13 September 2009 @ 12:02 am
Team Cauldron Entry (FIC): "Everything He Ever Wanted" By Beth H  
Title: Everything He Ever Wanted
Author: Beth H ([info]bethbethbeth)
Team: Cauldron
Genre(s): Alive & Kicking
Prompt(s): Diary of a Prince, Tongue Tied
Rating: PG (...and even this is just wishful thinking)
Warning/Kinks: Highlight if you wish to see: * *Non-graphic Het (Snape/Lily; Harry/Ginny); What looks like an AU in parts; Some totally understandable cursing and angst; A slim chance that the Epilogue will never happen.**
Word Count: ~8770
A/N: To the wonderful Mods for their [usual] forebearance at my extreme tardiness, to Alisanne (the only true team captain) for not wagging her finger at her absentee colleague, to the talented artists and authors of Team Cauldron for not running me out of town on a rail, and to the lovely Femme and the lovely Dragon for speedy read-throughs.

Summary: Wouldn't it be wonderful, if at life's end, you were given everything you'd ever wished for? Severus Snape used to think so.

Everything He Ever Wanted by Beth H )

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13 September 2009 @ 11:22 am
To those of you who cannot see the post directly preceding this one as being a TEAM CAULDRON ART ENTRY by [info]jin_fenghuang, it is because you have chosen to 'watch' or 'friend' this community only.

You must JOIN this community in order to see the (locked) rated NC17 art. You must also be 18 or older, and have an age statement posted in your user info.

Thank you, and enjoy the 2009 Snarry Mixed Games!
13 September 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Team Snitch Entry (ART): "What Would You Do for Love?" by Plantinshadows  
Title: What Would You Do for Love?
Artist: [info]plantinshadows
Team: Snitch!!!
Genre(s): Gender Bender and/or Crossdressing; Literary and/or Historical
Prompt(s): Love and Marriage
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG; none
Artist's Notes/Disclaimers/Thank you to Thanks to El Capitan and her continuous encouragement!! I intended an old, sepia-look (that’s why Harry doesn’t have green eyes), though I’m not quite sure I quite got the look I hoped for....I have a summary under the cut for the story I wanted to tell.
Media used: Watercolours, coloured pencils, a bit of Photoimpact
Archiving/Usage permission, including the Tribute Video (only after the polls have closed and medals have been awarded): Sure

*Dial up users beware of multiple images under the cut*

What Would You Do for Love? by Plantinshadows )
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