Monday, May 31st, 2010

Who: Lexie and David
What: Lessons in fun
Where: Frye's Leap Cafe and Bar to start
When: Friday May 28th after this.
Rating: TBD There will be alcohol and maybe language...

He'd have to flesh out the nights plans based on just how bad her inability to have fun was. )
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Who: Lexie and Macy
What: Text
When: Friday, May 28th just after this

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Who: David and Lexie
What: Text
When: Friday, May 28th (Maybe???)
Rating: PG

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Who: Albert and Jamie
What: Jamie's home, and Albert is worried sick.
When: Monday afternoon, after this.
Where: Jones household
Rating: PG-13

+ + +

What happened? )
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Who:Alec and Albert
When: The morning after Jamie's dog adventures
What: Alec letting Albert know what's going on
Rating: Low

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Who: Lizzie and James
What: Just hanging out, since he's under house arrest
When: Monday afternoon
Where: James' house
Rating: PG-13

I get by with a little help from my (new) friends )
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Who: Lexie and Katie
When: Wednesday afternoon, May 26th
What: And the lame shall walk
Rating: PG

I've got a little present for you )
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Who: Jamie Jones and Alec Fox
What: Jamie discovers a new branch of his abilities and the not so fun side effects
When: Monday morning
Rating: PG-13

Jamie was a dog. Okay, well that he could handle. Long as he could turn back. )
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Who: Sam and Jessica
What: Checking up
When: Monday

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Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Who: Aidan and Ethan
When: Two hours after this
What: A drunken voicemessage
Rating: Low

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WHO: Sam and Jamie
WHAT: It looks like breaking friendships is going around >.>
WHEN: Saturday morning
RATING: PG-15 (Swearing, lots of swearing)
STATUS: Complete/Closed

Jamie couldn't help feeling like something had just ended. )
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WHO: Chris and Quinn
WHAT: Another blind date
WHERE: Restaurant
WHEN: Friday, May 21st
STATUS: Complete/Closed

Although how bad could she be? )
mood: calm
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Saturday, May 29th, 2010

WHO: Emma and Lexie
WHAT: Hanging out
WHERE: Lexie's place, because Emma's is an absolute mess
WHEN: Friday, May 27th - Late afternoon
STATUS: Incomplete

Goddamn thorns... )
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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Alfie )

Lexie )

Robin )
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Who: Anna and Katie
When: Thursday, 3PM
What: Text
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Who: Alex and Open
When: Thursday after school
Where: The beach
What: Trying to beat the heat
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete
The wind coming off the ocean was always cooler. )
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Who: Lizzie and Luke
What: After school talk. Air needs to be cleared
When: Tuesday 25th after school
Rating: PG-15 for swearing

Uncomfortable silences become them )
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Who: Luke and Lizzie
What: Text
When: Tuesday 25th, during morning classes
Rating: Low

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Who: Laura and Jess
What: Doctor's appointment!
When: Tuesday afternoon, May 25 (backdated)
Rating: PG probably

It was probably just a coincidence )
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Who: Lily Fox and Quinn Murtaugh
What: Best friend times
When: Thursday, late afternoon
Rating: PG-15 (just to be safe)

The current state of affairs? Kind of chaotic. )
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