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18th-Oct-2017 02:39 pm - Return of the Heir Chapter 2
Title: Return of the Heir
Summary: During the Marge Dursley Incident just before Harry's third year at Hogwarts, his accidental magic not only causes her to inflate like a balloon, but it also transports him to a little known island on the other side of the planet. It is there he discovers the true meaning of family. Watch out, Hogwarts! Harry's got a brand new attitude and a whole lot of new friends!
Genre: AU before third year.
Crossover: Jurassic Park
Characters: Harry and the Velociraptors, various other HP and JP characters.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures, various publishers, including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, Knopf Publishing and Warner Bros Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author Note: I'm attempting my first novel-length story in probably 4 years.


`Parseltongue speech`
-Hedwig speech-


Nearly 5500 miles away, on an unknown island off of Costa Rica, a small body practically fell out of the sky, landing hard in the middle of a jungle.

`That's going to leave a mark!` the small form groaned as he tried to get his breath. He rolled onto his back and when his vision stopped spinning, he discovered he was not in the Dursley kitchen.

`Oh, this is not good.`

`Human! Why have you disturbed my nest?` growled an angry voice directly above him. Snapping his eyes open (not recalling when he had closed them) he found himself nose to snout with something he recognized from when he was a child.

His mind could not comprehend what he was seeing. It just wasn't possible. This had to be some weird dream he as having. He immediately pinched himself and winced at the pain.

And then the second shock caught him flat-footed. He was being spoken to.

`Um...hello?` was all he could think to say. Sharp teeth snapped an inch away from his nose and his gut clenched in fear.

`You nearly kill my nestlings and all you can say is hello? I should rip out your insides and feed you to my pack!`

`I do not know how I ended up in your nest, Great Mother. I meant no harm.`

`The hairless one lies! We should kill him!` came another growl to his left. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a second creature.

`It is my decision, my Beta. You have no say!` the first rumbled, making the other back away with a slight dip of his head.

`It was just a suggestion,` the Beta whined petulantly.

`Such a child, that one.` A yellowed eye, filled with a deep intelligence looked at the small boy before her, `Now what to do with you.`

`Please don't eat me. I probably don't taste very well as I'm all just skin and bones.` Harry begged. He got the equivalent of laughter from the creature he now recognized as an honest-to-goodness Velociraptor.

`You amuse me, human. And you understand us. I think I shall keep you.` She backed away, giving Harry breathing room and a chance to get to his feet. He looked around and noticed that he the many different nests around him with eggs waiting to hatch. He had indeed nearly landed in once such nest and thanked Merlin that he hadn't. From what he knew of Velociraptors, they were fiercely protective of their young.

`Thank you, Great Mother,` was all he could think to say.

`You may call me Isa. What are you called, youngling?`

`Harry. A pleasure to meet you.`

`Come, Harry. Climb upon my back. If you are to stay with us, then you must meet the others so that they do not think you food.` Isa knelt down so that Harry could settle himself astride her. Once he was ready, Isa took off into the forest, the rest of her pack following. She knew ways of getting around the humans “shock fences” that they had yet to discover.

As they made their way around, Isa told Harry about how they came to be; Jon Hammond and his INGEN Corporation; his dream of opening a one-of-a-kind nature preserve to rival the ones in other countries; and the science involved. Harry was surprised he'd never heard of this place. Maybe it was considered too “muggle” for wizards.

He had a slight moment of pants-wetting fear upon meeting the T-Rex pack, but once he communicated to them that he wasn't here to harm anything, he found himself being adopted by the King of Lizards.

`How is it that dinosaurs understand Parseltongue?` Harry wondered as they headed back to the raptors territory.

`What is this word you ask?` Isa wondered.

`Parseltongue? It's the language of the snakes.`

`Ah. Easy to explain. Snakes are reptilian. As we are also reptilian in nature and from what I've heard from the humans, those who made us used amphibians in our makeup, who are closely related. I can only assume there may have been some magical species involved, allowing us to communicate.`

Harry was startled when Isa mentioned magic.

`How do you know about magic?`

`I could smell you were different the moment you landed in my domain.` He had a suspicion when she mentioned this.

`You never intended to eat me, did you?` He got a rumble of laughter in reply.

`It's been a long time since I've had an intelligent conversation` Isa laughed, `And I don't eat magical children.`

`I appreciate that.` Harry grinned, sliding to the ground once they stopped. A few of the pack who had remained behind brought him some edible fish and a few snacks they found in one of the abandoned buildings. He was only beginning to realize how hungry he actually was.

`Tell us about yourself, young Harry,` Isa requested, checking over her clutch of eggs.

Harry sat down as he ate and told her of his life and how much he hated it.

By the time he finished his tale, he found a couple of the younger Raptors resting at his feet like small dogs. They looked so cute he couldn't help but give them each a rub on the snout, eliciting a trill of pleasure from them.

`You shall remain with us, Harry. Those who are charged for your care have treated you most appallingly.`

`I'm starting to believe that myself,` Harry murmured.

`This 'Professor Dumbledore' is setting you up for something. He is this all-powerful being, deeply connected to the wards and ley lines that surround your school.`

`Ley lines?` Harry interrupted, not familiar with the term.

`Wellsprings and pockets of magic that are in high concentration around large magical areas, such as your school. There is one such well on the larger island just west of us. But how did one so connected not know this demon was in his domain, devouring one of your instructors? There is something strange that surrounds you, Harry.`

`What should I do?`

`Do you need to return to that place?`

`I have to.`

`Then one of mine shall go with you as your companion and protector. What do you know of the Familiar Bonds Ritual?`

`I've never heard of it,` Harry admitted, `I was raised in the non-magical world and didn't know I had magic until 2 years ago.`

`You do not know of your heritage? Of your family?` Isa was deeply upset by this.


