September 17th, 2012

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Hi! I'm looking for some lines over at [info]doors :D It's a great game, a fantastic group of writers, and we've got plenty of people we need! It's a cool take on a panfandom that allows you to pair a canon character with an OC and it's honestly one of the best RP experiences I've ever had.

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I'm over at [info]orientexpress and would love to see more TDKR people! We have a Bruce (present), an ALFRED (seriously), so here are just some of the opens that would be awesome to have filled: Selina Kyle, Harvey Dent, Bane, the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, John Blake, Lucius Fox... OR, alternatively, Batman characters from other realities (comics, animated series, etc).

We also have an extensive Hunger Games cast, but still need awesome characters like Haymitch and Effie...

AND if there are any Skins fans out there, we have a Chris and a Cassie that could use some company!