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Aug. 13th, 2012


Liberty and Justice...and Politics [The Justice League]

Oliver saw to it that anyone who had worked with the Justice League had been invited. He wasn't sure how many of them would actually show up, but he'd made sure to contact them all, one way or another. At the rate things had fallen apart, he was beginning to feel less averse to the idea of Dean coming along with Dinah. But that remained to be seen.

He'd set the meeting for a Monday, mid-morning, to allow everyone time to make it, or at least to check in, if there was something going on out in the real world to prevent attendance--and hopefully to start the week out right. The younger of the Winchester brothers was already present, working on some IT stuff at Oliver's behest. Now all they had to do was hurry up and wait.

Aug. 4th, 2012


Interruptions for breakfast (Dinah, Ollie)

(Morning/afternoon/a day or so after this)

They didn’t come out of that bedroom for a while, and he really didn’t feel like getting out of bed when he finally woke up, his arms still around her. Dean felt good. He was home, and he felt damn good. He pressed a kiss to her skin and held her. Part of him wanted to wake her up and have some more fun, but the part that was in control - Sam might jokingly say “for a change” about that - wanted to simply be, here, with her.

He gave her a soft squeeze, trying not to upset her or wake her. His hands softly rubbed and petted at her skin. He was so very comfortable and on a nice side of peaceful, which wasn't something that happened often in his life.

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May. 15th, 2012


Target Practice (OPEN)

Oliver had followed the headlines surrounding the appearance of the genius loci of The City. Thomas. He'd never heard of such a being before, but if the City was sentient, why shouldn't it be able to manifest a human personification for itself? Like a space ship's holographic AI, or enchanted castles in science fiction and fantasy. It explained some things, and stirred up plenty of additional questions--but the whys and wherefores of The City weren't really the foremost question on his mind.

The question that was front and center for him was how to keep the League united, so that they could work together to protect the people of the city. How not to cripple themselves by putting themselves at odds with the local law enforcement. How to pull in people that would strengthen the group as a whole. How to cover for each others' weaknesses. It was a lot like overseeing the HR department of Queen Indistries.

Whenever Ollie found himself puzzling over a particular challenge, whether it was League or business related, he always found that he thought more clearly when he put in a little target practice. It was like meditation for him. Helped him focus, and stay on target--in more ways than one. So come noonish, he called it a half-day and clocked out early to hit the range.

Or at least that's what he intended to do, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Apr. 2nd, 2012


There's a Whole Lot of Talking Going On (Ollie)

Zee had kept the rest of the visit with Dinah as light as possible, not wanting her friend to worry more than she already was. The reality was that after Dinah left she'd called Ollie almost in a panic. They needed to talk. Now. Immediately!

She wanted to call Jack, see how he was doing and make sure she didn't screw anything up with trying to help while he was sleeping, but until this matter was settled she wanted to hold off. She was going to have to tell him that the lineup had changed...and hopefully she'd be able to give him a name of the new League leader. Gods, that might actually be a while since they'd have to take a vote with the others.

Waiting was the hardest part so she puttered around Shadowcrest cleaning things even though she really didn't need to. Shadowcrest cleaned itself, but sometimes it was good to be able to do things herself. At this rate she'd have the whole downstairs of the manor dustless by her own physical actions.

Mar. 19th, 2012


Oliver felt bad--well, maybe not bad, but not good--about walking out of the meeting a few days prior, but it didn't seem like they knew anything more than they'd known when he, and Hank, and Dinah had discussing things informally when they'd all been in for their physicals. Until they could tell him what sort of arrow he needed, and until they could actually work together, he didn't really feel the need to hear the same arguments repeated.

The truth was, he was worried about Dinah. She'd essentially just lost a child whom she had fought long and hard to keep, and come to the end of a relationship that--while rocky in patches--had seemed to make her genuinely happy. And to think that playboy Dean might be taking advantage of her vulnerability in any way...

Ollie shook his head. He'd know all about playboys, wouldn't he? Or maybe he was just prejudiced. Probably. Regardless, he picked up the phone to give Dinah a call, to see if she would mind him dropping in on her.