Isa began making unintelligible hisses and clicks that Harry couldn't understand. But from the stance of the other raptors, he could deduce that she was enraged.

`A pack is the most important thing there is! To deny you of all such knowledge is downright shameful!` she growled. Harry thought about that for a few moments and had to agree. Ever since he was brought back to the magical world, none of the people who stated they had a deep connection to his parents would tell him about them. They always changed the subject and he was beginning to wonder why.

`So this ritual...will it hurt?`

`No. But if there are any other magical links to you that Magic Herself deem unworthy, they will be removed.`

`You speak as if Magic were some sort of entity.`

`She is, in a sense. It goes back to what I told you about the ley lines. From what you were telling me about your school, it sounds as though it has some intelligence. How did it get to be that way? With so many magical children within those walls, Magic had to do something to protect them,` she explained, `This is what a familiar bond will do for you. Magic will give you a protector, someone that will watch over you at all times. You will be able to feel each other's emotions and as the bond matures, thoughts and visions.`

`Oh! Hedwig!` Harry exclaimed.

`What's a Hedwig?` Beta piped up to ask.

`She's my post owl and my very best friend,` Harry smiled. He looked as Isa, `Something like that happened to me when I first saw her. It was like we had an instant connection.`

`She sounds like she's formed a Familiar Bond with you,` Isa smiled.

`Can someone have more than one?`

`It's been known to happen. The stronger a wizard's magic, the deeper the bond. As your magic grows, so will Hedwig. She will become smarter, stronger both physically and magically. Has she ever just shown up for no reason other than you were thinking of her?`

`I wanted to send a letter to someone and was going to wait. She showed up right as I was finishing it.`

`Then you have a very strong bond with her. And you are only 13 summers old. That's intriguing. Do you wish to see if a second bond will take?`

`What if it doesn't work?`

`Neither you or the one attempting to bond will be harmed.`

`Alright. The extra protection would be nice,` Harry smiled, thinking of all the times Malfoy tried to hex him in the back.

`Excellent!` Isa exclaimed. If she had been human, Harry imagined her jumping up and down and clapping her hands in excitement.

It was decided that a large raptor who bore many battle scars would try to become Harry's second familiar. The creature's size alone reminded him of his cousin for some reason. But Dudley wasn't smart.

`What is your name?` Harry wondered as they stepped into a circle Isa had made. Harry could feel a small pool of magic gathering at his feet and the crude circle gave off a faint glow.

`Bruce,` was the reply. Harry's eyebrows disappeared into his hairline and it took all he had for his mouth not to drop open in surprised amusement. Bruce had an amused look in his eye, `Don't ask.`

`We are ready,` Isa announced.

`What do I have to do?`

`Close your eyes, Harry,` she commanded gently. He did so and took a deep calming breath, `Clear your mind. Imagine you are on a beach, the calming waves of the ocean relaxing you into a peaceful doze. Breathe in...and out. Calm your thoughts and feel the beat of your pulse. Let your magic fill you.`

Isa's voice was calm and soothing and put Harry in a near trance-like state. He could feel his blood rushing through his veins, his magic making his skin tingle pleasantly. The glow of the circle became a bit brighter.


`Yes?` His voice sounded very far away. Outside his reality, his skin began to take on the same glow as the circle.

`Do you feel your magic?`


`Stretch out your hand. Bruce stands before you. Connect with him and let your magic do what it will.` Harry slowly raised his arm, feeling as if he were trying to move through molasses. The minute his hand touched Bruce's snout, the glow became near blinding in intensity and encompassed both Harry and Bruce. Harry gasped, his eyes flying open and meeting Bruce's gaze as there was a sudden “there-ness” of Bruce within his mind. And there was another soothing presence as well, one he was familiar with.

-Harry-chick? Are you alright?- came the feminine voice.


-Yes, Harry-chick?-

-Yes, I'm fine, my friend. Where are you?-

-I am close. I started after you when you vanished from the BAD people.-

-No worries, girl. I'm fine and I've made some new friends.-

Hedwig was silent for a moment, letting her thoughts roam those of her bonded.

-I see that you have. Greetings, Sir Bruce.-

`Never been called 'Sir' before,` came a surly voice. Hedwig giggled, as much as an owl could giggle.

As the bond between Harry and Bruce solidified, the malevolent spirit housed in his scar screamed in agony as Magic violently removed it. It did not belong.

The bond that was shared with a certain professor in the form of a life debt was violently shredded as Magic had determined him unworthy to hold such a debt. The backlash of this caused the professor to be slammed against the wall in his quarters, knocking him insensate.

As she worked to cementing a much stronger bond between Hedwig, Harry, and Bruce, Magic also granted Harry several gifts. She corrected all the damage the Dursleys ever did to him and removed all the blocks, trackers, compulsions and potions placed on him by Dumbledore.

Harry put on a bit of weight and height, putting him at a respectable 5'6”.

Magic's final gift as the Bond snapped into place was the removal of the scar that had defined his life since he was a baby. He would be happy to see it go.

The glow slowly dissipated and Harry stood still for a moment, processing all that had happened. Before Isa could ask after him, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

In a quiet office located in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, several metal gadgets exploded, startling a phoenix out of sleep and into an unscheduled burning day. On a high shelf, a hat began to laugh as a wave of magic swept through the building.

“The heir has returned!” the Sorting Hat whispered.
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