher-ups had his entire unit declared dead. The British Army informed him that he would be assisting in a special joint operation with MI-5 that required him to be presumed dead. He thought it was a Special Forces task, but he wasn't even close. He was put through years of physical testing and mental training in learning to control his abilities. Now, the Scottish national is on loan from MI-5 under a similar project. He's fairly quiet and keeps to himself and his military background makes him oddly comfortable in the facility since he's used to living in barracks. But he's a good soldier, carrying out his tasks for the greater good without complaint.

I'm looking for any and every kind of line! And please, ask any questions you might have about him (that'll help me flesh out more of his details as well)!
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[17 Aug 2016|05:40pm]

PB: Luma Grothe
Team: Alpha
Role: Surveillance
Codename: Morpheus

Dream Manipulation Can create, shape, enter and manipulate the dreams of others, including modifying, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, and observing dreams as well as nightmares. She is also able to attack people within their dreams, though as of yet has not taken to assassinating anyone as they sleep.

Telekinetic Combat (secondary) is able to utilize telekinesis in combination of physical combat, pushing/pulling, moving/lifting objects/people for attack and/or defense, etc. She is also capable of firing bullets of telekinetic energy that at their lowest level can stun a person, and at their highest can pierce through steel(depending on its thickness).

She's still pretty much a work in progress, but here are some tidbits that I have. Morpheus was born mute. Her vocal chords did not completely develop as she grew within her mother's womb, leaving her without the ability to speak. Her abilities manifested when she was in her teens, and it was soon after that that Ghost Corp got involved. She was entered into the Poltergeist Program, advancing on to Ghost Corp where she was placed in one of their established teams.
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[15 Aug 2016|08:15pm]

PB: Priyanka Chopra
Team: Alpha
Role: Damage #3
Codename: Tesla
Powers: Electromagnetism manipulation. The ability to manipulate electromagnetic forces, and consequently affect both magnetic and electric fields. Given her present level of training, her power has been predominantly displayed through the following means:
Electrical Absorption & Conductivity - As a living conduit, her body can withstand high voltages, making her nearly invulnerable to electricity. She is not capable of generating her own electricity and must draw power from an existing source, acting as a human battery, though there is a limit to how long she can retain a high charge before it must be expelled. She can discharge it in various forms, such as bolts and bombs (held together by a magnetic field).

Magnetism Manipulation - Limited control over magnetic fields. She can manipulate magnetic metal objects (made of iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys), and generate small-scale defensive force fields around herself and those in close physical proximity. The larger the metal object and field, the greater strain it puts on her body to alter; overexertion of her powers can lead to acute physical and mental fatigue. She can also "sense" magnetic fields, allowing her to detect metal objects and the natural magnetic auras around living beings.

Electromagnetic Infusion/Emission - Can infuse an object with electromagnetism, using it to attract and repulse magnetic metals, as well as discharge a limited amount of electricity or an EM pulse. Can also produce a surge of electromagnetic energy, which can disrupt and disable nearby technology. If not in direct contact with a specific object, she is liable to unselectively short out everything within range.

Electrical Adhesion - AKA static cling; can crawl, walk, run up walls and impart adhesive fields to others/objects using static electricity. Must be in physical contact to induce a charge and cannot extend her personal adhesion to carry masses beyond her own body weight. Infrequently used and wears off when the object is grounded.

Telepathic Resistance - While not immune to telepathy, the fluctuation of electromagnetic impulses in her body and brain make it difficult for her mind to be read or assaulted by telepaths and those with related abilities.
Background: TL;DR version: Divya's been with the Corps for the last 14 years. In the wake of 9/11, she was targeted by a group of racist bullies, and defended herself with her newly manifested powers. Despite being the victim of a hate crime, Divya wound up being taken into custody and eventually put into the Ghost Corps. At this point? Well, she's accepted her lot in life. She misses her family and her freedom, but at least she's not being detained in a black site prison--and she knows how easily she could be there, given how dangerous her powers can get. Divya is surprisingly well-adjusted, still a "good girl" who wants to make a positive difference, and sincere about making the best of a rather shitty situation. She tends to play by the rules, follow orders, be a good soldier, but she's compassionate and kind above all, and even a bit afraid of her own abilities. Full bio can be found here!
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[15 Aug 2016|12:57am]

PB: Aidan Turner
Team: Bravo
Role: Surveillance #2
Codename: Bat though I was also considering Ears because then Bravo’s surveillance would be Eyes and Ears and I can’t be the only one who laughed? Okay, I'm convinced, his code name is Ears!

