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[01 Aug 2011|12:14am]
Who: Laney and Alfie
What: text
When: tonight

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[01 Aug 2011|12:55am]
Who: Laney and Alfie
What: sneaking out and noticing their lack of powers
When: tonight
Rated: TBD

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[01 Aug 2011|04:27am]
Who: Josie & Jacen; Josie & JJ
What: text
When: August 1st, early afternoon
Rating: Medium

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[01 Aug 2011|11:53am]
Who: Josie & Toni
What: text
When: August 1st, early evening
Rating: Medium

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[01 Aug 2011|02:01pm]
Who: Sean and Kainen
What: Text
When: Monday morning
Rating: R

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[01 Aug 2011|03:19pm]
Who: Thomas Reed
What: Solo. Thomas's past comes back to bite him.
When: Monday
Where: The Project file storage.
Rating: PG

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[01 Aug 2011|07:25pm]
Who: Carter Manning & Thomas Reed
What: a fateful run in...literally
Where: Outside the Frye Island Kinko's
When: August 1st, afternoon
Rating: Low

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