Apr. 15th, 2021


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Apr. 12th, 2021


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For anyone who knows Anna Pryce and is wondering about the tall skinny guy lurking around her place, that’s me. I’m Mike, her daughter Julie’s kid. I just moved in a couple of weeks ago. She says she doesn’t need anyone hanging around to look after her, and she’s right, I’m just there for the blackberry pies she makes. And I just got a gig in town here. If you’re ever up at the ER for anything, you’ll probably see me there. Except none of them call me Mike. I’m New Mike for some reason, even though there’s not an Old Mike that I’m aware of.

Being new to town, sort of, long story, what is the one place in town that you’d say I HAVE to visit?

Apr. 11th, 2021


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