September 16th, 2012

[info]dash_dingo in [info]find_players

Short-term/long-term players for established RPs...
  • an AU Vampire Chronicles GPSL, [info]mort_clemente , movie-verse. Cast: Lestat, and two OCs: a companion and a footman.
Any outside interest in a...
  • Pirates of Dark Water GPSL? Ren and Niddler have been taken. Freeform/open sandbox seafaring shenanigans, go!
Canons and Originals for Fable III GPSL, [info]bone_orchard ?
  • Ghosts, balverines, merchants, pickpockets, nobles, bandits, mercenaries, soldiers, streetwalkers, fanboys/girls. Although we consider this RP serious, we encourage the traditional Fable, almost-Monty Python-esque humour. We encourage newcomes to play guilty-pleasure roles, characters that would otherwise be rejected or banned in other fandom circles! =D
Any interest/feedback/suggestions/requests for a..
  • AU Batman: Arkham City game? We'd like to hear input, before we open it for test-run whatsit! Superheroes are not available/acceptable: Batman may be a presence, but nothing more. There are no masked vigilantes running around the city, punching thugs in the teeth. This is largely a criminals setting, cops 'n' robbers.. just without the cops! Sort of. Undercover officers, and all the rest.