Feb. 7th, 2019


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Most Wanted: ♣ Morally Grey Characters

Jan. 10th, 2019


A sanctuary for the supernatural

Apr. 9th, 2018


[info]fallcity is a murder mystery game that is starting up this weekend! In this small town, nobody is innocent, but some are more not-innocent than others. Was the fire that killed that little girl 21 years ago really an accident, or was it murder? Was her mother's death a month later an accident, or murder? There's a film crew coming to town to do some on-location shoots for the movie based on the book about the fire. And there will be more murder!

My character Nathan Griggs ([info]extermi_nate) would love his ex-wife to come join him and their son Elijah Griggs ([info]egriggs) in the game. She's 47, and her name is currently Laura Winters, though we're both open to you renaming her if you don't dig it. Laura and Nathan dated in high school, and then he got her pregnant in their senior year. Her strict father nearly exploded, and ultimately all-but-forced the two of them to get married, which they did the day after graduation. Their son was born that summer. Nate and Laura really tried to make the teenage-parents-young-marriage thing work, but they ultimately divorced amicably shortly before their fourth anniversary. Laura got full custody of their son, and Nate skipped town for four years. When he returned, he tried to be a more present father, but then he left again shortly after the above-mentioned fire and death of the little girl's mother. He returned shortly after your son turned 16, and has been attempting to mend the bridges he burned with his son. You've remarried, but there's friction between your step-kids and your son.

And now that the film crew is showing up in town, surely this is all dredging up old memories. Are you suspicious of your ex-husband's timing of having been in town for the fire, and leaving not long after? Or does first love continue to blind you to his potential dark side? How's your relationship with your son? Do you maybe know something about everything that happened 21 years ago, but you've been keeping quiet all this time?

Come join us! :D You can leave me a message on the dropbox in Nate's journal, or reach me via email or discord (both listed in his bio).

Jul. 26th, 2012


Hi guys! So, I've got a hell of a lot of lines that I'd like to see filled, so bear with me while I list them all out. Oh, all of these lines are for a community called Pearson University over at this link.

At this journal here is Jenna Thomson. She's the Physics teacher at the university. She's incredibly smart and has absolutely no social skills. There are a bunch of lines in her journal that would be fun to have filled! :D Anyways her sister is in game at [info]parisabigail. The line that I'm reeeeeally interested in having filled for her, however, is the brother. He's 25 years old. We'd prefer a redhead (someone like Viggo Jonasson) or any other redheaded male you can come up with who looks the right age! However, the hair color is not set in stone and I'd be willing to discuss possible PB's. He's pretty much a clean slate, too, so you could do pretty much anything you wanted to do with him. He'd likely be an Inferiore, but it could be swung that he was a Superiore. Also, while growing up, both Jenna and her sister Paris were very intelligent (Jenna is MENSA-worthy, but hasn't taken the time to do what needs to be done) and are both very science-y. Jenna was distant while they were in school, so it's not implausible that the brother would be less intelligent and more creative or something. Really, he's an open book, these are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing! :D

At [info]rchatham, I have Rebecca Chatham who is a Senior Undergrad, 21 years old, and is a Food Science and Technology major. She loves to hunt and loves to do guyish things, though she's slowly being drawn towards the world of girls. I have two lines for her I would LOVE to have filled. Her siblings. One, Bradley Chatham who is 18, and the other Fiona Chatham, who is 20. Their ages are switchable, though! Anyways, I don't have anything about Fiona other than her name and age. Please, feel free to come to me with any ideas! :D Now, for Bradley. Their father treated Rebecca like the son he always wanted, which left Bradley spurned and left out of the hunting trips. I would really, REALLY love to get someone really macho for her brother who is always trying to prove himself to their father. I don't have any PB ideas for these two, but they're rather open to be anything! :D

