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07 March 2012 at 12:27 am
Tieria Erde
[After talking to Sentience, Tieria had actually gone back to sleep. An extreme rarity for him, he wasn't up and about again until much later in the morning, maybe even almost lunch time. He was bruised, sore, and tired, and his movements reflected as much in their sluggishness and stiffness. He would be fine in a day or two, he was sure, but he certainly wasn't adverse to staying in today and taking some down time for himself. At least he still had a couple of books to keep him busy, since doing any cleaning would likely make him feel worse.]

{OOC: Open to visitors, also feel free to use this post if you want to give a shout-out. I don't know, yet, if he'll be showing up to the party. Most likely not, as parties aren't quite his thing when he's not brought by someone else. ^_^;}
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07 March 2012 at 03:07 am
李 紅蘭 | Kohran Li
-- [ Action | Shelter | Closed to Subaru Nakajima ] --

[ Kohran had been worried about her friends and Subaru was no exception. When her cyborg friend didn't return her calls at the turn of the new day, she decided to go see her at the Shelter. While she was glad to see Acumen deposed of, she won't stop worrying until she can confirm for herself that Subaru's okay.

And so she knocks at the door of Subaru's room -- ] Subaru-han? Are you in there?

--[ Voice | Private to Duo Maxwell ] --

[ Another person she had been worried about. She had heard him over Sentience's broadcast and so -- ]

Duo-han. Hey. Are you okay?
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07 March 2012 at 09:06 am
Lacus Clyne
Good day, Marina. I hope those of you who were of assistance to Sentience last night are recovering well. [It goes without saying that if you need anything, consider her volunteered!]

In the spirit of new beginnings, it is a good time to offer the opportunity for anyone who wishes to clear their conscience. Beginning in a half-hour, we will be taking confessions at the church. Although Confessional is a traditionally Catholic practice, the church is not denominational and anyone should feel welcome to participate if they wish.

For anyone not aware, a confession is given in a booth in which you tell anything you wish to an anonymous priest. Your identity is also protected, and the priest is sworn never to reveal what is said within the confession. [And Lacus will be very angry him if he violates that promise, so you can take that to the bank.] It can be a very cleansing experience.

If you have any other questions about the church, I am happy to answer them. I hope everyone will enjoy the party this evening.

((OOC: Cross (worst priest ever, but still a priest!) will be taking confessions in this thread. Network replies to Lacus or action posts at the church are also welcome!))
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07 March 2012 at 12:33 pm
[The aftermath of the rebellion has been rough on all of the participants, but for D, there are factors beyond the battle and Acumen's assault on Sentience's defenders that make his fatigue severe. As part of his restrictions in coming to Marina, he lost some of his resilience, and he is now paying for it. A dhampir was not meant to live underwater, even within a dome like the one that protects the residents of the prison. Between that and the fact that it's daytime, moving into noon (one of the worst hours of daylight for any dhampir), D is down, and he's not getting up. He can be found in one of the shelter rooms, resting on the couch, seemingly dead to any passerby who happens to be unfamiliar with vampires or their halfblooded children. The door is open, as D hardly had the energy to relocate to the solace of a dark place before falling into a healing stupor.]

[ooc: The first arrival gets to wake D up. Any subsequent arrivals will find him awake but resting and looking like death warmed over.]
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07 March 2012 at 02:55 pm
Nia Teppelin
[Nia is standing in view of the feed very purposefully. She is on a mission!]

Pardon me, everyone!

My name is Nia. If you are new here or we have not spoken before, it is very nice to meet you. [She beams, genuine.] I have been here for a little while now and can help answer questions. For example, the pet café has lots of animals you can take home! Oh, but only if you are nice to them. And in the shelter kitchen, the robots will make you all sorts of food! Anything you would like.

[She’s getting sidetracked from her mission!, though, and shakes her head.]

I’m sorry but a friend of mine is missing – or I suppose he could just be wandering, or perhaps he has become lost. He is very tall – [compared to when he used to be shorter than her, anyway] – with dark hair and he wears a miniature drill key on a chain around his neck. [Manly mecha anime needs phallic imagery. I mean—what?] If you have seen him in the last couple of days, please let me know!

Thank you for the time. And – enjoy tonight’s festivities!

[With that, she clicks off.]
07 March 2012 at 09:59 pm
[A strikingly beautiful young man appears in view and speaks After a small yawn, he speaks in a soft tone- there's barely something in that tone, that could be something to take caution in.]

My head is killing me... prison? Hah... it must be a bad dream.. because, I definitely don't belong in here...! No flaw in your system..? Surely you're mistaken!
Hah, really! I haven't done a thing! Do you see any blood on these hands? [Dietrich looks down at his hands, a soft smile painted on his face] Certainly not... You must have me confused for my so-called family.

I'm tired. And this.. it's annoying. This place isn't very comfortable at all.

I am obviously not alone, that much is sure! My... I must be surrounded by such very dangerous people if this is the case! Who wants to tell me their tall-tales since we're all playing this together. I do love a good story.
07 March 2012 at 11:00 pm
Okay... so, I'm pretty sure this works? Or else I will be talking to myself which is kinda dumb.

[Flynn is kind of yelling at the network. Not exaggeratedly so, but he's really loud as he speaks. Forgive the grandpa with no experience at all with this kind of technology.]

So... not that I complain not being back at home, and I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten a way worse deal about these crimes if I had been found by the kingdom, but. You know, I happen to like knowing what's going on. Weird, I know. But indulge me a little.

I know that these- [He motions at the device he's holding] weird things do a lot of useful little things and I stopped trying to understand how they worked a while ago.

I know I'm, supposedly, in some kind of prison as well. Fair's fair, you caught me, it's how these things go. Not personal, I know.

But how did I ever get here? Where's the girl that was with me? How can I even breathe if I'm under the ocean? And be honest guy's, is this the frog's fault?