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If you wish to place a hold at ~ghostcorps, you must make a post in this community. Include the PB, preferred team and role, and codename you would like to reserve. If you do not have all of this information to start, please update your entry with it as those decisions are made. Make sure to tag your entries with the proper team so your future teammates can more easily plot with you. Also be sure to plot with any teammates who comment your post.
Since not all holds will apply, we will allow challenges for roles on a team. If the team fills up, it will be first come, first serve, and the later applicants will be put on a different team. Refer to individual team pages for what roles are available.
Holds will last for 7 days with a possible 3 day extension.
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[24 Sep 2016|08:21pm]

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I know I should bring in a handler, but... [10 Sep 2016|01:31pm]

PB: Marie Avgeropoulos
TEAM/ROLE: Bravo/Surveillance#1
click for a bunch of rambling about ALL THAT THE EYES CAN SEE~ )

Alice is also [info]heardthat's ex-fiancee who turned him in, which I'm thinking she did because her father was taken in as a super when she was young, and it tore their family apart and she couldn't bare to marry him when in her mind she knew it was inevitable, but she also wasn't sure she would be able to stay away from him. It was a selfish, impulsive decision that she thought she was making to protect herself and their would-be family. She got her just desserts in the end, though, because her family thought she had a brain tumor or something of that nature when her sight based abilities came in and her eyes were causing her constant pain and debilitating headaches. They put her in the hospital and then an orderly turned her in once she grew suspicious.

I want all the things and all the lines! :] PS: this is A, Lila/Dean/Nessa. I PROMISE IN LIKE A MONTH I WILL BRING ANOTHER HANDLER, but the line with Charlie was too tempting to pass up! <3
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[09 Sep 2016|08:37am]

Hello there, everyone! I'm not 100% sure if this game is still active (I hope so!), but I've been stewing over some inspirations after reading through the information listed. However, I need some suggestions and maybe a bounce board for my thoughts.

PB: Chris Wood
Team: Juliet
Role: Tank
Codename: Deathless

Primary: Regeneration/Cellular Healing, his primary power hasn't been tested fully though he's taken a few bullets to the face and survived. He's a bit perverse with it, knowing so far? Nothing's really hurt him. So he'll use this gift as a ways of backing up his ballsy talk. He's totally the guy who'd offer to cut off his hand to feed a cannibalistic character because- why not? It'll grow back. I'd like to add that intense healing gives him one hell of a hunger craving!

Secondary: Pain Suppression. A possible secondary ability triggered by the speed of his regen gift. His senses to pain have been numbed- whether it's from complete frying of his nerves or a true power is debatable but one thing stands out: he can take bullets to the chest without flinching and will happily mangle his own limbs if it means getting out of being captured.

Secondary: Anatomical Liberation. He's able to survive having parts of his body sliced off and has limited control over them once served- ex: can shoot a gun in his served hand within five minutes of it being hacked off, but he'd much rather throw said hand at people. He seems to use this mostly for surviving decapitation and allowing him to still talk to his teammates even if his body is somewhere else. It should be noted that within minutes of losing his head, his body will become immobile as it begins to regenerate a new head. Once it's reached the stage of forming a proper brain, the severed head effectively dies (and will probably stop talking mid-thought)- leaving him with a headache from the restart button being pushed. This doesn't seem to alter his memories too much, though the down time between the final moments of his body kicking back into working mode is a complete blackout stage and it's very easy to assume he's actually dead before he startles.

