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[19 Nov 2008|10:49pm]
About The Game
Ever wanted a massive crossover RPG where you could, for the hell of it, include a character or two from a world you'd created on your own? Go no further! In The Ultimate Chessboard: Chaos Unraveled, you can enter a crazy crack world that has its humerous and dramatic moments, where God and Satan have devised a game to reveal who the ultimate controller of the world will really be. Full of serious moments and silly ones, it's up to the players to decide who will triumph in this eternal war!

For more detailed descriptions, check out:
The Initial Plot Summary//The Timeline Of Events So Far//Explanation of The Communication System
Not Sure If This Is The Game For You?
The focus of the game is character interaction and plot development. Real life drama is not allowed to bleed into the game - and the mod will watch for it. Rules are expected to be followed, but the moderator also knows that mistakes sometimes happen! She expects that. All in all, the game is meant to be a relatively free roleplaying zone, as long as the rules are followed.

Players are relatively free, as I said, to have characters interact the way they want as long as it is in-character behavior. Anything works, as long as the material isn't too disturbing and dark and is respectful to the characters.

The Rules//Taken Characters//Application
Current Events In The Game
The First Trial is over, and the teams are now waiting anxiously for the Second Trial to roll around, as Niflheim and Asgard begin to get serious about taking each other out. Asgard won the last Trial, but has been getting a sound beating from the other team outside of the real game. How long can this last?

Meanwhile, Sydonai has arrived in the realm, ready to give people whatever they may need...for a price.

Trial Information//Malfunction Days//Places Of Interest
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