ENHANCED HEARING (primary) Sorry, was that phone call supposed to be private? Charlie heard every word from both you and the person on the other line… from two blocks and six floors away. His hearing works best when he can use it within a half-mile (or closer) radius to his target. Buildings, being on separate floors, crowds, and other environmental noise make it challenging, but so long as he’s heard a voice clearly at least once, he can pick it out. It’s nearly impossible to sneak up on him — he can hear the softest footsteps, the quietest breaths, and if he really focuses he can sometimes even hear heartbeats.
SOUND MIMICRY (secondary) To a limited extent, he is able to replicate sounds that he’s previously heard. Some sounds, like the ringing of a telephone or a police siren, are easier to replicate and thus are part of his permanent mimicry repertoire, whereas voices are much more difficult. To properly replicate a voice, he must have heard it in the last 12 hours for peak effectiveness, though he’s made it work with samples as old as 48 hours.
INAUDIBILITY (secondary) This is a power that Charlie can only use on other supers, and when he’s using it he can’t use either of his other abilities due to the staggering amount of focus and energy this one takes. When he does use this power, he can render either one other super entirely inaudible or up to three others 50% more silent than they would normally be. Limited to one hour of continuous use when cloaking one person, or 15-20 minutes when cloaking three people.

Brief History:
So Charlie’s been part of the program for five years or thereabouts, after his (ex-)fiancee turned him in. Bit of a charmer when he feels like it, but more often than not he’s equal parts grumpy, reserved, and generally quiet. And definitely not the most gullible ever when it comes to some puppy-dog eyes, shh. On days when his hearing is too sensitive post-mission or he just doesn’t feel like dealing with it, he can be found wearing modified noise-cancelling headphones to lower his auditory perception to something closer to “normal.”
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[13 Aug 2016|07:54pm]

PB: Loupita Nyong'o
Team: Bravo
Role: Handler #1
Codename: n/a
Quick to laughter and indomitably nice; Eloise Okoye is a friendly, smiling, sweet, cinnamon roll of a woman who could snap your neck before you have the chance to scream and gosh! she's going to feel sincerely bad about it, but if crushing your trachea is for the sake of national security then r.i.p. She does not view supers as sub-human but they are security risks and security risks must be monitored and managed. Grossly pragmatic in weighing necessary risks and sacrifices; will flatly refuse compliance should said weight not balance out. Subscribes to the Rousseau theory that humans are naturally good when uncorrupted by knowledge and society. Loves reading local human interest stories about civilian heroes. Team Mystic on Pokemon Go. Watches a lot of bad television. Cried all through the Glee finale. Read every Twilight novel.

She's the daughter of a Somalian refugee and and American missionary, born in Kenya, educated in a British charter school, attended Brown then Harvard for university. Prior to her present position as a handler, she dealt in CoveOps for the US Department of Defense.Her ability to pass for a ridiculously broad range of ages from seventeen to early forties has spawned the joke that her actual age is a national secret.

Two of her fingers are prosthetic. She lost them being tortured after she allowed herself to be captured to infiltrate an enemy base.
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[13 Aug 2016|05:33pm]

PB: Elizabeth Gillies
Team: Bravo
Role: Infiltration #3
Codename: Siren


If you've seen Jessica Jones on Netflix, then you probably have a good idea what Siren can do. It's basically a super flunked up version of Simon Says: if she says it, you do it. And not only that, you may or may not want to do it. Even if she were to tell you to jump off the brooklyn bridge, while the back of your mind might be telling you it's a stupid idea, the rest of you - your stomach, your heart, every urge in your body will be screaming at you to do exactly as she says.

