( action + closed ) kittens c:
13 June 2012 at 01:33 pm
[ Elena is kneeling on a patch of grass and tickling a kitten's tummy with her fingers. The weather's nice, much nicer than it's been, and if she's honest she's enjoying the warmth and clear skies of the dome so far today. Although she'd rather be enjoying them anywhere else, like home. Even she's getting tired of remembering home with an aching longing at this point. Mostly because she needs to deal with this, and not just for her - for Caroline now too.

Which is why she's here, to confront the fact some adjusting must happen. This is still kind of the cutest thing, so when the small furball's ineffectual paws start swiping at the back of her hand, she nearly smiles. But no, instead she cocks her head to the side and shoots the tuxedo kitten a raised-brow kind of look, because:

She has Damon here drawling on about something behind her, and she needs to share this snarky see, that's Damon for you look with someone who might understand.
[video + action]
13 June 2012 at 12:51 pm
[Good afternoon, Marina! Today, there's a transmission from Robin. He's sitting in the park and...okay is he really covered in robins? Yes, yes he is. There's one on each shoulder, one on his head and a few scattered around his legs as he sits on the ground.

Instead of looking irritated, he just chuckles a little and smiles at the camera.]

I just thought everyone would appreciate the visual pun of Robin covered in robins. I swear I didn't plan this-- they just flew over to me. Good thing it's only for a day. I couldn't get anything done while covered in robins.

How about you guys? Any interesting encounters today?

[Should you venture to the park, you'll see Robin sitting under a tree with his robins. He's kind of given up trying to shake them off. They just flock back or follow him around. Fortunately, he does like robins and, well, most animals. Feel free to run into him, maybe literally. Just don't mess with the robins; he won't like that.]
[[ Action \\ Open ]]
12 June 2012 at 07:07 pm
[Luke was feeling lonely, even though he'd only been here two days. Boredom set in quickly, and the loneliness even quicker. It's hard to go from five close friends and an animal companion down to a sea of acquaintances.

He came across the puppy park, and his he flipped. Their high pitched little barks reminded him of a certain Cheagle- and he resolved in his conscience that Mieu would be fine with another friend if it came to that. Ultimately, his impulsiveness drove him directly to a yellow Labrador puppy.]

What am I going to name you? [he smiles at it, petting and rubbing its cheeks. He thought of the only guy he knew that kept several pets, and how he named his pets-]

... Maybe Peony.
12 June 2012 at 03:09 pm
[ yes, it's still technically morning, but a certain rogue has herself happily established at the Devil's Compass, boots strategically propped up on the edge of her table, a pint of ale within easy reach, and a deck of cards idly shuffling between her hands. ]

Be careful where you step today, everyone. Or sit. [ grinning ]

If anyone's interested in a card game or two, I can vouch for the fact the new bar is nearly as much of a dive as the old one.
Location: Day 171 / Devil's Compass / Mid-Morning
[Action | Open] Later afternoon
12 June 2012 at 01:21 pm
[To say it's been a difficult few days doesn't come close to covering it. You'd think he'd be rejoicing having his bed to himself again, but all it does is remind him of how epically stupid he acted toward Lina and Saber both. And when Saber came home wearing that damn collar it was the final straw. The conversation had been abrupt, her explanation dulling his initial shock and anger into an ache of resentment that compounded the one he was still nursing.]

[So he'd taken his sword and left. Now he's in the Athletic Complex, the lightsaber Sword of Light activated to make a blade of pure, white light. Zelgadis focuses his power; the limitations on the sword make it difficult, but nonetheless he takes a swing and manages to send a ball of white-hot fire into one of the dummies he'd set up.]

[He's careful to watch out for people, so anyone who comes to see why there's lightning visible over the athletic complex won't get in his line of fire.]
[Action | Open]
12 June 2012 at 01:16 pm
[Saya looks to be giving the animals wide berth, but watch her long enough and it's clear she's watching them very closely, her sword behind her back as if she's hiding it from the little critters. Sentience said they're trained not to be intimidated, but animals never like her kind much.]

[That, and she's been feeling restless since that episode she had a few days ago. So of course they wouldn't want her to get close. She situates herself beside a tree, peeking over at the adorable little guys and wishing, like she so often does, that she were just a normal girl.]

((OOC: this might be the last chance to thread with Saya since she could be dying this week, depending on IC action~ ))
[Action | Open]
12 June 2012 at 11:32 am
[If not for the fact that he isn't in full uniform, Cain would be the very portrait of a future famous Commissar today--strutting about standing tall, hands behind his back. You would think he was on patrol, for all the pomp involved with his going-about-town today, even if he is mostly traversing the parks.]

[... until you might notice that he's actually holding a black leash, which is then attached to a young German Shepherd prancing along behind with a rawhide chew-bone in her mouth.]

