Aug. 26th, 2009


Another Small Anouncement!

Just a very quick note on the whole application process: once accepted, a character can begin playing immediately, rather than having to wait a few weeks or more to actually be introduced into the game.

And speaking of!

Please add and welcome our two newest characters!

Rachel Bristow/[info]i_create_xix (OC)
Cuthbert Allgood/[info]kaswhippingboy (The Dark Tower)


Jul. 23rd, 2009



Please add [info]readsyournotes to your friends lists. This is L, who will be joining Asgard on the 28th.

Metatron will post the night/middle of the day before the 28th talking to everyone in Asgard who dealt with L. He will tell them that L has no memories of what he did here previously and ask that they not bring up old events. He'll be understanding towards those who went through hard times with him, but that'll be the gist of it.


May. 7th, 2009


New character

Since new characters will be coming in tomorrow I thought that oocly introducing my newest pup would be a good thing.

This guy here is Mark Hopkins. He's twenty, human, and a self righteous asshole.

more under the cut )

Feb. 1st, 2009


Upcoming Bundle of Joy

Well, we weren't expecting so much attention on the upcoming pregnancy, but Brandi's given me the go ahead to just let everyone in on a couple of things.

The pregnancy will be unplanned and unexpected by Kain and Blythe. The baby will be born in December (before New Years, thankyouverymuch xD). They will not know the gender of the baby until delivery, but it will be a boy (for Kain~) named Roland Aidah Highwind. The first name bears resemblance to Kain's father's name (Richard) and the second name is Blythe's father's name.

They'll move out the second bed in their room and make space for a cradle supplies. They will also hope to ask Alessa and Henry to be the godparents (if either respectfully declines, they will ask others).

I think that's as much as we know for sure at this point. Everything else will just have to happen as the time comes. Also, the Mod has stated that no one in Niflheim will have the ability to abduct or hurt the baby. He is immune to such plots.

Jan. 30th, 2009


Dur-hur, Mod is Special


The new characters have been assigned to these rooms. Please check out the Places of Interest to see what they're like!

In Niflheim, Lucifer has assigned...
Yako to room 208
Reno to room 306
Both lack a roommate...for now!

In Asgard, Metatron has assigned...
Kamina to room 307; poor Henry gets his old roommate back! Is he going to paint the symbol of Gurren-Lagann on the door again, or did Henry never remove it...? (Wow, I can't remember!) xD!
L'Arachel to room 303; a new roommate for Tohru!
Raziel to room 205; a new roommate for Frank!
Rosa to room 102

Aaaand that's it!

Except apparently Myre was never given a room, or did I forget to add her to the list? Myre-player, could you let me know so I can fix this? D= If there's any other issues, pleaaaase bring them up with me so I can fix it~!

Jan. 25th, 2009


On welcomes and updates

Welcome new players~! I'm the secretary Mary and this post is to let you know that the Quick Add List has been updated, so that you can add all active journals in the game without trouble. (More to be updated when the other journals are up).

If you'd like to know the history of the game so far, check out the regularly updated Chronology thread, the timeline of threads/events in CU.

I believe that the new characters arrive during the second-to-last day of a Malfunction week, Zombie Attack Week. Info on Malfunction Days can be found here and rules for Zombie Week can be found here

Lastly, check out the handy Link Index created by the Mod for navigation around the CU and CU-ooc boards. 

Right-o, enjoy~
EDIT: I almost forgot to mention a few plots that are on/about to go on.

-There's the Nightmares Plague Niflheim plot (stalled during Zombie Week).

-And starting February 10th, this character ([info]honey_i_wanna) will be joining Asgard. Info on the Brandy Plot.

Jan. 24th, 2009


New Characters and Other News

Come January 30th, a few new characters will be arriving into the realm unless I don't hear back from them by that date.

I have had to reject a lot of the applications submitted because of the imbalance between Niflheim and Asgard, however, so those who don't see their characters here - I apologize.
The new characters areeee....!

For Niflheim:
Yako Katsuragi (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro) - ([info]theculpritis)
Reno (FFVII) - ([info]itsmydayoff)

For Asgard:
Rosa Farrell (FFIV) - ([info]purewhite)
Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) - ([info]manly_ignition)
L'Arachel (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) - ([info]raustenprincess)

If any of you know anyone who might be interested in writing a definite 'bad guy' for Niflheim, could you bring it up with them? We're in sore need of another Niflheimer or two.

There's also a few character removals that I failed to announce a month or two ago:
Sia's characters: Shinji Mimura ([info]bakuhatsushinji) and Souji Okita ([info]taichouokita) - are to be removed from your lists due to inactivity.

