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[31 Jul 2011|12:28am]
Who: Annie Tibbits and Penny Zimmerman
When: 12:01 AM, July 31st

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[31 Jul 2011|01:30am]
Who: Johnny and Penny
What: A birthday text
When: Sunday 7/31 around 1:30 AM

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[31 Jul 2011|10:30am]
Who: Nico Spinelli and OTA
What: Character A is locked out of his/her house and needs to retrieve an item from inside. Character B comes to help out. The police arrive.
When: Today while everyone is out of the house
Where: Spinelli house
Rating: TBD

Well, wasn't this day off to a wonderful start? )
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[31 Jul 2011|12:05pm]
Who: Tristan and Adam
What: A ride like no other
When: Sunday early afternoon
Rating: Let's hope nothing above R

Get your motor running! Head out on the Highway! )
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[31 Jul 2011|12:19pm]
Who: Tristan and Kainen
What: Dinner and (Gay) Dating
When: Sunday at 7
Rating: TBD (NSFW/Adult Content Most likely)
Status: Complete

The following movie is rated R. It contains adult language, adult content, sexual content and references to alcohol. Viewer discretion is advised. Punch and Pie. And gay sex. )
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[31 Jul 2011|01:12pm]
Who: Tristan and Jimmy
What: A text
When: Sunday afternoon
Rating: R

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[31 Jul 2011|01:49pm]
Who: Calvin & Emily
What: Emily helping Calvin with his song
Where: Calvin's house
When: Sunday, July 31st, afternoon
Rating: Low/Medium
Status: Complete

When you're up this high it's a sad goodbye )
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[31 Jul 2011|03:57pm]
Who: Elliot and Jimmy
What: Elliot finally figures out his powers
When: Today (before powers stop working, obviously)
Where: At the country club
Rating: PG-13+

Just cleaned. Lucky you. )
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[31 Jul 2011|05:46pm]
Who: Sean and Rosie
What: Text
When: Sunday afternoon
Rating: G (if Rosie behaves)

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[31 Jul 2011|06:07pm]
Who: Alan and Josie
What: A text
When: Sunday evening

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[31 Jul 2011|06:56pm]
Who: Kaylee Ramsey and Penny Zimmerman
What: Text Message and a Birthday Gift
Rating: Low

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Under 50 layers of bubble wrap )
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[31 Jul 2011|09:33pm]
Who: Johnny Jones
What: Solo. Johnny loses it.
When: Sunday
Where: His basement
Rating: PG

The music played on and looped back to the beginning. )
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[31 Jul 2011|11:29pm]
Who: Sasha and Nico
What: Gaming and cheering up!
When: Monday after this
Where: Nico's house

It had taken Sasha at least two hours to figure out what she was going to wear. )
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