Thankfully, that's a super extreme example. She did tell someone to go play in traffic soon after her abilities manifested and suffice to say, it didn't go so well. Vanessa was wracked with guilt, immediately turning herself into the authorities. Her father, a Congressman, wasn't even powerful to stop her incarceration, based on the extremity of her ability. Upon being taken under Ghost Corp's wing, she was outfitted with a device that disables the majority of her voicebox. She can make sounds, but cannot form words. And that is just fine with her. She'd be too terrified to speak while not on a mission anyway.

Her second ability is damn useful, all things considered. She is able to allow other people to read her thoughts at will. More specifically, she will insert her thoughts into the other person's mind, like hearing her voice in your head.

Siren doesn't use her second ability unless absolutely necessary, essentially 'speaking' when spoken to and is understandably a bit withdrawn after accidentally making her philandering ex BF off himself. If she's tired or lazy or has a headache, she may even resort to writing out what she wants to say (emojis and all, you know how it is.)

Give me all of the things, please! :]
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[12 Aug 2016|12:14pm]

NAME: Dean Armstrong
PB: Jon Bernthal
ROLE: Alpha Handler #2

Hello, all! Dean here joined the marines straight out of high school; he did a tour of duty in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, and then was honorably discharged after ten years in 2005 for reasons he doesn't discuss. He returned to his hometown of Henderson, NV and joined the police force, where he worked until 2010 years before again retiring to do private investigation for a Las Vegas law firm.

In 2013, he was recruited by the Ghost Corps as a handler. Personality wise, he tends to be on the quiet side. He doesn't say a whole lot and half the time his facial expressions speak for him. In spite of this steely outward appearance, he has a soft nougat-y center and is probably very attached to his supers, preferring to treat them with respect and kindness, and he definitely battles feelings of guilt about how they're treated as weapons and tools as opposed to people.

He almost certainly has a fish named Hans Grouper that he may or may not carry a picture of in his wallet, ahem. It's incredibly hard to make him laugh but the truth is, he probably has a very keen sense of humor and just prefers not to show it. I'm open for all the things! (Also, I almost wish handlers had codenames so his could be hilariously ironic like Chuckles or something)

ETA: I don't have a preference as to which handler he is, 2 vs. 3, so if there's one that is wanted more than the other based on who their supers are please let me know! definitely #2, not to make a bathroom joke or anything.
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[11 Aug 2016|11:47pm]

PB: Harry Lloyd (I think)
Team: Alpha
Role: Tank #2
Codename: Frameshift


Blood Manipulation: The closest thing he has to a primary, given how many uses he's found for it. Ingestion or absorption of blood can be directed to heal himself and any damage done to his dermal armor, but he's wholly unable to heal anyone else. He can draw blood out of a person's body (or his own) and use it as a weapon by crystallizing it. Other fun tidbits like causing pain and blood clots are possible, but he takes that route less often. In dire circumstances, he can actually manipulate blood to physically move people like a marionette, but that takes an enormous amount of energy and concentration so you won't see him doing it much.

Dermal Armor: He can alter the structure of his skin, nails, hair, and feathers to become any organic substance. Diamond, chitin, enamel, etc they're all fair game but something like steel is out of the picture.
Large, white feathered wings - following the trend in some birds, his wingspan, wingtip to wingtip, is roughly three times his height - about 18 feet. They fold up fairly compactly along his back, but he has very little hope of passing for normal because they do not fit comfortably under a shirt: he winds up looking like he's got some weird growth on his shoulders and back and it's just no good. If he wants to look completely human, someone's gotta cast an illusion for him or something. He uses his wings for flight and protection, basically living shields.