Monkey's characters: Gin Ichimura ([info]kisama) and Dr. Cox ([info]coxtastic) - are also to be removed from your lists due to inactivity.

Nov. 5th, 2008


The New NPC

A new NPC will be debuting today - it's [info]boughtnsold. I won't share much information about her, so that the characters can explore her better. As a note - she has a history tied both to Metatron and Lucifer, and is mostly present to allow for extra plot twists and all.

She is a neutral character with slightly chaotic tendencies and she's a demon despite her neutrality. She'll be setting up a shop in Emptiness, but it isn't ready yet and won't be for at least another month. <3

Also, I apologize for any delays with my threads - i've been working on some school projects, but i'm not on a hiatus. Just busy. D=

A few important notes:
The same rules apply for this NPC as stated in the rules for Metatron and Lucifer, with two exceptions. Sydonai is not meant to be a character as...interactive as Metatron and Lucifer, and she isn't as powerful nor does she carry the same authority as either of them. She is, however, very immune to anything characters might try on her. =3

Jul. 9th, 2008



Holy crap! I forgot to post this yesterday!

Sorry, sometimes the mod is a doofus, forgive me.

[info]schroedinger has joined the game today, and he'll be given room 208 in Niflheim.

May. 25th, 2008


New Characters

From now on unless you're already in the game, the application has to be absolutely stellar. xD I say this because I will not ever "refuse" new people if their applications prove themselves to be wonderful but I also don't want CU to swarm with eighty or more characters. Heheh.

We have two new characters, though, that will come into the game tomorrow. Monday. They have not been added to the Places of Interest or the Quick Add YET, but they will be soon.

For Hell we have Walter Sullivan ([info]holy_assumption) from Silent Hill 4. He will be rooming with Balam in Room 207.
For Heaven we have Glitch ([info]synapse_glitch from Tin Man. He will be rooming with Will Graham in Room 303.

Welcome! My computer is misbehaving TERRIBLY at the moment but I am determined to get edits and character replies done tonight/tomorrow morning. I'm not really sure what's up with my computer at the moment but i'll try to fix it soon...xD Anyway, because of the computer problems I wanted to say that when I DO manage to get the updated lists and everything up, I'll mention it in an edit to this post. =3

May. 18th, 2008


New Characters and Updates

We have three new characters joining the game, though they're from people who're already members~

For Hell's side we have:
Ichimaru Gin ([info]kisama), who will be rooming with Jazz in the Garage (think of it as the Garage now having a loft in one corner for a more human-sized person to sleep in)
Midvalley the Hornfreak ([info]hornfreak), who will be rooming with Shinji in room #106

For Heaven's side we have:
Eileen Galvin ([info]shabby_doll), who will be rooming with Lina in room #202

All of these characters have been invited to join the game - check under 'manage asylums'! If you haven't received them, let me know. I'll send them again. We might have a Walter Sullivan and a David from The Lost Boys entering the game too, but we'll see. I'm probably going to get more cautious with applications because we have a good amount of people. It'll probably be easier from now on to add characters if you're already in the game than to be completely new. Not that I won't accept more applications - I just think we're not in an 'underpopulated rush to add more' mode anymore.

I've also added the three characters to the Taken Character List, the Quick Add list, and the Niflheim and Asgard lists. The Places of Interest list has also been updated. Later i'll be adding an 'edit' to this confirming the addition of Niflheim's training area and its description as well as Asgard's. The Contact Information has also been edited.

May. 10th, 2008


New Characters!

On Monday, May 12th, new characters will be joining Heaven and Hell!

For Hell we have:
Dante from Full Metal Alchemist, who will be in room 306 with Dr. Cox
Shinji Mimura from Battle Royale, who will be in room 106 alone (for now)

For Heaven we have:
Will Graham from Red Dragon (part of the Hannibal Lecter series), who will be in room 303
Kain Highwind from FFIV, who will be in room 107
L from Death Note, who will be in room 205 with Frank

Dante and Shinji are on the quick add list, but I haven't received the account for L yet. I'll edit this post when I get them in!

EDIT: Kain's been added to Heaven's side and he and Will have been added to the quick add list.

EDIT #2: L has been added to the quick add list as well.

Apr. 28th, 2008



On Friday, May 2nd, Hell and Heaven are both getting a new teammate! This announcement may change to more than two people if we get any more applications, but we'll see.

Alice Liddell will be joining Heaven's team!
Dr. Cox will be joining Hell's team!

They'll officially arrive on Friday~!