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Jan. 27th, 2014


About Inferring Beauty's Cottage Caper

If Beauty's cottage isn't gone or is replaced by something else PLEASE tell me so I may alter my latest narrative.


Jan. 8th, 2014


Questions for all!

So, the Question Kitteh wants some answers from everyone! Fun times, yes? Here we go!

1. Which of the seven sins would you be?

2. If you could only have one of the following on a desert island, which would it be: family, lover, friend, sidekick, enemy?

3. Who's your favorite detective?

4. Finish these phrases:
a. Take me out to the _______
b. Six of one, half a dozen of __________
c. He may go all _______________
d. Well, slap my _____________ and call me __________

The kitteh wants to remind you that what happens in Question Time stays in Question Time unless everyone involved is cool with it. Let the answers begin!

Jan. 5th, 2014


Hi everyone. Apologies for not being around recently. Between the holiday season and work, I've also been put on new medication which it turns out I'm rather allergic to. So I've been incredibly ill these past few days and am not really able to stay online for long periods of time. As soon as I get my medication sorted I'll be more present here.

Hope you all had a lovely time.


Jan. 1st, 2014


Poor Fae is sick!

Hey guyz,

Fae has been pretty ill. Please cross your fingers and toes, light some candles and sacrifice some lost teenaged campers to the Ancient Ones. She sent me a message to let y'all know she might not be around until she starts feeling better.

This will effect anyone currently in scenes with her characters in the following games:

WC: Beauty - Erik - Leto
RC: Evey - Leeloo - Rose - Eowyn
LW: Ilyien - Rose - Nanshe

Much lof!

Dec. 25th, 2013


Unexpected hiatus and return

aka ahaha I suck. Sorry, I expected to have replies ready to go before I went out of town for Christmas, but you know things are going to be interesting when you wake up and your husband's like, "Are you ready to go?" "Go where?" I asked. "Don't you remember, we're going to go see [friends from out of town]?"

So needless to say I spent more time away from the computer than I thought I would. Also there's a whole misadventure involving a cat's ear canal.

But I'll be replying starting tomorrow morning! YAAAY! /muppetflail

(Also merry Christmas/happy holidays/etc!)

Dec. 24th, 2013



BB: Fuck, what is the plunger arm called again?
telescopic manipulator
there we go.

Fae: You just outnerded me.


Hey guys. Just to let you know I wont be around much this week. I have work in the morning and then wont be home until after midnight, then obviously I wont be about a lot on Christmas Day and then Boxing Day has been designated Christmas Day 2 so I can spend it with the boy. Friday should be ok, but Saturday I'm off to Edinburgh to see The Lion King so wont be around much then.

If I don't speak with you all, have a wonderful Christmas :)


Dec. 23rd, 2013


short hiatus

dear all-

i will be taking a hiatus from wc until i know how hectic my new work schedule will be. it starts in january. it's no secret i haven't been very involved here and i want to make sure i can commit to time before i start promising it to anyone in the game. :) in the meantime, if you have ideas for lestat or river, please feel free to send them to me via email-- i'll get back to you much faster that way.

i will see you soon, and some of you i will see in LW.

happy holidays!


river and lestat

Dec. 21st, 2013


This is TOTALLY how it'd go down!

Fae: You don't put Erik in a cage without also destroying every good thing he'd managed to build in himself in the City. He's more of the monster now than he's ever been.

Maybe he should visit one of the other monsters he knows to help him out. *HINTHINT*
Especially since Hanni's gone

Fae: Hanni would help him, for sure. It's quite a shame he's gone. A friendship, for Erik, is monumental. And he was getting very close to acknowledging that Hannibal was his friend.

He and Scarecrow can start a 'we miss Hanni' support group. Jonathan will make tea and biscuts

Oh, that'd be the day!

I can see Hanni walking in, taking one look at them and walking out, pretending not to know them.


Happy Solstice!

I have three more days of the holiday retail grind before I have both Christmas Eve and Christmas off. The next few days after Christmas will also be pretty rough. I am giving you a heads up that I may be slower to tag than normal.

Thanks all!

Dec. 19th, 2013


away for holidays

all at WC and LW:

i am EXHAUSTED. i know i owe some tags, but i am not going to get to them until saturday. i am going back east to visit family from tomorrow to the following friday. i will have a good amount of computer time until christmas day (i have no access at my sister's house, only at my parents').

i am so sorry if you are waiting on me, but it's been a busy few days over here. a lot of people irl had to see me before i go so i could be sure the pets were taken care of, the car is safe, etc etc---as well as someone i haven't seen in over a month just wanting to be social since she and her hubby will be away until after new year's.



WC- river, lestat, lindsey
LW- nine, annabelle, morpheus, phaedra, dean

Dec. 10th, 2013


Someone save me from being bored at work!

I need things to do with my characters! I have literally nothing going on at work and can get lots of tagging done! SAVE ME. Otherwise you're dooming me to more episodes of Doctor Who and knitting. And while I like both, I should probably still do something with my characters.

Megan, Errol, and Maggie at WC

Arya at RC

save me

Dec. 7th, 2013


Montana is cold.