In a nutshell, he can fly in, take a massive beating, absorb some blood, and feel right as rain. I have him as Tank #1 for Echo, but I was debating between that and Tank #2 for Alpha. Any opinions/thoughts? Nevermind, I've been converted, I think. :o
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[11 Aug 2016|12:23pm]
Codename: Aglaeca Pixie (under [info]pixieled)
PB: Amber Heard
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wild Card #3
Powers: Size Manipulation. Pixie can change her size from teeny tiny minuscule to super big bad that picks her teeth with skyscrapers. (IDK actual limits yet *hides*)

Consumer. There is nothing that Pixie has come across yet that she is unable to eat and digest safely, and she has yet to feel what normal people would call "full." She has consumed small planes in the past, though her teammates had to break them down into bite sized pieces for her. She is a lady, after all~ (A facet of this ability is manifested in her enhanced bite that allows her to bite through materials far harder than the average jaw/teeth can take.)
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[10 Aug 2016|07:05pm]

PB: Benedict Cumberbatch
Team : Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard or Damage--unsure as to the best fit.
Codename: Cthulhu

Body Modification

Gabriel can change and modify his body, enhancing his physical capabilities. He doesn't have the ability to completely change into a different man--or woman--or to change to an animal form, but he can change his own appearance to a degree. He can thread silver into his dark hair, can trace lines in his forehead and at the corners of his eyes, can bend his spine with supposed age. Conversely, he can appear as a young man in his late teens. He cannot change his mass; he can't make himself taller or shorter, thinner or fatter.

The form that he considers his true form is a terrifying combination of man and nightmare. From the base of his neck to his waist, Gabriel has four sets of tentacles ranging from small and fine to the last set, nearly as thick as his arms. They are retractable, disappearing into his body via openings on either side of his spine. When they are fully retracted, Gabriel's back looks normal save for what appears to be slanted, parallel scars on either side of his spine, each about three inches long--the bottom set are nearly twice that length--and slightly raised. These "scars" are actually openings for the tentacles housed within him. The tentacles are of varying length as well; the smallest upper pair nearly are two feet long in extension, graduating to the lowest pair, which are a bit more than six feet (each tentacle) fully stretched. All are the same color, an iridescent black-green, and are sucker-less, soft and warm, sensitive to touch. They are all prehensile and obedient to Gabriel's will. As Gabriel is lean, he has no idea how everything fits inside him without showing outwardly as lumps or bulges; he says he's a Tardis in the flesh.

Strength: Gabriel is very strong; he's learned well how to hide it, appear as any other man. His tentacles, particularly the biggest, can pick up and throw cars, rip doors out of buildings, pull someone or something limb from limb--the amount of sheer damage he can inflict is startling.

Aquatic Adaptation

Gabriel is able to survive and adapt to underwater environments, being able to breathe water in lieu of, or along with, a gaseous breathing medium, to swim well and to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures. He is able to use his senses to perceive normally regardless of the distortion/pressure of the water, including ignoring various impurities that would otherwise reduce the visibility.

Speed: Even in human form, he's quicker, faster than a man. In his water form, he's sleek, sinuous, flexible, almost as if he's boneless, and quicker than even the fastest creature in the ocean. He can't fold time and space to travel somewhere instantaneously, but he'll get where he needs to be faster than anyone would think possible.

Water, come to me: Gabriel can call the water (think Arwen, in LoTRs) to him. He can't command huge bodies, like whipping stretches of the ocean into a massive storm, but rivers and lakes respond to his call. He can't call storms, but can form waterspouts and small localized disturbances, like rain.

Gabriel has been with the program since the age of fifteen, when his powers manifested; he's a veteran of the Corps and has seen many come and go.

I'll expand on his powers and weaknesses in his bio.
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[10 Aug 2016|09:59am]

PB: John Krasinski
Team : Bravo
Role: Infiltration #1
Codename: Who
Powers: Furtive Assimilation. No matter where Nick goes, people instantly assume he belongs. He can disappear in a crowd faster than someone can blink their eyes, and he picks up the social norms, rules, and other patterns in a person's life very quickly. This means he can easily slip in and out of jobs and identities without being pegged as "not belonging." He's that familiar face everyone is sure they know from somewhere...

Omnilingualism. Nick can speak, read, and write in any language after a very short amount of time spent studying it. He picks up grammar rules and word definitions so easily it's close to instinctive, and his "mental bank" for foreign languages is apparently limitless. As far as his handler knows, Nick is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Latin, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, German, Russian, Dothraki, Na'vi, LOTR Orcish...