[He's holding this for a friend. Really.]
voice, action | closed, open
12 June 2012 at 12:43 am
[voice || private to Miranda]

Thanks for putting in that request. That was pretty awesome, actually.

[action | open]

[He's decided to hang around Sector 4 pretty much all day today with his roomie and his puppy, so if you happen to be out and about checking out the pets you might find Axel sitting with his back against a tree and tossing a couple of tennis balls out to a pile of puppies.

Pluto's among them with his easily distinguishable red collar, waggling his tail and barking even while the other puppies nip and playfully tug at his ears, and every time Axel throws the ball out to them they bark even louder and waddle along, becoming a squirming pile as they struggle to fetch.]

Heh. You guys are a riot.
11 June 2012 at 10:39 pm
[ Wolfram, in his eternal quest to forever lurk around Sector 4 has encountered a pleasant surprise today: There are bunnies of all sizes and colors running all across the park!

This wan't entirely unexpected, given Sentience's morning announcement. Still, he wasn't expecting this much fluffy cuteness. Aw, he should have brought his painting tools with him! It would have been a wonderful opportunity to practice some live drawing.

Anyway. His lips curve up a bit as he cradles a little bunny in his arms, and as he holds it, the blonde instantly reminisces about home. His brother Gwendal would most certainly enjoy such en event; too bad he isn't be here to enjoy the cute sight with him. ]
[ Action | Open ]
11 June 2012 at 10:17 pm
[ This boy sure does look rather pleased to be visiting the ramen stand today. He looks energetic today. Did something good happen? Is it something special on the menu? Some delectable new dish he's trying for the first (as far as he knows) time?

Why don't you bug him and find out?]

[ Voice : Private : Kitty Pryde (Evo) ]
Hey, uh, Kitty? It's Touma. [ . . . ] Listen. I wanna apologize for the other day. I had no right to talk to you like on the subject.

You're probably still upset, but if you still want to talk to me, I did promise you I'd explain things. [ Yeah. He's got nothing else, so he'll just wait for her eventual response. ] So let me know...
12 June 2012 at 10:21 am
[Even if he's been avoiding people lately, the mention of there being the pets out in the park is too much even for Akito to miss. The light brings Daisy and Kasumi with him, sitting under one of the trees and letting the dog romp around with the puppies, while Kasumi curls up in a patch of sun.

He smiles a little as some of the puppies come and investigate him, petting them and not minding as they climb over his legs and sit in his lap, attempting to lick his face]
Hey, stop that... [He doesn't quite laugh, but he is smiling more than he has in days. Cute animals can do that to a kid.

For once, he wouldn't mind some company]
[voice | Open]
11 June 2012 at 06:51 pm
So it's been about a week now, and I've lost a bit of totally unnecessary beauty sleep, but I finally think I've whipped this annoying new code enough that it's nice and malleable and in utter submission to yours truly. As far as it's concerned I'm a scantily clad goddess in tall boots. Is there anything more satisfying?

[pause for the rhetorical question, because no. No, there is not.]

And I know you're out there, fellow grey hats. My people~! Let this be my way of saying "hey baby, we should hang."

[She turns on a moderate encryption, something that anyone with decent hacking experience will easily slip by. Those with more hacking experience will find the encryption elegant and creative, for what it is. She's not after only the cream of the crop just now -- she's looking for buds, not a hack-war.]

[Voice // Encrypted at 30%]

Here we go, a nice easy one to get people in the door. If you slipped that mini-net then, Hi! I'm Penelope Garcia, blonde bombshell and supreme information goddess. I'd go into my turn-ons, but hey, enough about me.

Hit me with your name, rank, and your favorite OS, darlings.
[ Day 171 ]
11 June 2012 at 06:38 pm
Good morning, inmates. Today is the one-hundred and seventy-first day of the third generation! I hope all of you new arrivals are settling in. Today's weather will be slightly warmer, to ease us a little more into spring, and it will be clear all day.

At Miranda Lotto's suggestion, today we'll be having a small event: the animals from the pet cafe in Sector 2 will be relocated to a few enclosures within the Sector 4 park areas! As usual, you should feel free to visit them, play with them, and even adopt them if you like -- they will be accompanied by their caretakers, as usual. If you have an allergy to animals, you are advised to avoid them, but rest assured that they have all received training to acclimate them to the presence of inmates and other animals, and should not be hostile toward, or intimidated by, any of you.

Please be aware that in addition to the usual caretakers, sentinels will be patroling the perimeter and the interior, for the safety of the animals.
[and violence towards them will be so thoroughly not permitted that it will be stopped virtually the moment you think it, so. don't think it]

I hope that you all enjoy it.
[ closed log ]
11 June 2012 at 02:55 pm
Hearing that Reid was living in a completely different Sector than Garcia and that he hadn't been all that social, he believed Penelope had used the word 'hermit' to describe him, the pair were off from Penelope's place in Sector Four to Reid's place in Sector Two to bulldozer their way in and check on him. Derek had also used the walk to acquaint himself with the prison as best he could while he and Penelope easily quipped back and forth, commenting on both the decor and each other. Prison aside, it was perfectly normal.