BB: This weather is trying to kill me dead.
BB: It's not the −10 to 0 degree weather that's bad.
BB: It's the "holy shit it's so bone dry there wasn't even FROST on my car this morning."
BB: My sinuses, eyes and lungs were starting to feel dry like I was breathing smoke.

Fae: It was 19 degrees here.
Fae: But that's nothing, compared to 0.
Fae: That's not even a temperature. That's a death sentence.
BB: Well, not when you aren't used to it.
BB: I was laughing at my friend who asked, "OMG is that like instant frostbite to go outside?"
Fae: I kinda wanna know the same thing.
BB: Haha. No.
BB: now when wind chill makes it feel like −30 and −40, that wind stings like tiny little razors.
BB: But it's still not instant frostbite.
BB: It just hurts if you don't cover up.
Fae: Oy vey.
BB: When it is ACTUALLY −30 and −40 that's when it can be physically painful to go outside, but then I always like a dumbass go out in like…. a skirt and tights on those days.
BB: Wear warm socks and jeans and a good coat, gloves, hat — you're fine.

BB: Woo! By Tuesday things will be in the 20s again!
Fae: That's horrifying.
BB: By Thursday it'll be in the 30s?
Fae: Oh for the love of..!
BB: Then it will be warm enough to snow again.
BB: :D
BB: But the good GOOD news is Missoula won't be overtaken by white walkers from Game of Thrones.

Dec. 3rd, 2013



When Abe reaches his abilities toward the City's self in Beauty and Abe's thread what will he experience?

His abilities give him empath and psychic abilities dealing with the history and past so reaching his abilities with a human would give him the human's emotional state and complete history.


p.s. He's not telepathic. He can't communicate with the City or see what it's thinking.

Nov. 30th, 2013


On Behalf of Mila

We've all been there -- that awful place where we absolutely know we've got too many spinning plates. Sadly, that's where our beloved Milala is now.

After agonizing over it, Mila's finally decided to step back from RP until her RL calms down. She's asked that Kelly and I let everyone know, then sort stuff out that she's left behind. Please check the OOC boards for WC, LW, and RC to get specific detail on what we're doing to stand in the gap until she can come back to us again.

She's especially worried that she'll lose friends because she's had to step away from RP for now. You'll still see her online in all the usual places, so please, please, please, remind her that you still love her, and let her know you'll be here for her when she's ready.

Thanks for watching after one of our own.

Nov. 26th, 2013



I've spent the last three weeks caught up in a haze of 6th century Europe and food poisoning. Someone please let me know where I am/what's going on/who I need to play with.


Nov. 19th, 2013


She lives!

I think I kept everyone that I was in logs with updated about my IJ block, but if I didn't-I am SO sorry. It sounds like the server change is happening tomorrow and hopefully after that, the firewall restrictions that keep me blocked out won't be an issue.

And for those who don't know, batten down the hatches! It sounds like IJ's going to go down while they're doing the server change-over. Squeaky's thinking it will be about 24 hours, but who the heck knows?

If I've missed any replies, please let me know and I'll tag as soon as I can. And if you just want to plot with me, please let me know that too!

WC: Dinah, Sam, Jo
RC: Dinah, Sam, Carlos
LW: Jo, Mary, Eleni, Clark, Anna

Nov. 13th, 2013



I had a bit of a hiatus and some life changing events spring up, so I apologize for logs I've been letting sit. I'm trying to get caught up now, and trying to clear out the ones that can be talked over or are done.

There are some other changes afoot. I'm dropping a couple of characters, and my availability is going to be different.

WC - I'm dropping Ted and Dexter. Ted has had a good run, but he's increasingly difficult for me to write. I'm sad to see him go. Dexter is fun, and I love him, but he's not overly involved in plot, and I feel like it's not fair to keep him around just because I like him. Ted will go immediately, I'm going to finish the log with Dexter and Dinah and try to find a way to ease him out a little slower.

On the mod side, Jack will be remaining a statue until further notice. He will always be in front of Dinah's shop, and you may throw things at him or dress him up, or put things on him.

RC - A character I never introed is going to be gone.

LW - Eva will be going. But she's going in a plot related matter.

So, as to my availability, I'll be for sure still gone on Sundays. But I'm extending the possible absence time from Friday night to Sunday. I'm not saying I'll absolutely never be here Friday or Saturday, but it's better if I'm not expected to be. That way, if I am, it's a pleasant surprise for everybody.

Thank you to everyone for putting up with my hiatus and my slow return to playing. Hopefully this will help me balance out RL stuff and RP stuff.

Nov. 10th, 2013



It's that time of the year where I grow one year older. Bahhh!

Help me celebrate with many plots!!!! MANY PLOTS!!!

And maybe it'll distract me from the pregnancy fatigue and nausea.



I fell out of touch with most of the RP world for a couple of weeks because I am made of fail. I'm out of the country for all of December but I will try to be around more and hit people up and do some stuff before then. Sorry and thanks =)

-- Scy (LW: Will Graham // WC: John Preston)

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