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[29 Jun 2022|01:49pm]


Welcome to Bermuda, a small, remote island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North America, known for its pink-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and exotic natural wonders!

…among other things.

As part of the infamous Bermuda Triangle (or the Devil's Triangle, as some call it), there is a legend to be had, and with this legend comes chaos. A tropical paradise greets you at first glance, but upon further investigation, you'll notice that the island is deserted and appears to have been for years.

Those living here just vanished during their regular daily routine on March 15th, 2010. Do you know the story of Roanoke Island? Yeah, it's kind of like that. You'll find mysterious carvings of random words and symbols scattered over 21 square miles. What do they mean? Do they hold clues to what might've happened?

Only time will tell if they're total nonsense or justifiable warnings.

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[27 Jun 2022|11:49am]

Wanda Maximoff is grieving. She has lost her brother, her parents, her love, and now her control. And she's finding that too many people are trying to break into her perfect world she's secured in New Jersey for her family she's rebuilt from the ground up.

When she expanded the border, she unknowingly began pulling in more people from all over the universes to play roles in her growing town. Perhaps some of them will aid in breaking the spell. Maybe others will find malicious intents. Either way, they are all trapped in Westview...forever.

Or, at least, until Wanda says.

A panfandom Marvel game! A year running and recently the town became a CITY!
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a brand new panfandom game opening early june! [28 May 2022|03:59pm]

a panfandom game
Once upon a time there was a knife so sharp, it could slice through the fabric between worlds. It was destroyed but now someone has taken the shards to remake one knife into the tips and edges of many, and the worlds are being opened up.

There are windows into other worlds. And people are coming through these windows.

Subtle Knives is a panfandom slice of life small town game with a giant mystery at it's core, a shadowy church organization, witches, a polar bear getting drunk in an alley, and lots of room to grow. And daemons. Everyone gets a daemon.

Will you choose to pursue the mystery or settle down and try to find happiness? Will you try to find your way back home? Will you challenge the powerful Magisterium, side with witches, or just keep your head down and work at the docks? And what will you do when you wake up to find an alethiometer sitting by your bed, trying to tell you something about your future?
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[01 May 2022|10:50pm]

[info]mom_mod More Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters, plz!
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[06 Apr 2022|04:50pm]

Peter Parker, you are wanted over at [info]pegasus_mod right this minute! Or am I gonna have to eat the larb by my larbsome?
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[03 Apr 2022|08:10am]

[info]riftings new panfandom open for holds! official opening date of 4/8. come check us out!
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[01 Apr 2022|09:59am]

I'd love some more MCU folk, and/or cross-fandom lines over at [info]svca. Hit me up if you're interested.
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[25 Mar 2022|06:23pm]

you were in the middle of a perfectly ordinary day when you were hit by a sudden dizzy spell and blacked out. you awake to find yourself lying on a bed in a location you’ve never encountered before. you’re not sure how much time has passed or how you got here but you’re still dressed and your pockets haven’t been emptied which suggests you haven’t been attacked or robbed.

as you start to become more aware of your surroundings you notice a tablet by the side of the bed. there is a message open and it reads: if you are reading this it means that you have been chosen. you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. there is no escape. just watch your back and try to survive.

what happens next is up to you…

svca is a gpsl pan-fandom game set in the fictional town of sierra vista, in southern california. there will be monthly plots that give your characters plenty of scope to grow. previous game history is allowed here.
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Time Rift: A New Panfandom [06 Mar 2022|08:57pm]

Time Rift
A Panfandom Game
It started as a Rift in Cardiff. For months, people from various times and universes found themselves trapped in a Wizarding World, and then...

The Void

It was June, 1999 when the people of Wizarding Cardiff found their world collapsing around them. Through the efforts of magic users, both locals and visitors from the Rift, a boundary was established around the small village. This would keep them safe.

For now.

They call it the Void- a pocket universe that now contains the remains of what was once Wizarding Cardiff. While there are still questions unanswered about what happened to the original world, those who now come through the Rift find themselves trapped in this pocket reality.

Powers and magic do not work here as they should. Not even the Doctors can find a way out just yet. And to top it off, the mysteries would only grow deeper over time as the Rift begins to act up and new doorways begin to open.

The Time Rift is a panfandom game set in its own alternative dimension, drawing on the lore of various universes.

Disclaimer: While we love our Wizarding World, we in NO WAY support the anti-trans views of JKR. We use her universe for fun, but this game will remain open and LBGTQ+ friendly. No bigotry will be tolerated.

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[25 Feb 2022|06:28pm]

Could I get some panfandom home suggestions for Dr. Bad Ass here?
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[19 Feb 2022|11:10am]

[info]svca we are a small panfan gpsl looking for more active players. come and check us out! we hope to see you there!
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[14 Feb 2022|10:13am]

[info]mom_mod I would like to see the following characters: Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Alphonso 'Mack' Mackenzie, Elena 'Yo-Yo' Rodriguez, Robbie Reyes, and any other AOS character that isn't taken!
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[13 Feb 2022|01:59am]


A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we lay open-eyed, watching it all.

Welcome to Night Vale.

Night Vale is a cheerful town. A friendly town. A deeply, deeply weird town. It defies logic and reason and several scientific laws. But the people are warm and welcoming and it's easy to feel at home.

Is the Dog Park on the corner of Earl and Somerset, near the Ralph's, neither a park nor for dogs, and in fact a portal to a desert otherworld? Yes.

Is the library staffed by horrific and murderous librarians who won't die no matter how many times the library gets burned down? Yes.