His name is Cody I. Orzoe. He's a smart ass to the core and got his head knocked in plenty of times for it. He's by no means a good guy. Yeah, he loves hard (and the gender doesn't matter) but a constant darkness seems to follow him. Cody was always the one getting tangled up in the bad shit. That street bust for drugs? Cody started the gun fight. The brawl at the bar? Cody. That time they found a guy in a dumpster with his nuts cut off and shoved in his mouth because he harassed Diamond the stripper? Yup- Cody was your man! He doesn't like to live his life limited and due to his ability to heal (which he found out on his own after his house was broken into as a teen and his family butchered), Cody just doesn't stop at the line like most. He loves good music, good drinks, good people, death, blood, knives (thinks they are more intimate than guns), and better music. If you want a guy who's going to walk in, guns blazing because you told him some creep slapped your ass? Cody is the dude you seek out. On the flip side? He's the same guy you want to hire when someone needs to disappear. Cause while Cody might not die? He's got a knack for making everyone else go away.

See journal [info]iamdeathless for further plotting!

Temporary AIM: playboycalled
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[08 Sep 2016|11:23am]

PB: Ash Stymest
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #3
Codename: Hellhound
Hellhound Physiology: The user is or has the ability to take on the form of a Hellhound, a supernatural canine connected to the Underworld/Hell and/or considered an Omen of Death. Features that have been attributed to hellhounds include black fur, scales, glowing red or sometimes yellow eyes, super strength and/or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, foul odor, and sometimes even the ability to speak.

He's going to be eighteen, and fresh out of Purgatory. I'm thinkin' his parents turned him in when they figured out he was a Super. They wanted nothing to do with him. They even moved to a different state, and started a new life without him.

His name is Phoenix Otieno. He's mean, broody, and a kind of a brat. He's used t the finer things in life, growing up in a rich family. He hates the world, but fiercely loyal to the friends that he does have, which will be few. He' addicted to smoking. I don't know if they're allowed to smoke once you're in Ghost Corps, though? That'll be hell for him, pun definitely intended.

I'll keep adding, and changing things around as they come. Is he a good character? Should I make him? Who wants history with him, or future lines? I want it all.
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[07 Sep 2016|11:26am]

PB: Skyler Samuels
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #6
Codename: Ink
This got lengthy so to save friends page space:
Art Animation, Power Bestowal/Removal through art symbols )

I also had the idea for her to have power bestowal/removal involving her art manipulation and specific symbols, but I know we just got someone with power bestowal and I don't want to step on her toes! ♥ Edited in. :3 I also need to figure out how to limit her so that she can't bring like Superman to life and get his ridiculously overpowered stuff while also allowing her to summon things like firebreathing dragons, unless that would actually be okay.

Danielle O'Doyle has been in the program for a little over a year now. She lived her life discreetly, because people couldn't exactly trace (pun) her animations back to her since she could be way over on the sidelines and using them. In fact, she had a vigilante spree with a superhero of her own creation that she hid behind, and that's what ultimately caught up with her when she dug herself in too deep on a crime bust with him and got caught (first by the bad guys, then by the government). Dani's geeky, friendly, has a tendency to ramble a lot when she's nervous or excited, not so secretly loves this chance to get to keep playing superhero even if it comes with the darker, gritty side, and probably hero worships a lot of the other Ghosts. Basically the nicest character I've got.

And I know I'm a little early with holding her, but I'm okay with her pending for however long is necessary. :X
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[07 Sep 2016|12:35pm]

PB: Margot Robbie
Team: Alpha
Role: Healer
Codename: Gemini

Healing Aura:
Any living organism within a 5M radius of her is granted accelerated healing while they maintain proximity. The closer they are, the faster they’ll heal. The energy is generated by her life force, which is ambient, not bodily contained. Too much can be syphoned from her if she’s surrounded by numerous subjects with extreme or lethal injuries.
Ontopathogenesis (OPG):
More than just simple pathogens, bacteria, viruses and toxins, she can infect and alter the nature of a subject's existence. Her ability is a parasitic link on both a physical and metaphysical level to targeted organisms in a 30M radius. She saps and steals their strength, energy and consciousness in a temporary hive mind/condition, essentially seizing control and using them to her benefit (like the Cordyceps parasite infects ants). The greater number of thralls in her control, the more resources and energy she has available to share with allies. This destroys subjects over the course of 10-20 mins if she doesn’t release and heal them. OPG can be used in a targeted manner to speed rot, aging, radioactive decay, half-life, and decrease life span. If she’s feeling petty she can just give you the flu.
Normal biological manip, with additions from her OPG. If Gemini takes too much damage or her energy is wholly depleted from excessive healing, her body dies. She’ll disperse her molecules in a cloud of highly toxic, virulent pathogens that infect and rapidly consume nearby subjects. Because her lifeforce is not corporal, she regenerates from the residual matter, completely renewed. She positions strategically to cause as much damage as possible when she does so, not above being a kamikaze when it’s beneficial.

