Oct. 30th, 2013


London, 1884. It's been just over 50 years since the supernatural were integrated into society. Queen Victoria sits the British throne. William Ewart Gladstone is Prime Minister. Steam is the power that runs the world.

ALCHEMISTS, INVENTORS, & MAD SCIENTISTS It's an age of technological advancement and we need the minds that drive it. Be they benign, ambitious, or just a bit off their rocker, The Royal Society of Natural Knowledge's doors are open, as long as they've got the properly cited research papers to prove it.

MAGICIANS & WITCHES Circus performers, craft instructors, business owners, or just mysteriously queer old vagabonds. Whether they're the most famous magician to ever levitate a beautiful assistant for a rapt audience or the stately old witch who sells love potions to gentry out of her tea shop.

SUPERNATURAL INVESTIGATORS Employees in the The Bureau of Unnatural Affairs, otherwise known as the supernatural Victorian CSI. Detectives, forensic specialists, mediums, or just menial pencil pushers.

CRIME BOSSES & AGENTS OF THE UNDERWORLD Vampires aren't the only ones who come alive at the night time. There might not be much honor among thieves, but in The Empire, there's at least solidarity -- provided you pay your taxes.

May. 22nd, 2011


Hi! So the game [info]silverage hasn't opened yet, but I have two characters there and I was hoping to grab some more to help me possibly fill some SLs. [info]silverage is a panfandom game set in 1964 NYC, and it's opening on June 1st, so there's still time!

I'm looking for, specifically:

-- Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
-- Bruce Wayne (Batman)
-- Don Draper (Mad Men)
-- Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
-- Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

If you or anyone you know would like to play one of these five, please send them in the game's direction! Bruce and Don especially would be welcome with wide open arms :-)

Oct. 13th, 2009


We need the military for our military game!

Hey hey! I'm Madeline, one-half of the mod squad over at [info]chipping_ongar , a World War II historic RPG taking place at a new American-occupied air base in rural England in the middle of the war, 1943 to be exact. And we need a few types of characters to join Captain Doubletree here!

~ ENLISTED MEN - What we need most of all are American soldiers. This is an air base, and our boys are flying bombing missions over Germany and Poland, but in World War II the Air Force was still an offshoot of the Army. We need recruits! Drafted, joined up, reluctant, or waiting for their chance at glory! Enlisted men can have the most fun and bond the closest, only having eachother in their squadrons to get through the hard times. Jack Davis ([info]my_boy_jack ) needs his comrades and drinking buddies! And Sam here needs his squadron to boss around!

~ TOWNSPEOPLE - You live in a tiny English town set tucked away just far enough from the hustle and bustle of London, only to have hundreds of cocky, loud, boisterous, impolite American men pour on in. How do you deal? Do you make the most of it - cash in on men cashing in their army checks to buy alcohol? Do you get to know the dashing men? Do you shut them out completely? We have a maid at the hotel who needs a witness to the interesting things she sees!

~ COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP NEEDED ALSO! - This is going to be fun. One of our airmen needs a nice English girl of his own. If only it were that simple. . .This is going to get plot-heavy and good. If I could, I'd play her, but I already play a factor in the relationship, per se. We can't tell you everything, but we assure you, you'll love it.

Thanks so much, and come check us out and let us know if you have any questions over at [info]387th!

Aug. 29th, 2009


In need of new recruits!

Hey everyone! I'm Madeline and I'm one half of the mod-squad over at [info]chipping_ongar , a World War II historical RPG opening on September 1st! We still need lots more players, and specific roles needed badly! We take place on an air base in rural England and in the town of Ongar, and follow a bombardment group of the United States Army Air Force during their deployment starting in 1943. We're original-characters only, and in the historical setting this can be a bit tricky, as well as pre-established lines, which we try not to emphasize because we want to encourage organic, natural character development and relationships, but here's what we need:

  • Airmen - Your general recruit, a kid who got drafted, or a man whose family has been in the service for years. These are the bulk of our game, and we currently need much, much more. These boys were plucked from the homefront and shipped over to England at a borrowed air base, and will have a lot to get used to in a short amount of time. Also since they are lowest ranked in the military structure, they can have the most fun. You do want to play these guys.

  • American Nurses - Girls that joined up, possibly halfway between college and graduation, with even the smallest bit of medical training would be military nurses. These girls had rowdy soldiers to deal with, were able to see them at their weakest, and were a vital female presence in a sea of testosterone.

  • Townspeople - Your rural, comfortable English village of Ongar has been overtaken by loud, drunk, silly, bombastic American bomber crews and about a hundred loud B-26 Marauder planes. What would you do?

Of course, we have plenty of spots open, but these are our top 3 requests. So come check us out for more information at the mod journal, [info]387th , or email to chippingongar_mods@hotmail.com for any questions! Either one of us mods would love to brainstorm one-on-one with you if you have any questions or are interested!

Jun. 23rd, 2009


Over at [info]thecrown we're looking for some templates to be filled! OC's are also welcome, but so far we would LOVE to see -

Leading Man - a natural talent who's never acted before. Not the typical kind of lead.
The Thespian - an OTT, seasoned actor in the prime of his career... yet still falling on hard financial times.
The Mother Hen - a mature mistress who's weathered a few storms in theatreland. Supported the Crown for many years.
Burlesque Beauty - a favourite of the Blake brothers (Eward in particular) this young lady is a big draw for the crowds.
Scorned Loyal - Eward's jilted lover. Despite his lax treatment of her she still supports the brothers.
The Conductor - a new creative presence for the Crown, he knows the best musicians in the business.
Natural Fawn Leader - the creative director of the rival theatre, The Fawn.
The Professional - The Fawn Leader's dear lady, lead actress and 'muse'.

We're a new game, set in 1898, West End, London. We are also looking for mature writers with a passion for natural characters and plot, who will choose a muse that will fit into the world and let drama play out normally. Come see :)

Jun. 1st, 2009



The year is 1525, King Henry VIII is on the throne of England, Catherine of Aragon is Queen, and the religion of the land is Catholisim. It is a time of peace but neighboring monarchs are always eager for the glory of war. The winds of change are blowing through Europe; the Renaissance is sweeping from Italy northward, the Reformation sweeping outward from Germany. Though England has thus far managed to escape the most radical movements that come with them, she won't be able to stay unchanged forever.

We are slowly getting more people, but we need even more! PLEASE check us out at [info]tudorcourt and hopefully someone you want to play is still available. We still have quite a few characters we need before the game can open. We'd like to open as soon as possible, so the sooner you can send us your application the better. Then we can get the game started, but we can't do that until we get a few more plays so...CHECK US OUT