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May. 2nd, 2022


Dread South

Dread South is a plot-driven game with a southern gothic vibe, supernatural and horror themes, and a cast of original characters. Players are encouraged to explore their characters’ personal motivations, their experiences within their sects and with others, interpersonal relationships and conflicts, the ups and downs of their occupations, the struggles of the working class, the social experience of living in the foothills of eastern Tennessee in the present day, and their own individualized experiences with Arcady, whether light or dark. Dread South is not a ‘slice of life’ game. We strive for the dramatic, tension-based aspects of storylines. Come and see what we're about and if you love friendly people, plot, world-building, and getting into the heads of your character consider applying.

Mar. 25th, 2022


you were in the middle of a perfectly ordinary day when you were hit by a sudden dizzy spell and blacked out. you awake to find yourself lying on a bed in a location you’ve never encountered before. you’re not sure how much time has passed or how you got here but you’re still dressed and your pockets haven’t been emptied which suggests you haven’t been attacked or robbed.

as you start to become more aware of your surroundings you notice a tablet by the side of the bed. there is a message open and it reads: if you are reading this it means that you have been chosen. you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. there is no escape. just watch your back and try to survive.

what happens next is up to you…

svca is a gpsl pan-fandom game set in the fictional town of sierra vista, in southern california. there will be monthly plots that give your characters plenty of scope to grow. previous game history is allowed here.

Mar. 22nd, 2022


Looking for Clayton Danvers for Elena from the book series or television show for [info]conductormod

Feb. 4th, 2022



The City of Mirificus is a Place Between, where magic and technology exist side-by-side. It welcomes all those who have fallen through the cracks of their reality, regardless of where and when they came from, to build a new life within its limits. Here, they can reconnect with familiar faces or forge new bonds with others they never would have met in their previous lives.
What will they do in this new world? How will they use this opportunity?


Mirificus is a relaxed and collaborative panfandom game where the emphasis is on character interactions and player enjoyment. We are accepting of a wide variety of lines. Including mature content and darker themes. The emphasis of this game is placed on player freedom. It is a very open sandbox to play in, with minimal activity requirements. So come on and jump right in!


Feb. 1st, 2022


Rules | FAQ | Taken | Apply

What should be a regular day takes a drastic turn. You could be doing anything, waking up in the morning, going to work, coming home from work, going to sleep, etc. and suddenly you find yourself in an elegant cabin in a passenger train.

Where is this train going? Your guess is as good as anyone else!

Upon inspection of your new living quarters, you will find a note in the cabin that advises that you have been given a trip of a lifetime (quite literally)! Your every want and need will be taken care of! There will be no way off of the train except for when it makes random stops in various towns, times and even galaxies!

Tickets are non-refundable!

[info]conductormod is a panfandom game where all fandoms are welcome!

Jan. 21st, 2022


Hello! I'm looking to possibly join a game or PSL with one or more of the following MCU characters:

  • Tony Stark (Endgame compliant)
  • May Parker (possibly NWH compliant)
  • Pepper Potts-Stark (Endgame compliant)
  • Peter Parker (NWH compliant)

    I'm typically active every day and like a mix of journals and threads. You can read about me and my characters here.
  • Jan. 19th, 2022


    QueensCliff Apartment Complex
    A slice of Life Panfandom Community
    Located in Miami, Florida, the complex was deserted for many years and then gradually, magically, the building started to regenerate itself. The lobby began filling with top-of-the-line designer furniture and over a period of months, all signs of its dereliction vanished. The building looks majestic once more and lives up to its royal name.

    When you arrive you are greeted by Abigail, who mans the front desk. Wherever you were from and whatever you were doing prior to arrival, she will settle your nerves, see to any injuries and, if required, get you medical assistance. Then she will show you to your room, which is a no-expense-spared suite that is clearly meant to meet all your needs.
    Rules * Application * Taken * Holds * Dropbox

    GAME OPENS ON 1/20!

    Jan. 8th, 2022



    Welcome aboard Starship Avalon, your ticket to planet Homestead II, the fourth planet in the Bakhti System. As a first generation colonizer, you are part of the foundation of Colony 43, and your journey to your new life should be as comfortable as your existence on Homestead II will be exciting.

    We will arrive at your new home in four months and your Hibernation has just been ended. Waking from Hibernation is a confusing process, but rest assured that you are in good hands. Get a good night’s rest in your cabin, and your Learning Group mentor will contact your shortly to help you navigate this new chapter in your life.


    In 2645, space travel has allowed humanity to reach further than ever before. Earth has become overpopulated, and many with the means necessary have left behind the life they knew and boarded a ship to explore new horizons.

    The Homestead Group’s newest product is a spaceship designed to transport over 5000 people to the newly discovered planet Homestead II, a ‘new earth’ with a warm climate, plenty of water and healthy oxygen levels. The journey there takes 120 years, with passengers spending nearly all of it in Hibernation. This method has been used again and again for space travel, and has never failed before.

    Until now.
    Accepting applications on a rolling basis, opening tonight (6 PM EST)!

    Dec. 26th, 2021


    Hello! I am here on behalf of [info]secondchances! We've been going strong for two months, but more players are always welcome. Our wanted list is here, but we have many popular roles and faces open so check us out. Game wide plots are run regularly.


    Nov. 30th, 2021


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