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A Walk on the Wild Side - Chapter 1 (original) 
7th-Oct-2011 11:16 pm
In an effort to try and jump start my muse, I'm trying to see how far I can go with something original. This story came to me a few nights ago after reading several interracial romance novels in a row.

Title: A Walk on the Wild Side
Author: Lady Belz aka Lady Bahiya
Characters: All Original
Summary: Ebony and Ivory. Against all odds, two of the most opposite people ever born come together in that age old dance of love.
Genre: Interracial Romance
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: All characters and plots are originally my own and [hopefully] do not resemble anything ever written past or present.

- - -

Chapter 1

Mykala was in her office, going over some numbers when her phone rang once. She absently picked up the receiver, cradling it between ear and shoulder.


"Your brother is on line 2." came her assistance voice.

"Thank you." she smiled as she quickly switched lines. "Marcus." she greeted, happy to have the chance to speak to her brother.

"Hey sis!" came his voice clearly as if he wasn't thousands of miles away in Florida. "Got your message. What's up?"

"Can't a sister just want to say 'hi'?" she laughed, charmed by his exuberance.

His amusement clearly broadcast over the phone. "Not when it comes to you, now spill it."

She sighed and turned her chair until she faced the window – and the gorgeous ocean view it afforded. "I want to hire you." she stated, never one to beat around the bush. There was a pregnant pause and she almost thought she'd lost the connection when he finally spoke.

"Hire me for what?"

"I want to overhaul the security system here and I want your firm to do it." she explained...

- - -

...Thousands of miles away, Lennox Jenkins watched as his partner's mouth fell open, shock clearly written all over his face. He wondered what was said to make the man so abnormally speechless. As Marcus regained his senses, Lennox went back to his own work, listening to Marc's half of the conversation with one ear.

"-you sure? This is a very big deal to me!" Marcus stated, scrambling for a pad and pen on his cluttered desk. He began scribbling notes. "Uh-huh...yeah...the whole thing?...Right....Training?...Mm-hmm...How soon?...That's soon...No, no we can do it...Uh-huh...When do you-?...Yeah...No problem...It won't be cheap, I hope you know th-...ha-ha...Yeah...First chance...I'll call...Okay...I love you too. Bye!" Lennox arched an eyebrow at that declaration as Marcus hung up the phone. He turned to stare at Lennox, a huge grin plastered all over his face.

"Going to tell me why you have a shit-eating grin on your face?" he wondered.

"Partner, we just struck gold." Marcus grinned. Intrigued, Lennox leaned back in his chair.

"Does this have something to do with this mysterious twin sister you've yet to introduce me to?" he smirked. Marcus's chocolate brown eyes danced with amusement.

"I keep inviting you to my mother's for dinner when my sister is home visiting, but you keep passing on it." Marcus laughed. "But yes it does. What do you know of Wild Island Resorts?"

"Hottest chain of resorts this side of the Pacific. Sold out year-round." Lennox stated. He had remembered that information from a brochure he had grabbed when he had last gone to see his travel agent when Barbie? Bambi? Brenda? Had wanted a weekend getaway. He had changed his mind when he caught the leggy blonde model swapping various body fluids with the pool man when Lennox had arrived home early from work. That had been one disastrous relationship too many for him and he swore off women after that. His eyes widened as he looked at his friend. "Mykala Winters? She's your sister?" Marcus nodded at his question. Lennox's mind went to the picture he had seen on the resort's website: dark short hair, Café au lait skin and deep hazel eyes. He had been captivated.

"She wants to upgrade the security system at the main resort. The works." Lennox felt his jaw drop. This was a hugely expensive job and would be the kick in the ass MarLex Securities needed.

"Are you fucking serious?"

"No joke. She wants us to fly down for the week, see what needs to be done. You free this weekend or you going to be wrapped around some other leggy blonde bimbo?"

"Hell yes!" Lennox exclaimed. And if he wasn't, he'd make sure he was. He wanted to meet the mysterious, exotic, alluring Mykala Jenkins...
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