Mar. 16th, 2012


War Council (JLC)

Once Dinah had had the chance to talk to Zee about everything, she called the Justice League together for a meeting. They needed the chance to pull together as a team now because they had all been going in opposite directions since that first fight with King Kong, and that was her fault more than anyone's as well. A good leader brought people together and didn't get bogged down in her own personal issues, letting the team possibly fall apart as she did.

She didn't know if the rest of them would still want her as a leader, but she knew that they would want to discuss what could be done about the vampire that could walk in the daylight. They could also take the meeting to discuss whether or not Dinah should remain as leader.

Fred was specifically left out of the meeting because of her sympathies for Eric. It was safer that way. Jen was left out as well, but that was simply because Dinah knew that she needed to talk to Jen privately about whether or not the CBI agent wanted to continue to risk her career by associating with the League. She had told everyone that she'd been able to talk to about the meeting that Dean would be there. It was a courtesy, since he wasn't officially a part of the team. But he had information that could help them and he had as much a right as anyone to help take down the vampire.

Not to mention that Dinah trusted him as much as she did any of her teammates.

She waited outside the Clocktower for Dean. She would let him in rather than give him his own code. Because while she trusted him, it wasn't fair to everyone else to give him access without the team clearing it. She was also waiting because she wanted to have the chance to make sure that he would be able to work with Zatanna. She thought that he was capable of it, but she didn't want there to be any personality clashes once they got into the meeting.

She was in her full costume with fishnets, leotard, jacket and all. She paced outside the tower in an attempt to keep warm because the weather was still a little bit too chilly to be comfortable.

Jan. 25th, 2012


Doc's Shop is Open (Open to anybody in the JLC HQ)

Hank looked over his electronic message once more before he hit send from one of the computers in his new laboratory. It was a simple request for the team members to contact him to make appointments for physicals and blood samples, so Hank wouldn't have to deal with the varied people blindly in case of emergency. There was medical data he needed to know before medical treatment was required, blood samples to take and keep, abilities and medical histories to discuss. He was a professional, after all, and this was the main reason Dinah had reached out to him. Attached to the end of the notice was also a quite offering of assistance in the creation of tactical uniforms (he didn't like the word 'costumes') to conceal identity and control or amplify any natural abilities they used in the feild. Some members (at least, the ones who had been heroes in their past lives) already had protective outfits, but after the Mayor's condemnation of the Justice League's actions Hank had become uncomfortably aware that it might be something all world-venturing team members might want for matters of personal safety.

He hadn't done anything about his own possiblity except a rudimentary yellow and black outfit that was built to let him move unhindered, with an attachable pack on the back to carry medical supplies in case he was needed. It was hung on one wall at the moment, a simple example of his ability to manufacture an outfit that hopefully didn't look too campy.

His brow furrowed at the last part of the message and he grunted, hitting 'send' before he could overthink the matter. It was his job to look after the health of the team, and in his mind the uniform offer of help went along with that, now that he had the lab fully equiped to handle the team's medical needs. And who knew, parthaps even the already outfitted members of the group would like enhancements. Everyone except the Batman fellow, who just unnerved Hank. The full body suit was hiding something, the boy could tell, though he couldn't put his finger on what, yet.

Finished with the message he pushed back from the computer station, his wheeled chair moving swiftly and easily over to one of the broad, oversized tables that didn't have designated hardware on them. Climbing out of the chair he sat in the middle of the table, which otherwise was ammassed with bits and pieces of electronics, tools, wires, and spare bits of metal. He picked up a small device he'd been working on and strapped it onto his wrist, turning towards a full length mirror he'd put on the wall temporarily, clicking a button on the wristband.

"Ouch," he winced, the electric shock that came from the band taking him somewhat by surprise. It stopped, though, and as he watched his reflection it started to become fuzzy, then slowly dissintegrate into a patchy, unfocused set of sparkling colors, flickering in and out. Hank's lip twitched and he turned off the device, his physical image in the mirror reverting back to the normal picture of a gangly, skinny boy in doctor's clothing. This image inducer technology was exciting, but so far he couldn't even get close to a human-like image to lay over whoever wore the wristband. As a method of protection it didn't seem like it would be a readily available disguise.

