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April 20th, 2016

Art: Together; Snape/Lupin; PG-13

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Title: Together
Pairing: Snape/Lupin
Rating: PG-13
Medium: Pencil on paper

Together )

June 30th, 2011

NSFW *fluttering hands* Whew! Done! BTW, I love Lupin_Snape folks!

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NSFW. Image heavy thank you to the Snupinteers in my life!  )

December 1st, 2010

Art: Challenge: lupin_snape anniversary MONTH 2

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Part two of the year-long icon project is posted.

Mildly NWS? There is a hint of werewolf nudity. =/

October 27th, 2010

Art: Challenge: lupin_snape anniversary MONTH 1

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Title: Iconic Story--a year in the making
Artist: Omni (aka rip_von_christ)
Rating: PG? Psh, I dunno.
Challenge: Lupin_Snape Anniversary
Summary: A year-long project of telling a icon at a time.

(Click for icon and other art)

April 9th, 2010

Snupin Showers Part 1: Recs

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My apologies for getting this out late in the day - I meant to send it from the office, but that whole pesky 'work' thing got in the way.
We'll start with some recs, mostly from the wayback machine:

Those I Can Save by bronzeribbons for Snupin Santa 2007  (PG-13)
I have a huge weakness for Snape and kids, plus this is just a beautiful journey for all involved, with bonus bad-ass ladies. 

Dreams and Nightmares series by MusIgneus (NC-17, warnings to be heeded on site)
I always rec this one, and that's because I consistently reread it at Moonshadow.  I have favorite chapters, but the work is wonderful as a whole. I still find that the final chapter is one of the most emotionally fulfilling endings I've read in fic. I get choked up every single time.  It begins with "A Short Measure" and you follow the sequels from there.

Two illustrations for 'His Due' by rosemont1021; art by kaleidoskope for Snupin Santa 2007 (PG-13, both WS)
Color, texture, beautiful composition - I love the romance of the second image, and the humor in the first.  The story on which they are based is also well worth a read!

In the Spring of their Forever
by karasu_hime for Snupin Santa 2008 (G, WS)
This is one of my favorites of karasu's, for the gorgeous details and intriguing character design as well as the history of relationship implicit in the image.

1979 by nepenth for Snupin Santa 2009 (PG-13)
This is a striking piece, wonderful for its contrast of light and shadow, the details that create such a great mood, and the patterns that so firmly evoke the era. Those jeans pulled tight across Snape's bum are quite appealing, too.  Hee.

A Moment of Grace by julythirtyfirst for Snupin Santa 2008 (page is PG-13)
An illustration for one of my favorites, 'The Waltz Continues' by busaikko, I love the lines and the beautiful emotion of Snape and Lupin's embrace.  The accompanying art, 'Wet Kiss', is great, too.

What Price Wolfsbane? by mific (G)
I love this style, so reminiscent of a fine woodcut or print. It's different, and yet still has a wonderful story with deep implications. 

And that'll do for now.  I'll return later this evening with more.

April 6th, 2010

Mod Post: April calendar and Snupin Showers icons

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The Snupin Showers folks have been doing a great job so far (don't forget to tag!). Gut check for the onlookers - are you commenting?

Speaking of April Showers....

April 2010 Calendar image of Snape and Lupin huddled under a magic umbrella in the rain, countryside in the background
1024 x 768
800 x 600

Our April calendar art comes from the very talented [info]zephre. I have to admit, it's my machine that somehow brightened the colours on the 800 x 600 piece, not Zephre. I hope she won't mind! As always, please leave her comments here if you'd like to tell her how fabulous the April art is.

Snupin Showers Icons! )

I'll be honest, there's a RL situation that's keeping me away this month so far. I hope a few of you are taking on the challenge of commenting to all the daily posters. I will be, just on the late side.

I believe we're having a writing exchange here soon....a Remix? Yes, that's what it was. If you're interested, you might want to gather up links to your creative pursuits and post them on your journals, or else update your web sites or other ways of archiving your work. You're going to need your works to participate. More later this month (gawd willin' and the creek don't rise)!
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