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04 April 2012 at 10:57 pm
[wow. w o w what did hijikata ever do to deserve this, huh—? wait, don't answer that.

as of right now, all the vice-chief can offer is a short, tired laugh with that demonic grin of his. hijikata's fatigue is apparent; his wounds may have been healed, but that still doesn't do anything about the fact that the issue with itou had only recently gotten resolved with his life and nothing beyond that. what use was resolving that bullshit if all hijikata had to show for it was fucking prison?

he sounds more than indignant when he begins to speak.]

You think this is funny? Is it? Cop stuck in prison— [it takes more than just effort to try and keep calm and not throw around his restraint everywhere and cause property damage, (not that he could, anyway) and it shows. clearly. hijikata's temple has one laaarge vein about to pop out from irritation. he's probably going to get an ulcer soon, too. words can't describe how much he wants to kill everything right now.]hilarious. Go laugh in hell, you bastard.

[obligatory scary face included.]

I got things to do, and this isn't one of them. Sougo! Fun's over.

[. . .

there's no response. hijikata waits... and waits... and waits. ......... what. does this mean he's alone in this scary place?? guys???]

[Video | Action; Open]
04 April 2012 at 04:31 pm
Action under cut!! )

[The feed opens up with a view of the Pet Cafe in the background before it turns and is jostled. You can now see the curious Albino, brow furrowed as he studies the device a moment. He sets it aside at an odd angle so you can still watch him,(continuing to ignore the welcome message) seemingly uninterested and unaware the thing is on. He shakes a leg, a look of annoyance crossing his features and you can hear a chain jingle somewhere off screen.]

Tch, what the hell.

[He idly scratches his bandaged throat before picking up a white basket full of goodies. He's picking through it when he finds the brochure, opens it up, stares at the map for a moment, finds he can't read it and tosses it. He pulls out a few things before stuffing them back in and when he finds the bottle of lotion he sort of looks it over curiously. He wrinkles his nose and tosses that too before pulling out the bottle of water.

Slowly he picks himself up along with the communicator which he carries in his hand by his side. He leaves the basket by his feet for now and looks around a bit.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?

((ooc: Anyone feel free to bother him or give him a helping hand, in person or otherwise. Ladies, be gentle~))
04 April 2012 at 02:02 pm
[today Sakura is at the park busying herself with the large drawing notepad in front of her. the large flowering tree in the park, planted by Amaterasu a while back, never fails to sooth her and has become one of her favorite places to be. she flips to a clean sheet of paper, rolling a crayon between her fingers in thought]

Ever since I came here I've seen all types of magic. How do you - practice your magic? Do you train? Or meditate? Kero-chan used to say that I should just leave that to time, but I want to improve now. [and it's not like she's really improving that much] And since he's not here, I wasn't sure who to ask... I know we're all from different places, but I'm sure magic exists in a lot of worlds.

[short pause] Oh, and cheerleading practice will start soon if the weather gets warmer. You can ask me about joining the team if you like.
( video )
03 April 2012 at 03:09 am
I can't sleep...

[the video feed is nothing but the lifeless stare of a girl who has lost all hope to what pertains to sleeping. her arrival has made her inner clock all sorts of jacked up and it was messing with her beauty sleep and napping cycle. is she even blinking? (no, she isn't.)]

I am trying so hard to, like, go to sleep but all I end up doing is thinking too much, uhuh. I can't even move and I'm starting to miss being able to move around and choose where I want to take a nap on and be a bum and do nothing all day. I am tired of not doing things. [rolls on her side, because obviously she's resigned herself to lying flat on the floor, the communicator a few feet away from her.] And when I try to take a nap, like, I'm already rested from doing nothin' and I'm starting to really wonder what does the sun look like again?

[this goes on and on; silly rambling over nothing that makes no specific sense. her eyes are bloodshot, her voice monotone and that of a person in deep anguish. pathetically bends her knees and brings them closer to her chest, taking on a fetal position.

obviously she doesn't care about paying attention to her surroundings slash situation.]

Is this deportation, huh? I promise I've been a good girl. I don't wanna be sent baaaack, aru.
[Action // Open]
13 September 2009 at 07:11 pm
[Len is sitting in one of the tables, with his meal in front of him. Yet he doesn't touch it. He is thinking really hard, opening and closing his locket.

Maybe she'll come here at some point. Sentience takes good care of us; you two would be happy here and free to be with each other all the time.

He is re-playing Naminé's word in his mind over and over. Does he really wants Rin to be here, in prison? Should he ask Sentience to bring her here?

Len sighed and trowed his head back, closing his eyes. He wasn't sure at all of what he should do now, but he had liked the busy day Sentience gave them, thought.]
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05 September 2009 at 03:54 pm
[After his arrival and subsequent conversations, 'Vadum set out to explore the facility that was their prison. A quick pace carrying the eight foot tall Sanghieli warrior through the city, his senses never wavering as he better learned the layout of his surroundings, taking note of any locations or items of interest in his travels]

[As darkness descended around the city 'Vadum's thoughts turned his ship and crew..what had happened to them with his seeming capture here? Was his home world safe? Giving a click of his mandibles and a snort, he shook his head of such thoughts. He needed to get free of the facility first. With that he continued his way through the sector.]

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Location: Sector 6-Evening
[ voice ] ✪ ONE
04 September 2009 at 12:17 am


02 September 2009 at 06:15 pm

[ the video feed blazes into full-color glory on a... nose. someone obviously hasn't figured out how to work the communicator yet. in her world, she has a squishy cellphone okay! ]

Ah! I'm sorry if I'm interrupting you but- This is important! And I won't take too long. My name is Ranka. Ranka Lee from the Frontier! There has to be--- There was a mistake and I don't really understand anything. I didn't-

[ and she is visibly getting upset... at least as much of her is visible. she's shaking a little and consequently so is the video... and the audio might be just a little loud because of how close she's holding the communicator to her face. ]

-I have to get back. I can finally help, like the S.M.S. and brother I can so I'm not going to just accept- I can be really loud so-


[ weak attempt at a threat done, the video suddenly and dizzyingly focuses to the ground as if the hand holding the communicator had fallen to the girl's side and very quietly, obviously not realizing that the recording is still on ]

Did I do that right? Was that what you would have done, Alto-kun?

( ooc: Ranka is at the Dolphin Observation Deck and action tags are totally welcome! sob I hope I did this right )
01 September 2009 at 09:49 pm
[So very, very pissed off with everyone for attacking Riku today, especially over the Senti issue. Like others haven't pissed off the computer before]

Hey Senti! Kiss my ass!

I'm not afraid of you, or anyone else!
31 August 2009 at 05:09 pm
[Fletcher sounds a little groggy as he speaks.]

Oh no, I slept through Sentience's morning announcement...

Did I miss anything important?
30 August 2009 at 01:49 pm

If you're going to arrest somebody, arrest him! Arrest them! Arrest society! Society is to blame! Society!

Or at least wait until I'm 18, you pedo.