Killing Instinct. Nick is the penultimate wolf in sheep's clothes. Every moment of every day and with every person he is with, he always has at least three different ways in mind of how he could kill them. It's a constant focus at the back of his mind that cannot - will not - be turned off. He gets a surge of power once committed to a killing blow that can enable him to take out those far more powerful than he is, but that is just the overt manifestation of his gift. The subtle manifestation is in how many knives he carries on him at all times, and how he can turn almost anything into a weapon... Nick feels absolutely no guilt for killing, and is always energized immediately after.

Nobody really knows where Nick came from. The name he gave them when being taken into custody is the only name they've been able to connect to him, and Nicholas Slice is clearly a pseudonym. He was taken into custody in the home of a handler that he had dismembered into individual pieces before being caught. Needless to say, he spent a while cooling in the Graveyard while the higher ups decided what to do with him. The handler who got him out of the Graveyard by deciding to take him on (who may or may not be his current handler) made a... Weird deal with him. Nick has agreed to kill anybody his handler points him toward, no questions asked. All he wants in return is the right to bring the dead bodies down to the morgue himself, where there's a very pretty quasi-mortician he will go to outrageous lengths to impress.

Nicholas is, on the surface, a friendly and personable individual. It's easy for people to feel that they really know him, and I'd love for him to have a lot of surface friendships. He likes literature and poetry, and fancies himself a bit of an 'artist' wherever killing is concerned.
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[10 Aug 2016|03:16am]

PB: Xavier Dolan
Team/Role: Alpha/Damage #2
Codename: Force
Gravity Manipulation: Del has the ability to create, shape, and manipulate gravitation. It can be used both offensively and defensively, but Del admittedly has more experience using his power as a weapon than as a shield.

Life-force Absorption: Manipulating gravity can take a lot out of a person, but Del can compensate by replenishing his energy by taking someone else's. He can only do it by direct touch, his flesh touching someone else's. He has general control of it, but that control lessens if he is tired, overly pressured, overly emotional, or sick.

ETC: Has been with the program since he was about fifteen - his mother had been a part of the program for a couple of years before running. Del was plucked out of the criminal system after a life of petty crime, has been going along for the ride because there aren't many other options for him at this point and it's better than nothing. And, you know, where else would people not only let him cause chaos, but actually want him to? Generally a chill-ish person, a tiny bit of a Peter Parker type nerd with a bit of Harley Quinn type madness, likes to sit back and be sarcastic and grin a lot.
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[09 Aug 2016|09:02pm]

PB: Tom Hardy
Team/Role: Alpha/Damage #4
Codename: Dragon


Marcus can manipulate living fire. He can even redirect flames or will it into different shapes if he sees fit. In fact, the more he works with the element, the more control and manipulation over any type of flame or heat he theoretically has. Even to the point, now mastered, he can even ignite a fire from nothing at the molecular level.

BURNING UP: As a side affect of his primary power, Marcus runs much hotter than the average human. When thermal scanned he clocks at a cool 104 degrees.

FIRE BREATHING: Much like his call sign would imply, like any dragon worth its weight, Marcus can accelerate his own cells to generate an immense heat and then purge it from either his hands, mouth or both. It's a party trick that he can do only so many times as it requires a great deal of physical energy.

Secondaries: TOUGHNESS
Like the power implies, Marcus is made of tougher stuff. He can physically absorb a great deal of damage as his skin is tougher than Kevlar. He feels the hits and best believe it hurts him to the point of irritation but he isn't completely impervious. A mini gun is not Marcus' friend. Nor is an elephant gun.

IMMUNE TO FIRE: Because of his tough skin, Marcus is impervious to fire. The heat of the sun? Likely not. But fire in its natural state on Earth or even focused to be blue hot, Marcus is immune to it.

The user's physical are above natural members of their species in that verse, beyond what can be emulated via natural training and with little to no maintaining. This entails that they are faster, stronger, and overall physically more superior to fellow members of their species, without being obviously supernatural.

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