But once they were at Reid's door, the light-hearted banter back and forth between himself and Penelope settled down a bit. Derek left nothing to question about who was at the door. He pounded on the door with the side of his fist three or four times and stepped back with Garcia. “Reid! Open up!” Yeah, open up Reid or Derek is kicking in the door. It's been a good, solid day or two since the last time he kicked in a door.

Nevertheless, he turns to Penelope, his eyes sparking with amusement. “If he's not here I could kick it in and we could just be waiting for him when he gets his genius back here.”

ooc: closed post for [info]thisiscalm, [info]unmitigated & [info]bloodcakedarmor. Team CM is in the HOUSE!! Reid's house, specifically.
[Backdated to late evening Day 169][Private]
10 June 2012 at 08:00 pm
[Yuuri woke up in bed alone, and at first he was sure he'd been dreaming. He blushed as he thought about everything that had happened with Conrad. He blushed through his shower. He blushed through breakfast. He blushed all the way out the door. Maybe something in all that blushing had him missing the note the older man had left for him that explained why he'd left in the night.

But now, hours later as he's getting ready for bed he finds it, and his already large eyes widen further. He sits on the bed, just staring at the words. Sentience message about the chemicals and people acting strangely comes back to him. It was real. It was...really real.

And then the more panicked thought—it was real and he's been keeping Conrad waiting all day! Wasting no more time, he fumbles for his device, thankfully remembering to set it to private if nothing else.]

Back-dated to day 169, morning
10 June 2012 at 12:44 pm
[ Voice : Filtered from Kohran Li ]
Yesterday was pretty fun, wasn't it? Though.... [ Subaru chuckles sheepishly. ] I know Sentience said not everyone was in total control, but I still can't help but feel a little guilty about some things I said and did.

Does anyone... know what flowers are good for apologies?

[ Action : Closed ]
[ Knowing her friend as well as she does by now, she isn't be too hard to track down. Subaru knocks on the door, her other hand tucked behind her back. ] Kohran, are you here? It's me; Subaru. I hope this isn't a bad time!
001 ☀ Video | Action
10 June 2012 at 12:24 pm

[Crackling is heard, like twigs and possible leaves snapping. It's dark, so although the screen is on, only the faint light of device illuminates the small circle around it, which is not enough to see well in the dark.

The girl herself slowly pushes up from the earthy floor - and bumps into one of the branches of a tree above her. There's another soft umpf, and then a groan.]

Nng, I don't remember falling asleep in the park at all.

[To top it all off, her ridiculously long hair is caught in the branches, now. H-Help. OTL]
Drei [voice, locked to Helix]
08 June 2012 at 10:16 pm
[If anyone thinks that Michael is going to forget a fight, they're wrong. Dead wrong. There are many things he'll forget because they just don't matter that much to him. But a fight? Never. It's what Michael thrives off--violence. The sheer thrill of punching someone in the jaw.]

Oi, Helix! Didn't think I forgot about our little meet-up at the park, did you?

Quit hiding. I'm calling you out. You, me, park in Sector 4. One hour. Be there, loser.

08 June 2012 at 05:16 pm
[Look out, Marina. It's time for a new Doctor ramble.]

Friends, inmates, not countrymen, seeing as none of you are from the same planet as me, let alone the same country, if Gallifrey even had countries, which, actually, is an interesting topic, but you don't care about Gallifreyan politics, and I don't care to relive them, and really, I'm getting off topic already. Rose, why aren't you keeping me on topic? That's your job. Usually. Sometimes. Maybe. Did I tell you what the topic was? I didn't, did I? Sorry. Not your fault. Tongue's getting away from me. You know how it is. Of course you do. You were there for the first time this tongue got to wagging, weren't you?

No. Wait. Shh! Don't interrupt me. Lend me your ears!

I have a point that I'd like to make, and the point is this.

I'm bored.
[video / action]
08 June 2012 at 04:50 pm
[In sector five, within sight of the ramen shop, a blonde haired young woman is standing there, welcome basket and pamphlet mostly untouched at her feet, looking utterly-- horrified, for lack of a better word. She's been like this for a while now as she simply tries to process the extreme change in environment. Anyone around may here her talking to herself, but nothing too audible. After a while, she slowly brings her hand to the headset and turns it on, fiddling until she gets to video. When she presents herself this way, her expression changes to something serious, almost defiant.]

This whole thing is complete garbage. If they're arresting me for being a criminal, they might as well arrest the rest of the world, despite the wars! Things finally end, and I'm dragged to some messed up aquarium to be held captive? Who the hell decided this, anyway? They're clearly not right in the head.