14 June 2007 @ 10:18 pm

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Today we have a special treat for you.

To close out our 2007 Winter [info]snarry_games, Gold Medalists Team Wartime have gathered together a list of songs that inspired them during the writing process, and they wish to share them with you!

Each contributed song had an influence on the extraordinary works that Team Wartime produced for us.

Without further ado, the [info]snarry_games is proud to present:

The Team Wartime Soundtrack )

Thank you, Team Wartime! Enjoy the music, folks.

Stay tuned for a wrap-up post from the mods, a post from the Headmistress of Walking the Plank, and our usual Fandom Fest HOW-TO Poll V. 3. Because we are always looking to improve, and we also want to know if the changes we made from last year made this Games better and easier for all involved.

12 June 2007 @ 04:26 pm
2007 Winter Games MEDAL AWARDS CEREMONY!  

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Today we again recognize the hard-won achievement and dedication of authors and their teams who strive for excellence in Snarry.

As always, it is the fans that are really the winners here. Our Champions all worked hard to entertain us, to allow us a glimpse into different worlds and characters that we hold near and dear. We thank them ALL for this gift they share.

However, in the competition we set out to do, the Judges (you, the readers) have voted to score these creative authors and their teams, both of which have alternatively stunned and excited us, allowing one to edge out the other for Gold by again, the smallest of margins. So without further ado:

Ladies and gentlemen, our GOLD MEDAL WINNERS, with a total of 754 out of a possible 864 points:

Team Wartime!

Congratulations to our 2007 Snarry Games Gold Medal Winners!

Wartime )

And our SILVER MEDAL WINNERS, with a total of 741 out of a possible 864 points:

Team Postwar!

Congratulations to our 2007 Snarry Games Silver Medal Winners!

Postwar )

Congratulations, all!

There were many people involved in the making of this year's medals and banners. Thanks go to: [info]glockgal for her fantastic original art, and to Milica (Melyannam) for the medal and banner designs/bases. We also owe big thank yous to [info]pervart for putting them together and personalizing, and also to [info]reddwarfer for personalizing the banners. Thanks, all you artistes!

Please take your medals home (temporary hotlinking allowed only) and take good care of them, they were hard work for the folks involved.

*The scores were tallied individually by [info]djin7, [info]aliciamasters, [info]reddwarfer, [info]alafairnadia, [info]meredyth_13, [info]medawyn, [info]magic_helmet and [info]shadowpryde, and then compared with the others. Any discrepancy with null votes was averaged. All individual author vote tallies are available, upon request, to the authors privately, via email to snarry.mod @ gmail.com. Thank you.

Extra thanks and praise go to [info]meredyth_13 for coming up with an absolutely brilliant system to make the counting easier!
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25 May 2007 @ 11:17 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Cluegirl "Can't Take the Sky"  

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Mod Note: LJ maintenance caused trouble with posting and the poll, so we needed to repost.

Title: Can't Take the Sky
Author: [info]cluegirl
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort, Horror
Prompt: Draught of the Living Death
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * ...Hi. I'm Cluegirl. See that prompt? I took it seriously. Snarry Games mod says: Harry is 17 in this fic. Extreme violence. *
Word Count: 58,500 +/-
A/N: Betae: [info]amanuensis1, [info]kaiz, and Ann too. The League of Extraordinary Betae, yo!
Disclaimer: No profit has been made in my borrowing Ms. Rowling's characters and world without permission or profit. No animals were harmed in the writing of this fanfic, your mileage may vary, property sold as-is, no tagbacks, void where prohibited, please do not look into laser with remaining eyeball.

Summary: One thing Dumbledore never told Harry about horcruxes, is that they are harder to destroy than to create.

Can't Take the Sky )

23 May 2007 @ 08:13 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Nimori "If This Be Error"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: If This Be Error
Author: [info]nimori
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Humour
Prompt: Oath of Fealty
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Harry's not quite 18. *
Word Count: 13,000 +/-
A/N: Thank you Gina, Amy, Ella, Regan and the UK. Title is from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116.
Disclaimer: HP belongs to JKR, not me. Not for profit.

Summary: Harry has a simple spell to guarantee Snape's loyalty. Naturally, he makes a mess of it.

If This Be Error )

21 May 2007 @ 08:09 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: BethH "Forsaking All Others"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Forsaking All Others
Author: Beth H. ([info]bethbethbeth)
Team: Wartime
Genres: Angst and Hurt/Comfort
Prompt: Hostile Territory
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Do I need to warn for an established relationship? Also: bad language, oral sex, anal sex, character death (but not Snape or Harry) *
Word Count: ~10,500 +/-
Author's Notes: By the time the Games started, it was clear to me that my original story idea - good though I think it was - was never going to get written . . . and between floods, family medical emergencies, and a massive case of writer's block, it was starting to look as if I was going to have to default on a challenge for the first time ever. Then [info]regan_v and [info]meri_oddities kidnapped me, gave me four new story ideas, and offered to beta for me because they are the best! Thanks so much to Regan and Meri (and the lovely [info]femmequixotic), without whose help this story would never have been completed, and thanks also to the mods for their patience and good spirits. Oh, and btw...if you notice some other genres (humor and romance) creeping into the story at any point, please try to ignore them for the sake of my teammates.