At [info]wijennings, I have Dr. Isaac Jennings, the school's doctor and teacher of several medical classes. There are things about him that are...intriguing and can be found in his journal. He's very professional when at work, very flirtatious outside of work. Anyways, read more about him at his journal. The lines that I'd like to see filled for him are very specific. There are two people I would want brought in for him. One, is the man who broke his heart. With this line, the two had been working together and eventually Isaac fell in love. 2 years later, Isaac proposed to the man, only for the man to tell him that he'd been lying to him for the last two years about loving him. It broke Isaac's heart to hear that and turned him into a rather cold person. So yes. I'd love to have him brought in. The other line I'd like to have brought in is to have the person (man or woman) who really opened up Isaac to the world of kink. This could be the person who tried to turn him into a Sub or it could be the person who taught him to be a Dom. Again, I have no PB's in mind, but please feel free to talk to me! :D

And finally, at [info]aefisher, I have Arianna Fisher. She's a pretty good girl, a little bit of a flirt who likes to sleep with people, though she's always safe and uses both the pill and condoms. But that's besides the point. She's a bit of an attention whore and will do a lot of things for attention. For her, I'd love to see any kind of line you guys could come up with because she's a failing muse who just needs some love and attention! Any lines, any lines at all! :D

That's all folks! :D I can be reached at metroid0618 on AIM or mitsuraki@gmail.com. If you IM me, just let me know that you're coming from here! :D

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Jun. 4th, 2009


Batman Nolanverse RPG

Name: In Our Darkest Hour

Format: Invisionfree message board RPG

Genre: The Batman Nolanverse

Website: In Our Darkest Hour

Minimum Age Requirement: 17 and up

Our game is set in the Nolanverse storyline. It takes place during the events of The Dark Knight, yet elements of Batman Begins are still present: R'as Al Ghul is alive, the League of Shadows lives on, and Jonathan Crane has yet to be caught by the Batman. Sal Maroni has taken control of the Falcone Crime family after the former leader's mental breakdown in Arkham Asylum.

The Batman, having taken the law into his own hands, has gradually been lowering the amount of crime in the city and at the same time has inspired the people and the justice department to take action against the mob. The head of the Gotham City Police Department, Commissioner Gordon, has been going after the mob's life savings using marked bills in the mob banks, yet the crime families continue to be evasive. The police department is still corrupted, and a new crime syndicate lead by the chaotic Joker has stepped into the game, hired by the mob to take out the Batman. In the peak of this madness, the beloved district attourney, Harvey Dent, has been missing in action. Some believe him to be dead or captured, while others suspect that he has taken up vigilantism.

Some believe that restoring Gotham City to a prestine and safe place is impossible, and for good reason. Despite the change that has been taking place, the city is still rotting away at it's core. The slums and sewers have become a nest of the city's worst thugs, and the mob's influence over the businesses and businessmen of Northside Gotham City has corruptted more successful and powerful individuals.

New faces have made themselves known and have brought chaos and fear into the city along with them. Those dangerous men and women who do not ally with the mob are sometimes driven to conspire against them and work in violent, bloody operations to tear them down. Yet blood on the streets, even the blood of ruthless villains, is one thing the Batman cannot let lie. Even if the vigilantes strive to rid Gotham of it's worst villains, Batman knows he must rid the streets of their violence as well if there will ever be peace again in this city.

This action has made him unpopular among the most dangerous of men. And as such has put the people he knows and loves at risk. Things are worse than ever in Gotham City. It has become a more dangerous place then one could imagine.

The night is darkest before the dawn. And Gotham stands now in it's darkest hour...

We are currently looking for members who are willing to play canon Batman characters. Fan characters are welcome, but we would like to get a good handful of canon characters first before we start roleplaying. Please keep this in mind.

Hope to see you there.

-The Karnstein

Jun. 3rd, 2009


Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who would play a Terminator 4 Katherine Brewster against my Terminator 4 John Connor at a thread based panfandom rpg. We have several characters from the fandom already and I'm looking for her to basically round things out.

I would like it as a purely romantic storyline and I'm looking to rp some more adult themes with them since they are grown ups now. It DOES have the potential to be a long term storyline as well. If interested please reply here or send me a pm.