Are there mysterious hooded figures around the town that defy comprehension? Yes.

Are there huge winged beings, all named Erika, who call themselves angels? Yes, but they're legally allowed to exist now, so that's progress.

Is one of those angels frequently nude? Yes, and we are so very sorry.

Enjoy your stay here in Night Vale. We're sure that before long you'll learn to love our friendly little town as much as we do.

Welcome to Night Vale is a panfandom game set in the universe of the podcast by the same name.

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[06 Feb 2022|04:22pm]


If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you’ve got to go all the way.

"You mess with time? It tends to mess back."

Tony Stark's fateful words set up [info]secondchances. This panfandom game uses the events in Avenger's Endgame to set up our plot. However, instead of Thanos crashing timelines, the Avengers accidentally create a time rift when they bring back the dead. There is no final battle; instead, they find themselves thrown into a new world as not only do their old friends and loved ones return from the blip, but people from all different timelines. Note this does not mean Endgame never happened; it just happened in a different reality.

The government has set up a housing complex in San Francisco's Mission District for the displaced. Characters are given identification and background documents so they can find jobs within San Francisco although all characters will live in the apartment building, which is called The Station. Pets and small children may appear with adult characters. Please assume a government official meets your character when they arrive and explains all this to them. They also give them a one time check for $5000, a laptop, and a cell phone.

The Station is a luxury apartment featuring 1, 2, 4, and 6 bedroom apartments. See here for a general idea of layouts. The apartment complex contains a heated pool, gym, clubhouse, and wi-fi. It looks like this.


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[06 Feb 2022|12:15pm]

Sundance Sanctuary is a hidden gem in the Samoan islands. What exactly makes it a gem? It’s been a hidden island that us never seen life until now. Hotels were suddenly placed on the island. Stores and housing. Everything to make this island habitual. There was only one thing missing… life.

Rumors are that a mysterious stone with unknown magical powers was hidden many centuries ago in a hidden cave. Its powers have begun to emerge again and are pulling people who it feels, deserve a second chance at life, healing, or just a fresh start in life away from their own world.
Read more... )
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[06 Feb 2022|12:10pm]

Looking for a few platonic lines that have former romantic relationships with Bucky here for over at [info]worldcollided

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[04 Feb 2022|04:09pm]



The City of Mirificus is a Place Between, where magic and technology exist side-by-side. It welcomes all those who have fallen through the cracks of their reality, regardless of where and when they came from, to build a new life within its limits. Here, they can reconnect with familiar faces or forge new bonds with others they never would have met in their previous lives.
What will they do in this new world? How will they use this opportunity?


Mirificus is a relaxed and collaborative panfandom game where the emphasis is on character interactions and player enjoyment. We are accepting of a wide variety of lines. Including mature content and darker themes. The emphasis of this game is placed on player freedom. It is a very open sandbox to play in, with minimal activity requirements. So come on and jump right in!


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[01 Feb 2022|10:38am]


Rules | FAQ | Taken | Apply

What should be a regular day takes a drastic turn. You could be doing anything, waking up in the morning, going to work, coming home from work, going to sleep, etc. and suddenly you find yourself in an elegant cabin in a passenger train.

Where is this train going? Your guess is as good as anyone else!

Upon inspection of your new living quarters, you will find a note in the cabin that advises that you have been given a trip of a lifetime (quite literally)! Your every want and need will be taken care of! There will be no way off of the train except for when it makes random stops in various towns, times and even galaxies!

Tickets are non-refundable!

[info]conductormod is a panfandom game where all fandoms are welcome!
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[01 Feb 2022|10:36am]


Governor Denning of Hawaii is simply baffled by the influx of people from all over time and space. Even more baffling is the fact that no one can seem to leave the Hawaiian islands at all. It doesn't seem to make any sense but when someone swims out far enough, it's like there is a barrier around all of the islands. Paradise has suddenly become a prison. How will everyone get by? Even stranger still, planes can fly in and drop off supplies and such. And no one knows what happens to them after that.

New faces are popping up all over, and as beautiful as Hawaii is, sometimes the locals aren't so friendly. Many of them consider the land to be sacred and want newcomers to stay away. And what is with these new people anyway? Some of them just aren't normal...

The governor enlisted the 5-0 taskforce to be responsible for the newcomers, getting them settled in and helping them become productive members of the community. Some will be more helpful than others. Governor Denning purchased an apartment building in the Waikiki neighborhood on O'ahu so everyone has a place to stay, while the matter is sorted.

Investigations into what caused this phenomena are ongoing. But it looks like we've got to try to be one big Ohana.

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii. We hope you enjoy your stay, because it doesn't look like you will be leaving anytime soon

Wanted Characters

Wanted Characters!

OOC Game Info

[info]ohanamods is a pan-fandom RPG set in the universe of Hawaii Five-0. Prior knowledge of the show is not required to play here.


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[31 Jan 2022|06:41pm]

QueensCliff Apartment Complex
A slice of Life Panfandom Community
Located in Miami, Florida, the complex was deserted for many years and then gradually, magically, the building started to regenerate itself. The lobby began filling with top-of-the-line designer furniture and over a period of months, all signs of its dereliction vanished. The building looks majestic once more and lives up to its royal name.

When you arrive you are greeted by Abigail, who mans the front desk. Wherever you were from and whatever you were doing prior to arrival, she will settle your nerves, see to any injuries and, if required, get you medical assistance. Then she will show you to your room, which is a no-expense-spared suite that is clearly meant to meet all your needs.
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