Summary: The war giveth and the war taketh away. Or not...if Harry has anything to say about it.

Forsaking All Others )

19 May 2007 @ 04:31 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: TreeWishes "Doppio"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Doppio
Author: [info]treewishes
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Romance
Prompt: Horcrux
Rating: PG (but there's slash, really, I swear!)
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Major-but-not-Snarry character death. Major-but-not-Snarry genderfuckery. Crazy endgame theories. Harry is 17 in this fic. *
Word Count: 21,000 +/-
A/N: [info]gnomad, [info]dementordelta, and [info]rubyrosered for beta reading, [info]lightgetsin for nagging and plot suggestions, [info]insptr_penguin for help with Latin, and [info]loupgarou1750, [info]venivincere, and [info]bethbethbeth for emergency TEAM WARTIME support.
Soundtrack: "Not a Virgin", by Poe
Disclaimer: If I were king, this would all be Creative Commons.

Summary: Harry and his posse are hunting Horcruxes, and snarks fly when Harry finds Snape on the same trail.

Harry and his posse are hunting Horcruxes )

18 May 2007 @ 08:38 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Angelsotherlove "All of Those Days"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: All of Those Days
Author: [info]angelsotherlove
Genre(s): Angst
Prompt: Prisoner of War
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Torture, Rape, Sexual Situations, Minor Character Death, Mild BDSM *
Word Count: 12,500 +/-
A/N: I owe a big thank you and an enormous amount of gratitude to [info]auctasinistra for all of the help she gave me on this. I never would have gotten this far with this story if it weren’t for your help. Nor would I have even gotten a decent plot bunny if it weren’t for my team members who let me bounce story ideas and what not off of them. So thank you to all who helped me. Also, I have learned one thing while writing this story. There is a reason why I am majoring in history and not in English; I am not grammatically inclined in any way whatsoever. And I have learned that while insomnia might be good for accomplishing some things, writing a decent Snarry is not one of these things you can do well when suffering from an insomniac fit. ;)
Disclaimer: I do not own them, that right belongs solely to JKR. I just borrow them to keep the voices inside of my head happy. Oh and no money is being made from this. Trust me, the bank is still telling me I have no money :( this is done purely for this fandoms entertainment and mine.

Summary: When everything that came before, who you are, what you were, who friends were and the life you lived has now been forgotten and all that you can remember is what happened since you woke up, you try the best you can to remember anything and everything…even if that means making your enemies your allies, friends, mentors and even in some cases, lovers.

All of Those Days )

16 May 2007 @ 11:02 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Femmequixotic "Upon The Matter Of Britain"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Upon The Matter Of Britain
Author: [info]femmequixotic
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Romance
Prompt: Relic
Rating: PG13
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Secondary character death, past relationships *
Word Count: 24,000 +/-
A/N: Many thanks to [info]arsenicjade and [info]supergrover24 for betaing. And to the mods for their utmost patience. :)
Disclaimer: If they belonged to me, the Potterverse would have a lot more gay sex in it.

Summary: Trapped by an ancient magic, Severus’s only hope of rescue comes from a war-weary Potter.

Upon The Matter Of Britain )

15 May 2007 @ 11:03 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Dacro "When the Soul Goes Hungry"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: When the Soul Goes Hungry
Author: [info]dacro
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Romance
Prompt: Order of Merlin
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Addiction, self neglect, curse damage, HP/other, sort of. *cryptic* *
Word Count: 17,000 +/-
A/N: A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to the [info]snarry_games mods, my wonderful Wartime teammates, and most importantly to the four brilliant souls who let me invade their time and abduct their talents during the editing process: [info]saladbats, [info]joanwilder (who gets credit for suggesting the opening quote), [info]synn, and [info]loupgarou1750. It was an honour to work with all of you. *lots of love*
Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter is the property of JKR et al, and sadly, not mine.

Summary: An innocent desire to escape the burden of his duties – if only for a moment – leads Harry down a beautiful and dangerous path.

