27 March 2012 at 12:54 am
(Demon-Eye) Wisely
[There's a bedraggled loser hanging outside in one of the sectors today. He looks somewhat disoriented, as if someone brained him in the head with a two by four. It also doesn't help that there's a fat cat clawing its way up his leg.]

Ow, stop that you stupid cat - [He reaches down to try and yank it off by its tail. It responds by biting. oh god someone save him!]

[filtered to Noah]

Road, I found your cat. Where are you?
27 March 2012 at 10:28 am
Flynn Scifo
[hey, it's Flynn! and it's time for Flynn's I miss my dog hour]

[he's already had breakfast, done his jogging, gone through his practice forms, and now he's ended up in the pet cafe, again, playing with one of the puppies. it has been kind of a depressing day so far, so he came here to cheer himself up, but wouldn't you know it? it's just got him thinking about different melancholy things]

[and he just can't help himself but turn on the communicator]

It feels like a lot of people here have adopted animals. I see them out and about all the time. ...How many of you have pets back home?

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[closed] [backdated to the previous evening]
27 March 2012 at 07:00 pm
[it's time for supper at the still-under-construction Grimdark House (a.k.a. the House of Good Upstanding Citizens of the Imperium of Mankind, Plus Eridan Ampora). No matter where the various inhabitants, diurnal and nocturnal, permanent or temporary, have gotten to during the day, it's time to gather around the dining room table like a family. Isn't that nice?]

[dinner tonight is curry—something Felicia found in a box at the store and thought looked both tasty and simple to make—with beef, vegetables, and rice. The rice is maybe slightly undercooked, since she made it from scratch and had to go through all this nonsense with oil and however many fingers of water and all that, but it's honestly perfectly fine. Seriously, she'd better not hear any whining.]

[everyone have their food? Everyone seated at the table? Good. Now settle down. It's time to say grace.]
[ Sewing Club Meeting | Education Center | OPEN MINGLE ]
27 March 2012 at 09:13 pm
礫 | Reki
[ One of the Sewing Rooms in the Education Center is abuzz with voices, the click of scissors snipping or needles crossing, along with the occasional whirr of sewing machines. Threads, colorful fabric are present, along with works-in-progress and projects still to be traced from patterns.

Curious? Need help in getting a dress together? Need tips on how to get that fluffy tail on that bunny plushie? Puzzled over how to do a back-stitch? Members and non-members, old inmates and new are welcome to the Sewing Club Meeting! ]

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