September 3rd, 2012

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Are there any Spock (reboot) players out there who would have an interest in writing against Nyota? I really miss playing her! I have a community in mind, but I'm open for discussion on the matter.

I'm all for character development, though Spock and Nyota obviously have a bond that can't be left unsettled. I don't want just fluff, but I want a true delving into the respective characters. Spock has started to embrace his humanity, Nyota is at the start of a promising Starfleet career. There is no shortage of things for the characters to do, discuss, and consider.

I'd love to talk details with anyone interested. (And I know inquiry is just that, not a commitment.) More on my take on Nyota is in the acct.

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A few very specifically wanted characters at [info]f_rogers, for various SLs... (though others are, of course, encouraged)

Willow Rosenberg - Buffy
The game has a Buffy and she's in without any of her friends from home. Buffy would like to have Willow pop in and join the fun. She's bonding with Star Wars people, as of late, so it's not like Willow can't join her.

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Eleven - Doctor Who
Claudia Donovan of Warehouse 13 wants Eleven (as well as all the others, but specifically Eleven) to show up. Why? He's awesome. Their personalities would mesh well and Claudia could use a bit of Eleven chaos. Plus, Rose is in the community.

(Reference for more details/contact)
Todd - Easy A
Olive is in the community, preparing to start college. She would really enjoy it if her boyfriend could join her. Things are open for development and good play levels.

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Simon Tam - Firefly
Ages ago, Simon was in the comm and started a clinic at the castle. It provided free healthcare to the castle staff and residents. It's lacking in staff, now, and we could really use Simon to come and reopen it. (He wouldn't remember any of it, so no backstory.) Plus, we could very easily get him a River if he wanted one, I'm sure.

(Reference for more details/contact)
Theodore Nott - Harry Potter
Rowling said Theodore is somewhat of a "clever, solitary boy who has never felt compelled to join 'gangs,'" despite being a purist. He's be fun to have around, if nothing else for added witty banter with they Slytherins. Tracey Davis would like him about, too, for a friend line.

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Spock - Star Trek
Reboot Spock has begun to accept his humanity. While it's a stark change of setting, the castle could provide a cultural submersion and chance for observation of things never before possible. Spock could really develop as a character. Plus, we could very likely get him a Nyota Uhura if desired.

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Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars
For some odd reason Obi-Wan convinced the Jedi Council assigned Anakin a Padawan, and for some odd reason it had a maturing effect on him. Maybe? He could probably use some of that.

(Reference for more details/contact)
Qui-Gon Jinn - Star Wars
We have both Anakin and Obi-Wan, from before and after Anakin's fall respectively. As one can imagine, tensions are high between the two. Someone, like Master Jinn, whom they each trust showing up might do them some good.

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And many others at the renovated wanted post here, but especially these! Please? We would be thrilled to get some new players and characters in.