Hank picked up some tools and opened the device, starting to fiddle with the contents, loosing himself in the innovation and trying to push out thoughts of his cure out of his mind. He was still waiting for things to settle, still waiting to see what his place in the team might be. He hadn't really interacted with any of them since their initial mission, but he trusted that soon they'd come to an understanding and he'd be able to better guage the best time for him to try the solution out. In the meantime he'd do his best to contribute to the team by working on his technology, a task which he lost himself in easily for hours and even days without noting a change in his surroundings.

Jan. 18th, 2012


Lunchtime (Ollie)

Lois had been busy over the last few weeks. Between the King Kong situation (which landed her a front page headline at least) and the renewed Edgett murder investigation, she'd barely had time to stop for lunch. She was slightly miffed that Ollie hadn't done much in the way of checking up on her after the experience with the giant ape, but she supposed he was busy too.

She had a rare slow news day, which meant she wasn't going to eat lunch at her desk and she decided it would be good to actually make time for her ex. They might have been exes, but she considered him a friend now and she wanted him in her life. Especially since he was really the only person she knew in the City.

Which was how Lois ended up at Queen Industries, checking in with Oliver's secretary. She supposed she could have called ahead, but that sort of took away the surprise of dropping in on him for lunch. She was currently trying to explain to the secretary that she didn't have an appointment but still merited a call to the woman's boss.

"Just tell him that Lois is here for lunch. Let him make up his own mind about whether or not he has time for me," she said, a hint of exasperation edging into her voice. She wasn't a huge fan of gatekeepers like this woman.

Dec. 29th, 2011


A Giant Sized Lead (Open to All)

It had been a slow news week for Lois. No, who was she kidding? She had been scooped on all of the big stories ever since she'd arrived here. She'd had a handful of interviews with some fascinating people, but where were the stories? Where was the human interest?

She was either losing her nose for news or the City was conspiring against her, as some might speculate. Either way, Lois was just waiting for the day when she got the axe.

That was, of course, assuming her editor even knew her from all of the other people in the bullpen.

She wasn't going to give up though. That was why she was currently hanging out at one of the trendier restaurants in the City, rumored to be a favorite eatery of the mayor. Despite it being late December, the restaurant, located on the patio in front of one of the City's skyscrapers, was perfectly comfortable. The warm weather normally would have unsettled Lois for the time of the year, but she was too focused on finding that next cover page story.

She supposed that some people might say that you should be careful what you wished for.

There was a rumbling and Lois heard the slight chink of dishes rattling together. She felt the ground shaking, though it didn't exactly feel like an Earthquake. It was too much of a rhythmic pattern for that.

Lois turned as the shaking began to get more intense and she heard the sounds of something very heavy smacking against the pavement.

"You have got to be kidding me," was about all she had time for as a gigantic face turned its attention towards her and then a furry hand swept downward and scooped her up as if she was nothing more than a rag doll.

As the gigantic gorilla-yes, gorilla-started off toward the Wayne Enterprises tower, Lois looked up at it, still in shock.

"No, no no. This is not happening!" she shouted. The shout gave way to a scream as the gorilla reached the tower and grabbed hold of it, beginning to climb upwards.

OOC: open to reactions from all. The JLC will be doing the actual defeating the giant ape but others are welcome to join in with the rescue if you'd like :)

Dec. 19th, 2011


JL to the C (Tag to all JLC members)

The preparations for the official formation of the City chapter of the Justice League were set. At least, as set as they could be. Dinah still had her reservations about the person manning the Tower, but the Justice League was needed in the City. She was sure of that. And she thought the City might accept that too. After all, it could very easily have taken away the Clocktower or sent some of them home or done any number of things to get in their way.

She didn't like the idea of the City handpicking their staff either, but Jensen deserved a chance. Dinah would be watching him like a hawk until he proved himself, but for now it was time to at least see how it worked out.