Elizabeth Swannick is monumentally screwed up. The cruelty she endured before CPS took her at age nine resulted in Dissociative Identity Disorder, and a host of phobias and ticks. “Beth” is kind and feminine, friendly but cautious, introverted, jumpy and afflicted with unresolved guilt and trauma from her childhood. She genuinely wants to use her abilities benevolently, dislikes hurting people and is privately troubled when she has too. “Liz” is wild, boisterous, fearless, hypersexual, unapologetic, constantly pushing the boundaries of her abilities with little concern for consequence and tends to leave empathizing to her 'lesser half.' She also really loves to steal your stuff. Gemini switches between the two personas at unpredictable intervals. Both share a deep dedication to the program, and pride in their work. There is a rare, nameless third personality, as well. She never stays long.

So I'm apping two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lines are crack. Grabby hands for a few pals who tolerate her crazy, one in particular who has her figured out and can trigger the switch between personalities, people she freaks out, regular inferno partners, people she likes to experiment on, or who experiment on her, possibly one or two of Liz's brief past flings before they realized that's über ill-advised, and I'd love to have someone she goes to to get her head shrunk a bit now and then. open to everything, and all questions help!
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[06 Sep 2016|07:34pm]

In addition to W and Dani, we also lost Hel for similar scheduling and creative blockage reasons. Please run the friends button. The following characters will be removed:
[info]charonshand, whose transfer to Romeo will be retconned, if not entirely
[info]sevenblack, who will be retconned
[info]magnetick, who will be transferred to another facility
[info]anacelis, who will be transferred to another facility after the upcoming missions
[info]psychometries, who will be transferred to another facility after the upcoming missions

The missions are still in the process of being determined (you can sign up here) but we are leaning towards having certain, if not all, Alpha team participants specifically targeted for a temporary abduction and rescued by Echo participants. This will tie into current and future plots. If you have an Alpha or Echo you would like to be included in those events, please sign them up.
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[06 Sep 2016|02:28pm]

Justus came up with this beautiful line idea that I thought I would put out there for anyone interested in bringing in new characters. As some of you already know, I was given permission a while back for Reaper to take possession of the dead Romeos. The idea is that someone would have been dating or otherwise involved with one of them, and would either ask Reaper to reanimate the corpse for them to be reunited again briefly (not in the pervy sense) to say goodbye or whatever, or else to be very upset that she's controlling them and go from there. It could be potentially bittersweet or...well, Reaper's not easily provoked but it'd be ugly if she was, is all I'll say. :X She'll be using them in whatever upcoming mission she's in on, but she would also have been using them during training.

This also reminds me I should get a list of whatever powers they had/continue to have available as zombies :X

Also throwing it out there that she currently has no roommate, if anyone's looking to make a Foxtrot! Currently resisting putting my next one on that team
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[05 Sep 2016|05:26pm]

PB: Jared Leto
Team: Juliet
Role: Infiltration
Codename: TBD (might need some help with this) Enigma

Shapeshifting: Not limited to height, weight, age, or gender, he can assume the form of any human he comes in contact with through DNA. The transformation process is almost immediate due to his increased metabolism and cell regeneration.

Cellular regeneration: Quickly allows himself to heal from injury, mostly through the consumption of blood or organs. Yes, other people's.

