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Apr. 2nd, 2013


DeKa is our hearts' blood, honest!

Apr. 1st, 2013


Exciting new developments (we hope)!

Holy waterproof mascara, is that the time?? You don't pay attention for a year or two and Show-That-Was goes and acquires roughly three dozen babyplots, the lamest rip-off of every dance flick ever, and an unremitting case of continuity amnesia. What else is new.

Anyway! We've noticed a puzzling increase in channel subscriptions lately, which usually has us going, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT DO THEY WANT?! WHY DO THEY SUBSCRIBE?! NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN ON THIS CHANNEL EVER AGAIN!

However, in this case the sudden influx may actually be justified and has us wondering whether certain people have been getting a heads-up! Because - shock, horror, gasp - SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED AND THINGS WILL CHANGE.

In less cryptic words: There is stuff. On the show. That we are actually going to cover. Yikes.

Now before you start squealing, it may not be stuff you actually want to see ;) but we've seen some of it and believe it just might be worthwhile.

The new storyline we're planning to cover revolves around... okay, deep breath... here goes:

Deniz and Katja.

NO, PLEASE DON'T RUN AWAY. We know, we know. It's weird, it's unexpected; it looks like just another step on the endless ladder of denying the history and degaying Deniz; they're friends and as far as anyone knows Katja is not, in fact, a guy. (Although not gonna lie, there's a soapy reveal we could really get behind!)

BUT. From what we've seen and heard, this could oddly work. It's high time both of these characters got a storyline of their own instead of just lurking in the background supporting others, it's the right timing for both of them, and you may not want to hear this but guys, their chemistry is AMAZING. Behold:

 photo Deka_zpsd6378298.jpg

Also, we've been reliably informed that this will be the first of Deniz's post-Roman relationships not mired in crappy revisionist history and that both of the characters' pasts will be explored and play a substantial part in the development of the storyline.

A bit more background on the storyline to catch you up to date:

Deniz has basically had NOTHING to do for well over a year. He's had a lame squicky relationship with the newest Stella incarnation (we refuse to remember her name, she was that inconsequential) who's since left the show; also it's been revealed that his gross one-night stand with Dr Hooker resulted in a baby, but he wasn't even substantially involved in that plot. Dr Hooker and sprog have since left as well. Deniz still works as Richard Steinkamp's intern/assistant/lapdog and otherwise occasionally graces the background as a pretty extra. Yawn.

Katja was raped last year and consequently broke up with Ben because she couldn't cope. She went through a long dreary period of self-harm and depression, then a thoroughly bizarre little shared hallucination where she and Greasy Max thought they were in love with each other. No one was impressed with that development and it was quickly aborted, thank god. Since the show switched to dance as its primary sports focus, she's also had nothing else to do and essentially lurks in the background supporting her friends through their various relationship woes.

The storyline linking her and Deniz will start as a brief fling - Katja thinks she is developing feelings for Ingo (of all people) and is trying to distract herself with Deniz, and they both agree their encounter is a one-time thing and that they are just friends.

 photo DeKa2_zpsb2b1c20b.jpg
"I, uh, may actually be wearing your underwear. Hope you don't mind. Friends?"
"Oh, that's fine! I totally stole your favourite dildo. BFFs 4evs!"

However, they do start spending more time together and there are ACTUAL TALKS about SEXUAL IDENTITY and HISTORY and there are SPARKS, and yeah, we're not promising anything, but this could actually be lovely. So we're giving it a chance and we hope you will, too! It's all kinds of nerve-wracking.

The storyline will kick off in early May and we will start covering it as it airs, perhaps with a (VERY BRIEF) wrap-up vid summarising the developments that lead up to it. (because srsly, we have no interest in covering Katja's crush on Ingo. Urgh.)

We'll keep you updated! Watch this space!

Aug. 13th, 2012


AWZ/EKP episode discussion {250-257}

This one's a bit late due to a massive hangover being really busy all day Sunday. *cough*

Aug. 5th, 2012


AWZ/EKP episode discussion {241-249}

Went a bit heavier on eps this week because we're getting to some juicy Deniz plot and it's getting harder to stop watching. Well, until a certain horrible blonde comes walking in the door of No. 7...

Jul. 30th, 2012


AWZ/EKP episode discussion {236-240}

Jul. 22nd, 2012


AWZ/EKP episode discussion {230-235}

Welcome to the inaugural episode discussion post! Below the cut you'll find the episode numbers and original EKP descriptions for the "assigned" episodes this week. Watch and comment, or just join us in some reminiscing.

Jul. 19th, 2012


*dusts off comm*

Hallo thar!

As I mentioned on my personal journal, I'd like to do a sort of organized chronological rewatch of the EKP/AWZ vids, complete with commentary. I was thinking 5-10 vids a week rounded up into one post, with comments about whatever we feel like saying. I think it's safe to not bother keeping it spoiler-free considering participants will need to find their own way to watch the eps and if y'all have that, you're probably already spoiled. I'll put up a post each Sunday which will include episode numbers and descriptions (Overlords, do you mind me cut/pasting the original YT descrips? Alternately I can do brief TWoP-esque recaps...) so even if you don't have access to the episode, perhaps your memory will be jogged enough to join in.

Standard comm rules will apply: no abuse, no trolling, etc etc. One other thing: don't ask where you can get the episodes. The EKP ladies gave everyone PLENTY of time and resources to obtain the episodes before they were taken off of YouTube; if you weren't prepared, you're SOL, sorry. Feel free to play along if you'd like, though!

First post will go up on Sunday. See you there!

Mar. 8th, 2012


Spoilers: Episodes 1414-1421


Coming soon to an imaginary screen near you )

Feb. 11th, 2012


AWZ Today: What The Actual Fuck.

You guys, I need to rant for a sec. See, I don't even watch Current Crap Show, but I still follow spoilers because... because... IDEK, because I'm a twat, I suppose.

The good news: I don't give a rat's arse about Deniz being anvil-chained to Stella 2.0 Beegirl Whossface Sarah Wendt by the bonds of conveniently degayed plot recycling true love. It's so far into the realms of ridic that I honestly don't even care. It's not Deniz; it's Some Dude who bears a vague resemblance. Fine by me.

The bad news: I am all RAAAAAH GODZILLARAGE about CCS's craptastic handling of a very sensitive subject in Ben & Katja's current, hair-tearingly stupid storyline. And it bugs me because I really really wish I could just ignore that too. But gaaaah OMGWTFBBQ. (contains spoilers if anyone cares) )

Dec. 7th, 2011


Spoilers: Episodes 1346-1354 (DUM DE DUM)

Disclaimer: This is totally authentic and not at all fabricated for the AWZ femslash ficathon 2011.

Spoilers: Episodes 1346-1354

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