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7th-Oct-2011 11:23 pm - A Walk On The Wild Side - Chapter 2 (Original)

Title: A Walk on the Wild Side
Author: Lady Belz aka Lady Bahiya
Characters: All Original
Summary: Ebony and Ivory. Against all odds, two of the most opposite people ever born come together in that age old dance of love.
Genre: Interracial Romance
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: All characters and plots are originally my own and [hopefully] do not resemble anything ever written past or present.

- - -

Chapter 2

Exactly four days later, the two men stepped off of a plane into bright, warm sunshine, green, lush palm trees, gorgeous blue ocean water...and scantily clad women every time they turned their heads. Lennox eyed them over the top of his sunglasses, a quiet wolf-whistle easing past his lips. Marcus was doing some staring of his own.

"Why are we living in Florida again?" Lennox asked his friend. Marcus, who had been staring a leggy brunette across the terminal, shook his head.

"Don't know, bro." Marcus mumbled absently. The leggy brunette turned in their direction and smiled. She casually strolled their direction and Marcus couldn't help but stare. She was wearing a simple tube dress, a generous amount of cleavage on display to his sex-starved gaze. Her feet were encased in simple white gladiator sandals, showing off her pedicure. The two men were stunned when she stopped directly before them, removing her sunglasses. Bright green eyes stared back at them. Marcus gulped and willed himself to calm down before he made a fool of himself. He casually crossed his arms in front of himself, hiding his erection behind his jacket.

"Marcus Winters? Lennox Jenkins?" she queried, her voice giving Marcus images of smooth satin sheets and melted chocolate.

"That's us." Lennox answered, catching Marcus's movements from the corner of his eye. It made him want to laugh.

"I'm Melinda Chazzman, Mykala's personal assistant. She passes her apologies for not meeting you here herself, but she's dealing with a problem at the hotel. She asked me to make sure you get settled before taking you there." she explained. She eyed the two bags they carried. "Do you have any other luggage you need to collect?"

"We're good to go." Marcus finally found his voice, wincing mentally at how husky it sounded. She nodded and indicated they should follow her as she turned to walk away. Marcus wanted to groan out loud. The view from the back was just as hot and his eyes remained glued to her ass. Lennox took that moment to elbow him hard and Marcus glared at him.

"You stare any harder and her clothes are going to catch on fire." Lennox smirked.

"Shut up!" Marcus hissed, embarrassed. He had never been affected by a woman as much as Melinda affected him and it confused him.

- - -

They were soon driving through town in a well-used Jeep, the warm tropical air caressing their skin and mussing their hair.

"How long have you worked for Mykala?" Marcus shouted to be heard over the wind and the roar of the engine.

"Since she opened her first hotel, so about 6 years now." Melinda answered as she expertly navigated the busy streets. "Mykala wants you settled first before I take you there."

"Where are we staying anyway?" Lennox asked just as she pulled up to a gated driveway. She punched in a code on the keypad stand and the gate swung open. She drove through and stopped, waiting for the gate to close before continuing up the drive. As they rounded a stand of trees, Lennox whistled appreciatively as the two-story ranch-style beach house came into view. Melinda turned off the engine and climbed out.

"Mykala was specific about you staying in her house while you're here. She said it would be more comfortable for you."

"Does she have room?" Marcus worried. She graced him with another smile that made his heart do a funny dance in his chest.

"She wouldn't have offered if she didn't." Melinda said, leading them inside. The inside was just as impressive as the outside. He glanced out the patio doors that lead out to a swimming pool that drew water from the ocean itself. There was also a smaller beach house nearby.

"Anyone using the bungalow in the back?" he asked, thinking he would have loved to been that close to the ocean, especially at night.

"Yes. I do." Melinda answered. Marcus nearly tripped over his feet at that proclamation. Having the woman within easy reach was effecting is libido. He decided it would be safer to walk behind Lennox as she lead them up to the second floor. As they wandered the upstairs hall, Marcus happened to glance in the first room they came across, recognizing his sister's touch anywhere.

Continuing down the hall, Melinda led them to two other rooms, directly across from each other. Lennox took the room on the left side of the hall.

Marcus took the room on the right side of the hall.

Melinda stood in the hallway between them as they checked out their accommodations. "I'll leave the two of you to get settled. We'll head up to the hotel in about an hour."

"Thank you, Ms Chazzman." Lennox said, stepping into the hall. She smiled at him.

"Please, call me Mel." she allowed.

"Thank you, Mel." Marcus gave her a tentative smile. She gave him a smile back before heading downstairs and out to her bungalow. Lennox watched as Marcus ran to the window in his room to see Melinda enter the bungalow on the beach.

"I guarantee you'll be on her like white on rice before the end of the week." Lennox stated, leaning against the door with his arms crossed. Marcus flipped him off before moving to unpack his bag.
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