Hypnotic suggestion Is able to persuade others to do his bidding and control his use of hypnotic suggestion. He can give a command as normal with no effect, but can alter the delivery and once he's used what he calls "The Voice of God" (a la Jesse Custer in Preacher) and gives a command, it is literally obeyed.

Hunter Erick Jerreaux is a nightmare of a man wrapped in an appealing package. He possesses a level of charm and disarming gentleness and that is out of this world. He uses it to his advantage to strike when it's least expected, and the strikes are often lethal. Claim to fame: Has killed upward of 40 people (only twelve have been found so far); 15 sexual assaults (unreported since his victims never remember him so that wouldn't be on his record. Just a little number he keeps in his head).

Went uncaptured for twenty-five years due to his ability to change form and hypnotize witnesses and escape the scene of the crime. Surrendered in 2005 when he accidently caused the death of a child, violating the only part of his code of conduct that he abides: do not harm children. Was sentenced to Death at Louisiana State Penitentiary and was scheduled to die this year, but due to a stay of execution by the state's halting of the death penalty. He wouldn't see the execution table until 2019. Most likely transferred to Haven due to his powers and his full cooperation with authorities since his capture. Wears a cuff-like device that injects small doses of muscle relaxers that keep him sedated and unable to shift. He can only use his powers when the cuff is off. He still has the urge to use them, which is why he mostly didn't object to the transfer, not like he had much a choice. But now the question remains... using the powers for good, or evil? Hmm... Choices.

Seriously, I have a RAGING character boner right now for this one. You have NO. IDEA. HOW EXCITED I AM TO UNLEASH THE CREEP. This guy is a pretty bag of what the fuck, and I can't wait.

Please, please, please give me things. You guys are the best, and I love it so much, I had to bring someone else in. Ask all the questions you want. It helps we work out the kinks and develop him. Thank you!
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[04 Sep 2016|02:56am]

Dean got permission to do some kind of Labor Day event so I'll be putting up a ~group thread~ tomorrow sometime <3

He'll probably get some help from kitchen staff but it'll be better food than normal, I imagine: burgers, hot dogs, chips, all manner of salads that aren't really salads bc of the mayo content, etc. <3
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[02 Sep 2016|02:05pm]

Look, I'm back! Now that family visits are done, I can actually do things, whee~

PB: Harry Lloyd
Team: Echo
Role: Tank #2
Codename: Frameshift


Blood Manipulation: This is the closest thing he has to a primary, given how many uses he's found for it. Ingestion or absorption of blood can be directed to heal himself and any damage done to his dermal armor, but he's wholly unable to heal anyone else. He can draw blood out of a person's body (or his own) and use it as a weapon by crystallizing it into a solid, sharp form. Other fun tidbits like causing pain and blood clots and generally prompting medical emergencies are possible, but he takes that route less often. In dire circumstances, he can actually manipulate blood to physically move people like a marionette, but that takes an enormous amount of energy and concentration so you won't see him doing it much.

Dermal Armor: He can alter the structure of his skin, nails, hair, and feathers to become any organic substance. Diamond, chitin, enamel, etc they're all fair game but something like steel is out of the picture.

Large, white feathered wings - following the trend in some birds, his wingspan, wingtip to wingtip, is roughly three times his height - about 18 feet. They fold up fairly compactly along his back, but he has very little hope of passing for normal because they do not fit comfortably under average clothing. If he ever wants to look completely human, someone would need to cast an illusion for him or something along those lines. The most obvious use for his wings is flight but he also likes to use them to shield teammates and others.

So basically, if you've ever wanted a creepy angel person to protect you and maybe politely request to drink your blood, you're in luck.

