September 1st, 2012

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I'm looking for a few characters to bring into the panfandom game [info]wariscomingmod.

Amy Peterson and Peter Vincent from the 2011 remake of Fright Night would love to see a Jerry Dandridge for a villain plot. It could last for as long as you wanted it to.

I'm also looking for a Nina Theroux from Alphas. I have Damon Salvatore in game and thought it might be fun having the two of them interact. They have similar powers - her with the 'push' and him being able to compel just about anyone into doing what he wants them to do. I was thinking that since they have similar strengths they could be immune to each other and find it a curious matter.

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Stranger Games

some_textWelcome to Pacis Urbs!
Please ignore the collar. Why are you here? The Machine brought you here (by accident), and the Scientists will be more than happy to send you back home. They have lots of practice returning Otherworlders to their natural habitats and have created the Ludus to keep you safe from the curious Natives (no, you may not leave for any reason, sorry). The only problem is, sending you home costs money. Lots of it. In order to get you home faster, the Scientists have a suggestion. If you earn some money, they can get you home that much faster.

They have many suggestions. You could do menial labor around the campus: cooking, cleaning, and the like. You could work at the Otherworlder-run club, the Domus Hospes where Natives can rub shoulders with Others. Or, you could join in the Games, a combat-based entertainment that pits Others against each other. These Games can be light and playful or dark and deadly, depending on what the crowd wants.

Pick your poison. There are plenty of ways to sell yourself on campus.

Is that all?
While the Scientists make getting home sound simple, can you really trust them? Even if you play by the rules, it doesn't mean everyone else will. Natives and Otherworlders alike have their own agendas, and you could end up being a casualty of either (or both) if you're not careful. Also, there's the growing question of what exactly the Machine is and where it is, and could it send you home if you found it?

And then, there's Molly...

Stranger Games is an action based mystery Panfandom RPG. We accept any fandom character and OCs! We're here to create a fast-paced game focused on intense plots, writing skills, and above all having fun. There's a place for fighting characters, non-combat characters, and everything in between!

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