When the Soul Goes Hungry )

14 May 2007 @ 08:21 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Amanuensis "Act of Faith"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Act of Faith
Author: [info]amanuensis1
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Alternate Universe(AU) & Horror
Prompt: Inquisition
Rating: Soft NC-17
Warnings/Kinks: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Torture, Non-Con, side het pairing (past Harry/Hermione), Priest!Snape *
Word Count: 5,000 +/-
A/N: Written for the [info]snarry_games Winter 2007 Games, Team Wartime. The influence of style from Samuel Shellabarger, particularly his Captain From Castile, will be obvious to those who know that text. Many thanks to betas [info]fabularasa, [info]cluegirl, [info]sobriquet_99, and [info]nimori, who had so many different drafts of this pressed on them, they musta thought they were dealing with Oliver Stone.
Disclaimer: I do not own the elements of the Harry Potter universe. Some elements of this story are based on historical figures and fact; literary liberty has been taken in places.

Summary: In 1492, Spain launched something far more shameful than just one misdirected Genoan and his three ships. And only those of limpieza de sangre--pure blood--were safe. And in truth, not even them.

Act of Faith )

12 May 2007 @ 11:30 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: LoupGarou "The Impossibility of Crows"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: The Impossibility of Crows
Author: LoupGarou ([info]loupgarou1750)
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Hurt/Comfort
Prompt: Casualty of War
Rating: X (Adult)
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know:* Sexual battery, rimming, OC death*
Word Count: 41,000 +/-
A/N: The hardest fic to write that I’ve ever written. I originally thought it would be 5-7k. Oceans of gratitude to my incredible betas, [info]auctasinistra and [info]perfica, who not only did outstanding beta work but also supported me through quivering wreckdom. Without them, I would have had to withdraw from the Games. My debt to them is enormous. And, as they are the Queens of the Red Pencil, it must be understood that any errors are wholly my fault. Also, a huge shout out to our wonderful mod, [info]djin7, who waited patiently and never once spoke a word of censure. * tips hat * I not only could never, I would never do what she does.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Severus Snape are the property of JK Rowling. I intend no disrespect and I make no money from this or anything else.

Summary: The weak little whelp. Unable to withstand the most benign of tortures, he had collapsed, forsaking friends, foes and duty and in the process causing me no end of difficulty, as usual. I wanted to throttle him. I truly did.

The Impossibility of Crows )

11 May 2007 @ 08:29 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Elfwreck "...Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Author: [info]elfwreck or Erica
Team: Team Wartime
Genre(s): Humour
Prompt: Ollivander's
Rating: NC17/Adult
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Nothing major. Dub-con in spots, dementor rape (but hey, who minds if dementors get raped?), Death Eater rape (umm, ditto?), non-sexual torture, various mild kinks (as Snarry goes), hints of crackfic. Okay, maybe more than hints.. *
Word Count: 14,000 +/-
A/N: Many many thanks to [info]joanwilder/Raewhit who did a wonderful last-minute beta, fixing scads of hideous capitalization errors and some atrocious Americanizations of British terms. And much love to the poor mods who put up with both my lateness and my spaciness in not informing them about my lateness.

Summary: A wizard's wand enhances his life
It helps him survive if he hasn't a wife
It keeps him from grief
And brings him relief
The time he spends with it is often too brief—
A wizard's wand has a knob on the end!

Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? )

10 May 2007 @ 08:39 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Knightmare Shad "Stranger Than You Dreamt It"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Stranger Than You Dreamt It
Author: [info]knightmare_shad
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Hurt/Comfort
Prompt: Siege
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 6050 +/-
A/N/Beta: Thanks to [info]eeyore9990 and [info]vleredreign, my eternal cheerleaders/betas. And to Nori, cause no matter what, you’re always there for me. Always. And thanks to [info]djin7 for the warm welcome and the chance to write for the games.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: The race for the Horcruxes is on, and Severus is determined that no matter what, he will come out a winner.

Can you even dare to look, or bear to think of me )

09 May 2007 @ 08:34 am
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Vain "Morior Animus"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Morior Animus
Author: Vain ([info]vain)
Team: Team Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Romance
Prompt: Fairy Tales
Rating: R
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * UST of the slashy variety, huge Book 6 S.P.O.I.L.E.R.S., and major character death. *
Word Count: 15,200+
A/N: This fic was written for the Snarry Games for Team Wartime; fic prompt: Fairy Tales. All fairy tales quoted are cited with endnotes. I was actually aiming for a bit of subtlety here. . . . . *cough* Let’s see how far off the mark I was.
Special Thanks to my betas [info]baitedbreath & [info]joanwilder, both of whom did a fabulous job & to the rest of Team Wartime for all their patience, help, and support.
Dedicated with much love to [info]djin7 for not strangling me after my third email and the rest of the Games Admin, who have been inexorably patient with me and my unnecessarily hectic life. ^^;;; Moshiwakearimasen.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot. Harry Potter and all the elements therein are the intellectual property / registered trademarks of JK Rowling, Scholastic Books, and Warner Brothers.

Summary: “That was his gift, you know? Happy endings... ” He wanted to believe that. He really did. But he knew better.

