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Apr. 13th, 2010


Sunday, February 20th, 1977

Weather is usually a fairly predictable thing. Except that it seems to have a mind of its own. And that's terribly dangerous. After the nice 'spring' of February, the weather turns cold again with temperatures reaching into the lows of 10F and even so low as to get below zero. The rain turns immediately into freezing sheets of ice that coat the ground and everything surrounding. Windows hold a new shine because the ice makes it hard to see out of. On top of the ice is several inches of snow followed by more snow and then even more snow. Goodbye Spring, hello six more weeks of winter. Bummer, man.

(Real life April 11th, 12th & 13th)

Apr. 9th, 2010


WHO: Definites, Sirius, etc. No Slytherins!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the occasional exception, of course.
WHERE: The upside-down room.
WHEN: Whenever Sirius said it was going to be.
WHY: Because Sirius is a social drinker.
RATING: PG-R. Mark your threads accordingly.
STATUS: Ongoing.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: We are all big kids, so we know how to thread. But it would be helpful, if you're going to start an offshoot from the thread, if you labeled who the thread would be with and the expected rating. It helps us keep track. Otherwise, if you think about it, a time would also be helpful. :) Thanks!

Parties were, oddly, Chase Harper's forte. )


Saturday, February 19th, 1977

The weather has decided to give everyone a break by continuing to stay the same as the day before. It's almost as though its previous antics have been found out and have been put to rest--as though a mother were scolding a child for mischief. It reaches a considerably good temperature, though it sweeps back into the late night chills. The humidity is what really makes it feel so comfortable outside, as without it, it would actually be rather cold. Frost the next morning, much to student dismay.

(Real life April 9th & 10th)

Apr. 6th, 2010


Friday, February 18th, 1977

The temperature decides to play a joke on everyone, and by midday it's very "springy" out. Be careful though, it's only warm wherever the sun hits. If you're caught outside when the sun sets, you'll realize winter isn't really over just yet. It's also pretty muddy outside, but that mud will harden up over night and if it's sitting in the shade too long. The wind is also cool, so if your windows are open it won't be long before you want to shut them again.

(Real life April 6th & 7th)

Apr. 5th, 2010


It is my great delight to inform you that my supervisor has approved and processed our production and we will be going ahead with the preparations accordingly. I, Anberly Cuffe, am proud to present to Hogwarts the finest drama club it has ever seen. And to prove this fact, I will be even more proud to announce our first production “Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine.”

We took a muggle script concept and have crafted it together for you to decide. We plan to have one performance, because our audience is limited to students. It will be a week from now, though we absolutely need volunteers to help with set painting, prop detail, costume & make-up organization, and any other custom requests we may seem to come up with as we go. We promise a good time, free food, and house points when our supervisor attends the meetings.

We hope you will all attend! We, the King’s Players, will look forward to entertaining you!

Anberly Cuffe
7th Year —Hufflepuff
President of the Drama Club “The King’s Players”
Juliette Higgs —Supervisor

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Apr. 4th, 2010


Wednesday, February 16th, 1977

The weather evens out again, managing a medium temperature of neither warm enough to go without a coat outside or cold enough to warrant many layers. It's a confusing kind of weather that usually makes a lot of people antsy. The snow now is hard and crusty in the places that it is still available, though the sun in the previous few days has gotten rid of most of it. Brownish-green grass pokes through the holes visibly now. Spring promises to arrive soon. Just be patient.

(Real life April 3rd & 4th)

Apr. 1st, 2010


Tuesday, February 15th, 1977

With the chaos gone, things seem to be slightly quieter around the castle. People have returned to their normal schedules and despite those who seem to be under the happy potion's spell, the fact that it's tuesday has set in. The sun is no longer beaming and the clouds have rolled back in, but don't let them fool you! It's still nice and warm outside--despite the snow.

(Real life April 1st & 2nd)
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Mar. 31st, 2010


Who: Li Hua Shen and Zihao Chang
When: After this.
Where: The Library
What: Zihao promised Li hugs!
Rating: Doubtful it'll get high

Potion induced hugs, woooo. )


Who: Eden Basara and OPEN
When: Valentine's Day, right after classes.
Where: Outer courtyard
What: Random encounter! (Because Eden hasn't gotten to thread yet)
Rating: TBD

She would of late have taught to ignorant men most violent ways )


Who: Gawain Robards and Emily Harper
When: After this.
Where: Hufflepuff Common Room
What: Chocolate! And potion induced happiness!
Rating: Probably not too high with these two.

Actually potions essays just didn't giggle at all, which was probably for the best. )


Who: Gideon & Dylan
What: Date!
Where: Outside
When: Lunchtime
Rating: Probably not high, Giddy is a scardy-cat.

It feels good, it feels right, because we're all stars tonight )

Mar. 30th, 2010


Who: Sirius & the hot new assistant.
What: Sirius wants her because she's hot and older.
When: Office hours on Valentine's? Obviously.
Where: Her office
Rating: TBD; Sirius says high but I figure not too high

Givin' this life everything we've got, and then some )

Mar. 29th, 2010



It won't make you fall in love, but it may make you fall in like! It also won't urge you to tell the truth, but it will certainly urge you to believe someone else's lies. Your character doesn't have to consume any, but if they're drinking anything other than water at breakfast they pretty much will. Since Sirius isn't so good at potions, it is 100% fine to have a drink with a large concentration of the potion, or a drink with an itty bitty concentration.

Have fun with it!


owl to chase harper )

owl to rosmerta winethrop )

owl to morrigan troy )

owled to fifth years and above )

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Monday, February 14th, 1977

FINALLY. It is HERE. The promise of valentine's day warms things up considerably, though it could have been some pepper-up potion that landed in the food that morning to keep students from moping. Who knows! The sun is out, the snow is melting enough for the grass to be visible, and the clouds have shifted so that the blinding distraction during class will no longer allow students to sleep. Instead, plenty of students will visit the infirmary for heartbreak and headaches. Enjoy the holiday!

(Real life March 29th & 30th)
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Who: Barty and Rabastan
What: Still riding on the adrenaline high after a little bit of being bad
Where: Slytherin 5th year boys' dorm
When: Not long after the attack on the owlery
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Status: Incomplete, but due to be short

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Mar. 27th, 2010


Sunday, February 13th, 1977

The day is almost hot, which is why the sun is out in full force, though slightly behind clouds that keep the snow from melting completely. It's nice and warm outside, so plenty of students will wander out to bask in the warmth after the ridiculous wintery weather. It's one of those intense days that point out the indications of a soon arriving spring.

(Real life March 27th & 28th)

Mar. 25th, 2010


Who: Cameron Kerrigan and Echo Berlin
What: Mostly bickering and possibly snogs.
Where: It's a secret!
When: After he owled her.
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Status: INcomplete.

The night was an intriguing thing, and sometimes he wished he could drift into the dreams of when he was unburdened by anything but love. )


Saturday, February 12th, 1977

The sun peaks out in the morning, and continues to struggle until early afternoon when it overtakes the clouds. The air is still, and it begins to feel a bit warmer outside. Icicles melt (though they'll re-freeze in the night!) and it's a slightly mild and pleasant day.

(Real life March 25th & 26th)

Mar. 23rd, 2010


Who: Rita Skeeter and Kingsley Shacklebolt
When: After his journal
Where: Ravenclaw boys dorm
What: Gift Giving, or something
Rating: PG-13ish for Rita's barely appropriate flirting?

I know what boys like, boys like me! )

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