The Clocktower seemed to have grown to accommodate the new team. There was now a second apartment for Jensen and there was an entire subbasement that Dinah either hadn't been aware of or hadn't existed until they'd started planning to get the band back together. The basement had more than enough room for a lab for Hank and a training facility for the rest of them.

Dinah waited in the computer room for everyone to arrive. It shouldn't take Jensen too long since he just lived downstairs at least. And she could only hope that the City allowed everyone else to make it there without much trouble.

Nov. 4th, 2011


League of Extraordinary Tabloids (Zee)

Ollie was, and at the same time wasn't surprised that Zatanna had contacted him. Oh, they'd face off a time or two in his world, but once she got over her necromancy kick, she wasn't so bad to be around. Of course, this Ollie obviously hadn't been hit by her magic champagne--things like that were always funnier when they happened to someone else.

He felt a little sorry for Dinah, but something told him that she'd had some quality time with her new beau that had been long overdue, and--not to sound like a cold bastard--but it was better her than him. Oliver Queen's Drunken Orgy would have been a much better--read: much worse--headline than Oliver Queen Parties With Would-Be Mayor. Granted, they'd all gotten a mention, but at least Dinah hadn't been entirely the main focus. That was...something.

Of course, now he was going to have to keep an eye out for the paparazzi, who were going to be convinced that he and Zatanna were an item. At least he had experience ducking the press.

Oct. 16th, 2011


One-way ticket to crazy (Oliver)

Once the rally for Gaius Baltar was over, Lois turned her attention back to the blond billionaire beside her. She gave him a half-smirk, keeping up the false bravado despite the fact that she was unnerve at finding herself in this place where the streets apparently moved and nothing made any sense.

"So, any theories? Alien abduction, falling down the rabbit hole, or maybe just a really big practical joke?"

She might have a breakdown at some point, but for now the search for answers was holding her together. This place and whatever had happened was a mystery to unravel, and Lois had always been a sucker for a mystery.

Oct. 6th, 2011


Rally For Gaius Baltar For Mayor (open to all)

Welcome to the rally for Gaius Baltar!

There is a stage decorated nicely in the candidate's colors, right in the heart of the Botanical Gardens. There is a table with refreshments for free, and another where you can get signs supporting your candidate to hold, or put on your lawn or in your windows, they even have bumper stickers for your car. There are balloons tied everywhere to draw your attention. There is a podium on the stage where the candidate will stand.

In his speech, the candidate will speak about:

Family values.
His platform.

And he will answer a few questions for you!

Oct. 5th, 2011


Raise Your Glass (Open to any and all)

Dinah was thrilled to have Zatanna in the City. She might have had her reservations about her old teammate's methods, but she was glad to have a friendly face. After everything that had happened over the past few months, she was really glad to have someone to just go out dancing with. Unfortunately, Harry couldn't exactly take her to a club-not unless they wanted to risk him shorting out the sound system or something along those lines. For that matter, she hadn't seen all that much of him since they'd patched things up. It wasn't that she didn't want to see him, but they were both busy and a part of her was still proceeding with caution until Murphy was moved out.

But tonight she wasn't going to worry about that or anything else, if she could help. She'd left messages for Fred, Jennifer and Barbara inviting them out. She'd even left a message for Murphy. It might have been an awkward thing to do, but she was still trying to make amends and smooth over the rocky start they'd gotten off to. For that matter, she owed Harry's best friend a thank you for pushing her to talk to him. Not that she was sure that the thank you would be well-received, but she was grateful.

Dinah entered the bar with Zatanna at her side. The two had gotten ready together, and of course Zee looked fantastic in her little black dress, but that was par for the course when going out on the town with the mystic.