Morior Animus )

07 May 2007 @ 08:02 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Ziasudra " Just Another Soldier in the War"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Just Another Soldier in the War
Author: Ziasudra ([info]ziasudra_fic)
Team: Team Wartime
Genre(s): Romance & Angst
Prompt: Hostile Territory
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: *Character deaths (not Snape/Harry), torture (in war context).*
Word Count: 35,000 +/-
A/N: Thank you to Team Wartime for your help and support from looking through my initial idea to helping me with the finishing touches. A special thanks to [info]joan_wilder for betaing.
Disclaimer: All characters and anything Harry Potter are the creation of J.K. Rowling. Will return after I'm done playing with them.

Summary: Being in the wrong place at the wrong time -- it happens sometimes to soldiers in the war, even when the soldier is Harry Potter.

Just Another Soldier in the War )

05 May 2007 @ 08:50 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Sinick & Acid "Two Lockets"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Two Lockets
Author: Sinick and Acid ([info]sinick & [info]ac1d6urn)
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort & Romance
Prompt: Grimmauld Place
Rating: R
Word Count: 57,000 +/-
A/N: Thank you, Team Wartime, [info]joanwilder, [info]txilar, Netta ([info]naatz), and [info]morrighan_sai for the beta-reading, blasting away writers’ block, comments, advice, and all your help. Thanks also to [info]la_onza for posting her floor plans of Grimmauld Place.

Summary: Harry, Snape, and the grim old house that keeps its secrets.

Two Lockets )

02 May 2007 @ 09:48 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Briarwolf "Truth, Like Light"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Truth, Like Light
Author: Briar ([info]briarwolf)
Team: Wartime
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Prompt: Lingering Curse
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Major Character Death *
Word Count: 16,800 +/-
A/N: Many thanks go to [info]joanwilder for a fast, complete and thoughtful Beta, saving the day at the last minute. ♥
Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to JK Rowling. No profit is being made by their use, and no infringement is intended.

Summary: Like a typical Gryffindor, Harry runs into things without thinking. Someone has to pick up the pieces.

Truth, Like Light )

04 May 2007 @ 10:00 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: ThreeSidedOrchid "The Red Cloak"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: The Red Cloak
Author: ThreeSidedOrchid (lj: [info]synn)
Team: Wartime
Genre(s): Angst & Romance
Prompt: Fairy Tales
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Use of Christian imagery/concepts -- specifically, the story of Adam and Eve *
Wordcount: 2250 +/-
A/N: A Huge Thank You to [info]auctasinistra for her excellent and honest Beta work. Many Thanks as well to the [info]snarry_games Mods for not only investing the time and energy organizing this year's games, but for also being ever patient with my beyond-late fic. And finally, much thanks to [info]klynie1, [info]bironic, and [info]joanwilder for their support and encouragement when the story just wasn't happening.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just playing with them.

Summary: "He allows himself to get lost in the smooth skin, its illusion of perfection, and understands -- with the brevity of comprehension that accompanies all universal truths -- how an apple could have consumed Eve with desire."

The Red Cloak )

01 May 2007 @ 11:24 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Daylyn "The Last Horcrux"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: The Last Horcrux
Author: [info]daylyn
Team: Wartime
Genres: Angst and Romance
Prompt: Horcrux
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Count: 3100+
A/N: With much thanks to [info]arrmaitee for all the editing, inspiration, ideas, and encouragement. I couldn't have done this without you! Also, this story has an unofficial genre of "humor" since it took a decidedly different turn that I had anticipated when I started.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and those to whom she has licensed her creations, including without limitation Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. I make no money from this and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: In the aftermath of Harry's duel with Voldemort, Harry and Severus realize that there is one last Horcrux that has yet to be destroyed.

The Last Horcrux )

30 April 2007 @ 10:17 pm
TEAM WARTIME ENTRY: Eeyore9990 "When Angels Fall"  

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: When Angels Fall
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Team: Wartime, baby!!! Whoooot!!
Genre(s): Angst & Romance
Prompt: War Crimes
Rating: R
Warnings: Drag mouse over space if you wish to know: * Non main character death, infanticide, violence. *
Word Count: ~19,000
A/N: Oh, man, so many THANK YOUs to give, so little space to give them! To my wonderful betas, knightmare and VL, and to the long-suffering SNARFS for being there on a nightly basis while I whined and wrung my hands and screamed and clawed my way through this fic. To my teammates, for not booting me off the island. To the mods, for being so patient with my numerous “I’m such a dumbass” emails. And to my flist, for being understanding in the face of my nearly fic-free journal.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my sick and twisted mind.

Summary: While the world around them goes to hell in a handbasket, Snape and Harry plow on. (OMG, not THAT kind of plowing… you perverts!)

When Angels Fall )