September 2nd, 2012

[info]relative_mods in [info]find_players

Located outside of the small town of Univille in South Dakota is a mysterious warehouse in the middle of nowhere. While the locals will all tell you that it’s an IRS building, they would be misinformed. The agents for this government sanctioned facility do not collect tax information, but strange artifacts with mysterious powers. These artifacts are there for safe keeping away from the public who would use or be endangered by them. The true reason for the warehouse is kept from everyone except the highest of government officials.

Recently an unknown artifact has been activated, and it is having a strange effect on our world. People from other universes are getting stuck in our own, with no knowledge of how they got there, or how to get back to their worlds. With no option other than to keep these strangers under a close watch, the agents of Warehouse 13 are recruiting them to help in their mission of keeping the world as safe as possible. But while people keep showing up in our world from others, the agents, new and old, will have to focus on what is causing this and how to stop and reverse it.

Relative State is a Panfandom mystery game with lots of available plot!
*Game Now Open!*