The 147th Day
26 December 2011 at 05:39 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
Good morning, inmates. It is the 147th day of the third generation. Progress continues to be made clearing away the results of the unexpected snow event. Inmates will be allowed to leave the shelter tomorrow.

[There is a pause, then:] When I modified the sexual relations ban to allow for relations under accepted circumstances, I made clear that ignoring the ban was completely unacceptable. Inmates Cross Marian and Chun-Li, you have been fitted with a restraint that will permanently prevent physical contact with other inmates until reviewed by this system.

((ooc: Last day of the snowed-in event! Again, all the entrances have been sealed. Only characters who can teleport should be able to leave the shelter today. And there will be no kiosk requests this IC day; Acumen has disabled it, even if you are able to reach it.))
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26 December 2011 at 06:38 pm
[He had thought that once he moved out of the shelter, he wouldn't be forced to go back. Being shut in a smaller space with lots of people in the same area? He would pass. Just being cooped up in the prison itself was frustrating enough. And now Fuuma was stuck in here a second day. With being trapped in the same building, it did make it easy to notice someone missing... It seemed like just about everyone from Tokyo was being lost.]

[For the moment, he's stretched out on one of the sofas in the open areas, a small cat sleeping on his chest, while he reads a book. It looks like it came from the library, but they were locked in, weren't they? Either way, Fuuma doesn't look too enthralled with what he's reading.]

((OOC: Open to anyone who wants to bug him! The cat is Sasuke's, but Fuuma is babysitting for the moment. He can also teleport, so if you ask nicely, he might be willing to get people things.))
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26 December 2011 at 07:54 pm
Nia Teppelin
[It may be too early in the morning for some to be cheerful, but not Nia. She’s nursing a mug of steamed tea when she opens what is supposed to be a private communicator feed, still in her pajamas.]

Simon, what are – sexual relations?

[She heard it earlier, and she’s confused! Beastmen never do anything like that, after all. Probably.]
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26 December 2011 at 10:16 pm
Axel || viii
[It's well past midnight, you're sleeping peacefully or relaxing with a good book in the shelter, when suddenly in comes some staggering redhead who is more than likely to trip over you.

Once again, he's awake when he shouldn't be because his body just wont sit still. He's contemplating, constantly contemplating things and trying to figure out how to make them work, and in an attempt to calm his nerves he heads for the bar around midnight. Thankfully teleportation is still possible, so when mostly everyone has gone to sleep, Axel wanders out. Of course this proves to be harder than expected. That much snow, that much cold--How can anyone like this stuff? But he manages and with a few more stubborn jumps through Corridors he makes it to the inside of the bar, realizing too late that there's no bot in here to tend to him. Plus, it's freezing.

Always gotta do things yourself, right?

About an hour or so later and he poofs back into the shelter, and needless to say that he's not in the best shape wobbling here and there and furthermore exhausted from teleporting and being pounded by snow. Please excuse him if he ends up tripping on you on his way to find an empty couch to sleep on, ok? Or...complain about it. Whichever gets you more in the holiday spirit.]

((OOC: Thread with Wolfram is closed, but otherwise open now that all my Christmas parties are done with~))
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26 December 2011 at 10:41 pm
It's been nearly two weeks, now. Really- I've tried to be understanding. Crime must meet punishment for the functioning of society, as weak as this punishment truly is. Corrective containment without the reinforcement is all you need in a bubble full of petty thieves and murderers wet behind the ears.

It was quite cute, nearly charming for oh, say, the first few days. I laughed because jokes are meant to be funny, and I certainly didn't want to offend. That would be rude, and a princess minds her manners.


Surely the Almighty would find its time better spent dealing with crimes of a higher caliber.

I tire of all this camaraderie, this friendship that spoils even the bloodiest of hands. Punishment is most effective under fear, power, and brutal authority. You crush until the prisoners can no longer crawl on their own. How I hate to see all this opportunity wasted.

Take pleasure in the relationships you have established here, my fellow criminals! Enjoy this peace- for it is only the eye of the storm! People are nothing more than pawns, and without the proper measure, even pawns will turn and strike.

Speak to me of kindness and of love if you so desire. Soon you will understand how worthless it is in the end- how easily loyalty can be tossed aside by fools!

It is nothing- do you hear me? Nothing!

[ooc | Azula is going off the deep-end. I apologize to everyone I didn't tag in my last post- but I'm getting out of that RP slump, now and I'm back with some fresh crazy :)]