OOC note: Dinah left messages inviting Fred, Jennifer, Barbara, and Murphy BUT that doesn't mean those characters have to join, nor does it mean that it only has to be those characters. As they're out at a bar, anyone, male or female is welcome to join. Also, let's just keep this thread as a free for all instead of worrying about posting orders :)

Sep. 8th, 2011


You don't have to thank me... (Ollie & Dinah)

Ollie had been happy to get Dinah's message, and even happier that he'd been able to talk her into meeting him for coffee. Not that he was trying to wedge himself in, and steal her from Gandalf the Tall, but he hoped they could put aside whatever awkwardness was hanging over them from whatever crap his future/alter-ego had pulled. It wasn't hard to guess what kind of crap, but it was time to turn over a new leaf.

So he sat at the coffee house, humming to himself, and pretending to read the paper while he waited for her to show.

Jul. 25th, 2011


Rescue (tag to you all know who)

Arkham Asylum loomed into view as Dinah pulled her car to a stop near the entrance to the bridge. The gothic looking manor that housed the asylum awaited them on the island, seemingly quiet from the outside.

Dinah waited for everyone else to catch up, her eyes sweeping the streets for any sign of the Batmobile. She tapped her communicator once to connect with the Clocktower.

"Are we up and running, Fred?"

She still wasn't completely confident in the plan. A part of her worried that she was just sending the people she cared about to their deaths-or worse, knowing the Joker. But she had to try, had to believe that Jake was in there and could be saved.

Jul. 21st, 2011


Have Fun Storming the Castle! (tag you know who you all are)

Dinah had spent the better part of her day tracking down building plans for the Asylum and starting to form her own plan of attack for rescuing Jake. She already knew that she could count on Harry and Murphy to show up to the planning session, which would be at the cleared out Sherwood Florist. The backroom was a large enough space for however many people were able to show up and she'd cleared the table of any flowers and now had the blueprints all laid out. Now she needed to go through the list of others that she was going to call for help.

Dinah wasn't a huge fan of calling people for help, but she knew that taking on the Joker alone or even with a group of two or three was far too dangerous. She wasn't going to risk everyone getting hurt, or worse because she was too proud to ask for help.

So, she pulled out her phone and began to go down the list of those that she would call for help. There was Fred, and Dean, who had already been helping. Alfred, who could get a message to Bruce for her, since she'd had yet to actually see or talk to Bruce outside of the suit. Even Oliver. While she wasn't entirely sure about asking him for help, they had become allies here, and if he was anything like the Oliver she knew, he'd want to help.

The only person she left out of things was Barbara. She felt guilty, and she'd done her best to avoid the Clocktower apartment that day, but she didn't want Barbara anywhere near the Joker. Or Jake, for that matter. She had a feeling that the presence of a younger version of Barbara would just be a trigger for Jake and she had no idea what the City's Joker would do if he knew that Batgirl was in town and still had the use of her legs.

Jul. 2nd, 2011


De ja vous (Oliver)

Dinah took one last look at the vase filled with irises that was now sitting on her kitchen table. They were stunning, of course. But then, she knew that, as she'd ordered them from the supplier the week before.

She sighed as she set the note back on the table. It was from Oliver, apologizing for imposing on her and thanking her for her help.

It should have been a sweet gesture. It was sweet, it was just...

He'd sent her irises before. Or rather, her world's Oliver had. That had sort of been his signature flower for awhile. Beautiful, graceful, and something different than roses. It was always Ollie's style to want to stand out from the crowd.

No matter how many times she tried to remind herself that this wasn't the Oliver she knew, little reminders like this kept popping up. Maybe a different world, maybe a different Ollie, but apparently some things weren't all that different.

Dinah grabbed her keys and headed out. Regardless of the similarities, this Oliver hadn't done anything to hurt her. He hadn't done anything except make a very thoughtful gesture. This Oliver also was new to the City and most likely hadn't had the chance to find many others like them. For that matter, there weren't all that many others like them here at all.

The least she could do was thank him in person and apologize for her strange behavior around him. She wanted to at least try to be a friend, an ally, to him.

Dinah pulled up outside of the building that housed Oliver's penthouse apartment and took a deep breath to steel herself before exiting the car and ringing the buzzer.

Right. Calling ahead probably would have been a good idea, she realized a little bit too late.

May. 28th, 2011


Not in Kansas Anymore

Ignore the blond behind the curtain. )