[action] - backdated to early afternoon
27 February 2011 at 02:33 pm
[In a very large room in the Education Center, there is a backdrop of reds, whites, pinks, and....browns? Yep, browns, in all shades, shapes, and sizes. If chocolate is your thing, this might just be heaven for you. Everything you could ever want or need to make that perfect one of a kind Valentine's Day chocolate is right here, waiting for you. Scattered around the room are all of the [non-hiatused] Host Club members, handsome and well-dressed as always, prepared to cater to your every whim.

Won't you come join them?]

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[Video | Open - backdated to mid-evening]
27 February 2011 at 02:44 pm
Ling Yao/Greed
[The camera pans to show a somewhat dark room filled with chairs and a bar top and mirrors lining the wall everywhere to reflect back the light and brighten up the place. There's even a leather couch pressed up against one of the walls.]

[And then Greed pops into view, grinning]

Finally got the place cleaned up after the bots tore it to shreds. Can't promise you booze, but anyone who'd like to get away from the club for a bit is free to come over to the Devil's Compass here in Sector 5.

The signs out front.

I'll have the usual, not so much fun drinks, and I can't promise ya food unless someone wants to man the kitchen, but at least I'll keep the bots out for ya.


((ooc: Meant to post this last week but work kicked my ass. Sorry to anyone who's been waiting for it!))
[Action | Open]
27 February 2011 at 03:06 pm
Saya Otonashi
[On the heels of her stubborn decision that she needed no help and would go after Diva by herself no matter what, Saya finds herself sorely in need of practice. Having her old sword in her hand, the red gem that was once part of her father glowing from the base of the shining blade, brought her no comfort. She felt sick.]

[But there wasn't time. Diva had made another Chevalier; if Saya didn't stop her there would soon be an army. So she unsheathes her sword, omitting the blood infusion for this practice time, and begins.]

[Her form is mediocre, rusty skills being another consequence of her long sleep. She stares at the training dummy across the dojo and pauses, blinking. It would be easy to carve that up, but Diva and her Chevaliers would hardly stand still and wait to be defeated by the blood-tinted edge of Saya's blade.]

[She missed Haji. And, after a few passes which don't feel quite right, she begins to wonder if perhaps she could use some... not help of course, but. Advice? ...Something.]
[Closed] Late evening
27 February 2011 at 03:15 pm
Jeanne Fránçaix
[ Jeanne had a busy afternoon. While Saya was out, she decided it was high time to do some cleaning. Empty out trash cans, dust a bit, hang up some pictures she had taken with her camera, arrange some of Saya's clothes in the drawer, go to the store and grab some posters, put them up on her walls, consider her wardrobe--

...yes, she's not really cleaning anymore, and still won't be when Saya gets back home.

Whoops? ]
[closed action]
27 February 2011 at 06:37 pm
Caroline Forbes
[Damon's a jerk and he deserves to know that Katherine's just like him. Caroline's spent the whole day chanting that particular statement in her head. And with what Damon said to her before, she's ready to believe it. Jerk.]

[but if she actually believed it - she wouldn't be having such a hard time swallowing it down would she? she wonders what Elena would say. Her best friend would disapprove for sure. treating Damon like an idiot and telling the truth to his face just like that. even though he deserves it.]

I can't believe I'm doing this. [she folds her fingers nervously over the bag of blood she swiped from the fridge earlier. It would serve as her peace offering! Breathes] Remember Caroline. Even if he's really, really annoying, you can't punch him in the face.

[and with that, she puts her hand up and rings the doorbell]