More generally, he was recruited about 9 years ago (as was his husband), really wishes he were just a normal person but pours aaaaall of that bitterness into training obsessively, and I'm thinking that the aforementioned husband died a mission awhile back, but I'm not positive. He's got the older brother role down, so advice and generally cutting remarks are pretty much guaranteed as are casually raised eyebrows and silent judgment. So lines?
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[31 Aug 2016|11:29pm]

PB: Melissa McBride
ROLE: Mess hall worker

Nothing much to share at the moment, but she has been working at Ghost Corp for quite some time, making sure all the inmates supers are well fed, as well as the human staff who happen to enter the perimeter of the mess hall. More to come.
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[31 Aug 2016|10:57pm]

Hey, guys! I'm in the game! Who wants to do some lines with me?
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[31 Aug 2016|04:16am]

pb: bella thorne
code name: the giving tree
team: foxtrot
role: wildcard #1

Hi, This is Amanda (~tothegunshow + ~sirenslure) with my new character! I don't have a name for her just yet, and I've still got lots of kinks to work out BUT what I do know is the follow:

GT here can do lots of interesting things with her hands. The most important, all things told, is power bestowal.

She will essentially mediate, and gather energy from within herself and lay bare hands to people who may or may not possess other abilities. Her hands have to make contact for an undisclosed amount of time, usually no more than several minutes, but sometimes only thirty seconds or so and during that time, her power works through the body of the recipient, bestowing upon them a power that is always very well suited to their personality and non-super abilities. So for instance, someone naturally athletic may receive super strength/speed/endurance/etc. Someone naturally kind and adept at listening may become an empath, and someone extremely intellectual could very well end up with a absolute intelligence.

Because this is her primary ability, it is the most difficult to use and takes the most out of her. She can, at most, bestow 1-2 powers a day, tops.

Secondary powers are pain and pleasure bestowal. You know those pain scales in the urgent care waiting room? If you piss her off enough, she can cause a 10 just by touching you. Alternately, if you do something nice for her, she could cause a sexual climax with the touch of her hand and nothing more, probably the most satisfying one you've ever had, too. (jussayin~)

I haven't decided how long she's been in - I do know that she's basically a damn Slytherin, though, and almost certainly worked for sometime at a happy ending massage parlor because... I mean. You know, lulz.

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[30 Aug 2016|04:47pm]

PB: Avan Jogia
Codename: Cupid
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #4
Love Manipulation: A variation of emotional manipulation, Cupid possesses the ability to manipulate emotions such as pleasure, love, and attraction. Practical uses of this power would be flirting with club bouncers so he can enter without waiting in line and having his Starbucks drinks paid for by the baristas, and strenuous uses would be amplifying someone's love for him to the point where they'd willingly die for him. The objects of his affection eventually come to, but with enough force, he can manipulate them for quite some time. Additionally, those who know of his power tend to become more aware of his influence and have more of a fighting chance against it. He's also not too rusty in the sack.

Enhanced Archery: There isn't a shot Cupid can't make. If it's in range, there's a near perfect chance that he'll hit the target. His abilities also include launching more than one arrow at once, and hand-to-hand combat with his bow.

Wing Manifestation: Cupid's literal wingspan is just over nine feet. He can use his wings as a form of protection, as a weapon if his bow is missing or he's run out of arrows, and obviously as a means of transportation.
I'm still working on the specifics of Valentine's biography, but I know that at one point he successfully seduced a large portion of his school's officials and was suspected of having inhuman abilities. He can be self-absorbed and doesn't really think about others' feelings, but he tries his hardest to make his friends happy and get along with nearly everyone. I'd love characters of any gender that he flirts with, whether or not they necessarily reciprocate.
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[30 Aug 2016|04:45pm]

PB: Ryan Reynolds
Codename: Onslaught
Team: Alpha
Role: TANK (#2?)
Regenerative Healing Factor — His cell growth is what gives him the capability of rapid regeneration. He can recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs, and limbs. With this, he has also been able to slow his aging. This grants him to be in good physical shape because his body is constantly reverting to a healthy state which includes, inexhaustible stamina and vitality.

