Aug. 10th, 2013


Hello everyone! I'm Robin, and I've just brought Sexy and Baby into Lost World.

We're definitely up for plot over here, in and out of fandom!

Aug. 8th, 2012


And hello, again! Seeking plot!

Spoilers for Ghost Story )

Aug. 10th, 2011


TC here, formerly exclusively with Mister Hank McCoy.

Now I bring you.... Rufio!

Yup. Pan's replacement punk is in the City, annoyed and confused and nervous. He's pre-Pan return. As far as he knows Peter is still an old fat Lawyer who's a fake Pan, so he's still claiming the Pan title.

I think it would be a lot of fun to play around with him. He's really capable of both good and evil at this point, as he hasn't a strong sense of civilization or a moral code, so... anybody interested in plotting?

Slight addendum: He's fallen under a nature lover's spell for the moment, but he's still up for plotting. Just needs to be pushed back into his senses to switch back from eco-warrior to annoying teenaged boy :)

Aug. 5th, 2011


OK! So. LiLi here, with #4. No, not THAT number four. This is Toot Toot Minimus, whose real Name remains a well guarded secret (as far as I know). He's a dewdrop faerie, and Harry's right-hand pixie. He's bigger than a Kreacher, but smaller than Frodo. And ho-shit,
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No, Dean, you may not nuke him.

May. 9th, 2009


Volunteers needed

For a reaper based mini plot.

People willing to be stalked by death, but will not actually die.

Apply within.
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Jan. 26th, 2009


Feeding the ardeur

So, Anita has a problem. She has a gift from Jean-Claude, which is more like a curse.....the ardeur. And it has not been fed since Spike was in the City.

Who's up for some sexiness and possibly hilarity?

I know some of you talked to me before or I talked to you about it, but feel free to throw any ideas here rather than AIM or email, if it's easier.....or consider this a prompt to im me ridiculous ideas. We love the ridiculous!

Remember, the ardeur is getting desperate, which means it could totally pick someone Anita wouldn't normally want to be with.....or it could be fed off the lust of others or a couple or something. Have a go.

Dec. 14th, 2008


Any want to help? [Hey Sam, Jo and Xanadu, Elizabeth too]

I have this plot idea of trying to work into Dean getting some angelic abilities. This will be an on going plot cause I don't want him to just bang, have them. His abilities will be the Light of Healing and able to produce the Light of Purity which will be able to burn the evil from a person without harming the actual person.

I have spoke to Xanadu!Mum on it, getting her altar ego to help, that is if you are still interested. But I'm also looking for someone else to help as well. Possibly an angelic person to help it along, even another 'god' can help. I want it to be painful, angst in it and such. Elizabeth said she would be happy to come along for the ride.

Also possibly someone else out there who might not want this to happen? Play on Dean's weakness as he thinks he doesn't deserve this or happiness at all.

Is anyone interested out there?

I'd like to get this going, being as I'll be off till next year starting Thursday of this week.