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March Housing update [28 Feb 2024|03:41pm]

New Housing - March 2024 )
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jenna raleigh @ streets of gotham [23 Feb 2024|05:31pm]

Jenna Raleigh | The Red Bee )
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kamala khan @ [info]inevitable_mods [23 Feb 2024|05:25pm]

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maria hill @ [info]inevitable_mods [23 Feb 2024|05:08pm]



37 · Pureblood; · Senior Auror · Bisexual

CONTENT WARNING: Child abuse, parent who died in childbirth, alcoholism

Born to George and Mary Hill, two relatively new Purebloods, on April 4 1982, Maria is their only child. Unfortunately magic doesn't solve everything and Maria's mother died in childhood. Her father, turned to alcohol instead to cope with the death of his wife and things were therefore not that easy for Maria growing up.

She spent a lot of time at the library or her neighbours, generally staying out of the way of her father.

At Eleven she joined Ilvermony and was accepted into both Thunderbird and Horned Serpent though she chose the former as her house. She did well at school and made friends who she would spend most of the summer with.

Leaving Ilvermony, she joined MACUSA as an Auror and has risen through the ranks and now heads the team charged with investigating the Stones

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kamala khan @ [info]lostvillagemod [23 Feb 2024|04:55pm]

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[22 Feb 2024|11:06pm]

Lost Village Cast List )
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