Enhanced Condition (secondary) — He possess other enhanced physical abilities:
•Strength — He is capable of lifting two tons.
•Stamina — His muscularity musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days before fatigue takes over.
•Agility — His agility, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
•Reflexes — His auto-reflexes allow him to easily dodge gunfire and attacks even when not consciously aware of them.
•Durability — Bone and muscle tissues are augmented to levels that are considerably stronger and harder than human and the tissues are impervious to injury to an extraordinary extent. He possesses golden-proportioned body, and even without training his muscles are brawny and his body shape doesn't change no matter how many calories he intakes.

So beyond that, this is what I also have about him. His birth name is Adrián, but will prefer to be called Onslaught. He will be very crazy, and more than likely a sociopath. He's pansexual, and will be a massive flirt. He'll be an expert at making people very uncomfortable. I decided that he is going to be with the program since '95. Thoughts? Ideas? Plots?
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[28 Aug 2016|04:18pm]

PB: Richard Madden
Codename: Deadzone
Team: Romeo
Role: Wildcard #2

-Power Nullification - Deadzone's power, in a nutshell, is the ability to (temporarily) deprive other supers of their own powers. He can do this in one of two ways. The easier way is to simply throw a wide nullification field out around himself, rendering any super within a 25-yard radius unable to use their powers. If more precision is required --such as on missions where his teammates need to retain their own abilities-- he can focus on one specific super and nullify their powers. Both methods are only functional for as long as he maintains his focus, though he's been able to maintain for up to 12 hours in extreme cases. Long-term usage like that, though, tends to leave him with really bitching migraines so it's a last-resort kind of deal.

-Limited Invulnerability (secondary) - Closely linked to his nullification ability is Deadzone's limited invulnerability. Any powers that are used directly on him will have no effect. Useful in a fight, but not so useful when he's gotten hurt in a fight since yes, this means that the healers' powers will have no effect on him either. However, if a super's ability manipulates the environment around them, he can still be affected by those results, such as a telekinetic throwing something, or the lightning summoned by an electrokinetic.

Evie here with character #2! Surrendered to the government as a child by his career-military father, Ethan was raised in the Poltergeist Program and took to the training like a duck to water. He's been part of Ghost Corps itself for somewhere between 10-15 years, and on Team Romeo for half that time. Hardcore believer that supers should be controlled, but outside of the brainwashing training, he's the kind of sweet, naive idiot who really just wants to see the good in everyone. Fond of sci-fi and fantasy books/films/shows, word puzzles, and Candy Crush. Will probably try to be your friend despite any and all attempts to stop him.
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[28 Aug 2016|03:57pm]

PB: Avril Lavigne
Team: Juliet
Role: Damage #3
Codename: Livewire
Electricity Manipulation (primary)
Metal Exoskeleton (secondary, boosts her electricity manipulation, and can only be used while her electric powers are active, gives her extra weight but not strength)
Power Augmentation (secondary, only works on other supers and not herself, and only activates automatically when her metal armor is up)

Lemme try her again, because Juliet's too good of a fit for her to pass up. :X Livewire's a little bit of an unstable hellion, fun and crazy and dangerous. She has mood swings and a hair trigger. Her biggest weakness is how easily this is influenced. Enjoys drinking, smoking, sex, and violence, and is inappropriate. Will flirt with or proposition most people at least once, whether she ought to or not, whether she follows through or not. Needs a firm hand from authority figures and has never had any time in Nirvana, but is surprisingly very obedient on missions. That's because she loves going out on missions and the excuses to use her powers without repercussions. Sometimes she's a little resentful of how disposable the Juliets are, and other times she revels in the challenge and adrenaline. I haven't decided on the extent of her crimes prior to the GC, but murder's probably in there somewhere.

Obviously lives on the same floor as and trains with Romeos, will know other Juliets, and will probably make the circuits to meeting other teams' members whenever she gets the chance.
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[28 Aug 2016|02:56pm]

Holds for the Juliet and Romeo teams are now open. Please be aware that Romeos, especially, have relevant plot to consider, which will be outlined below. The Tank, Healer, Surveillance, and Infiltration all come with special requirements. Additionally, the Infiltration and Wildcard #3 spots are reserved for two current characters who will be transferred to Romeo later this week. If anyone else would like to reserve a spot for transfer similarly, let us know before someone places a hold for that space.

On August 30th, while attempting to arrest Isabella Sciuto, daughter of the infamous Sciuto Mafia, the Romeos will run into more trouble than even they think they're bargaining for. The results will be the death of their Healer, Surveillance, Infiltration, and Wildcard #3 members, and the capture of a comatose Isabella. She will be brought back to the Purgatory facility for treatment of wounds sustained, evaluation, and round the clock monitoring, though she will not wake up for the next few weeks. Word about the Romeo casualties will spread through the facility when they return from their mission Tuesday night, as the sort of firefight in which the Romeos engaged is virtually unheard of for them.

Any characters filling the vacancies left by the dead supers will be transferring into the Romeo team on the 31st or 1st, at the earliest. The remaining Romeos can have been on the team for longer.
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[23 Aug 2016|02:01am]

PB: Frances Bean Cobain
Codename: ghost? poltergeist?
Team: wherever she works best or people want her - not actually picky!
Role: Infiltration
Powers: Meredith dies. That’s when her abilities kick in. She’s a vanilla person up until that point, then, afterwards, she’s one hell of a force to be reckoned with. She appears as a shadow of herself, around the edges the shadows bleed off of her like ink underwater.

Ghosted: When her heart stops, her spirit jumps from her body. In that form, Meredith can tear shit up. Physical barriers don’t stop her in the slightest because she’s not physically there. She invokes feelings of dread and fear the closer she gets IE people frequently report their hair standing on end, getting the shivers/skin crawling, or just feeling like something is wrong.

Forces Manipulation : Meredith’s ghost form drains electricity and energy from things. It’s innate, something she can’t control. Everywhere she goes, she draws it in, dropping temperatures in approximately a 5 foot radius around her, killing batteries, interrupting circuits, if she’s around too long plants wilt, etc.

She can focus that energy to hit things, and when she does it hits like a mack truck. It’s not even close to precise, she isn’t going to be taking up ghost sharpshooting any time soon. It’s much more like a shotgun. The spread is wide so she doesn’t so much have to aim as just get in the general vicinity. She’s still working on trying to adjust the force she hits with. Right now it’s a big blast that knocks doors off of hinges and squishes people, or she’s just a shadow that stares menacingly at people while they pee themselves. She never admits to this, but the only thing she can see that makes even a little difference is her emotional state. If she’s angry or worked up about something, she hits harder. She hasn’t figured out how to take things down a notch or five.

The only other way she has worked out how to re-direct energy is through radio frequencies. She can be heard through speakers(even if it’s on a dead radio, weirdly enough). It’s staticky, but she can definitely communicate that way. Otherwise she can’t talk to anyone because she makes no sound. She’s learned sign language, but she doesn’t know how helpful that is. Also, if she remains in one spot, the temperature keeps dropping, frosting up windows, etc.

Also uncontrolled but rarer is when she’s emotionally amped up, poltergeist activity kicks up. Objects move around on their own before crashing against walls, doors open and slam shut continually, windows break. It is only during episodes like this that she’s heard, and it’s only in the form of a reverberating scream.

Resurrection: So, clearly she doesn't stay dead. She doesn't have Deadpool’s healing factor or anything, but when she dies, her body does slowly heal itself back up to life again. The process can be helped along by doing things like stitching her up, or removing bullets from her head/heart, etc, but so far she just has to wait til her heart decides to start again before she gets pulled back to her body. The longest she’s ever remained ‘dead’ has been over a week. Non-fatal wounds heal at a totally normal rate. While ‘dead’ she doesn’t decay.


still working her out and all!! anyone like her/want a line or just wanna talk dynamics? she's a deeply angry/depressed individual, I'd love if someone could help get through her spiked walls of doom.
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