Mar. 10th, 2011


Ongoing City Plot

There has been, since the game started, an ongoing plot to reveal what the City actually is. This is something that we've been working toward, in one form or another, for a really long time. We know that people are curious about it, we know that people want their characters to know what's going on.

As we approach (slowly but surely) the time when things will come to be revealed, we realize that there are some things that can be known about what's going on. Some things that veterans know. Some things that can be found out just by being observant. The things listed here are open for anyone to know. More info will leak out as time goes on (and another post will be made in not too long about plot ideas that are going around, don't worry)

1. The City is a living thing. It makes decisions, has thoughts, gets ideas, causes problems, tries to provide. It's clumsy in it's workings. This much is obvious by certain things it does, like bringing Godzilla in or the Cupid that it created.

2. The streets move, the buildings move, even rooms inside of buildings move sometimes. This is normally a pretty random occurrence. But there are times when the City itself directs the movement to get two or more people together. It has it's reasons. Nobody knows them. It might not even know them.

3. It brings people in, sometimes it sends them away again. Sometimes they come back once they've left. If they come back, it's a crap shoot as to if they'll be the same person they were before, or not know anything about what went on when they were last within the City wall. The reasons behind this have yet to be discovered.

4. The people within the City that are not brought in are born there. These people are like background noise. Extras in a movie. There to be filler. They can be interacted with, they can be killed, they can be any kind of NPC that they need to be at any time. There is an unlimited number of them with unlimited possibilities. They do NOT know what is going on in the City. They are not aware of streets moving as an abnormal thing. They think it's perfectly reasonable. They aren't connected to the City in any way that lets them know what it's thinking, or what it's reasoning might be. They are just people. (There is more about them that will be revealed as plot goes on, a small number of characters already know information, others just have to get it too)

5. There are characters brought in from places that are not main characters. Such as the vampires Buffy fights. NPCs that are not City-born, in other words. Feel free to have them come and go as you need them. (this is more player knowledge, I guess)

6. There is a wall. It is incredibly high. Only those with the power of flight have been able to see over it. Nobody has yet tried to climb it, but it would be a hell of a thing to do. Not saying it can't be done. Normal humans have climbed incredibly tall things before and do it every day.

On the other side of the wall is a very dense forest. It moves. Sometimes it might be still for a while to trick the onlooker, but it will eventually always move.

The City IS an island. There is water surrounding it on all sides. There are rivers, and even a lake. The water surrounding the City, however, can become as big as the ocean. Seemingly endless.

7. The animals one might find within the City are the animals that can be found in any city. Birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, bunnies, bees, butterflies, roaches. Even horses. There's a zoo, in fact. Which is where Godzilla escaped from.

There's probably more, but I can't think of it at the moment. Feel free to ask questions here, and I'll answer them and let you know if it's common knowledge or not. Anything you see here, any character can know at any time. It's not secret by any means. And like I said, more knowledge will be coming. Eventually, all will be known. (Maybe there should be an evil laugh here?)


Feb. 6th, 2011


A Mini V-Day Plot!

Alright folks. V-Day is almost here and most your characters are single. The City has released a renegade cupid in the past. This year it’s going to try and be a tad more polite-- by releasing unauthorized personal ads. You know your character secretly doesn’t want to be alone this smoochy greeting card holiday! (Or, well, more likely, you know it’s fun to mortify and embarrass your characters publicly.)

Here’s how it works! You will OOCly write personal ads for characters in the game. Make them funny, sad, creepy-- just have fun with them. I have provided a handy dandy form and a style guide for personal ads. You may write for your own characters or for other people’s characters. All comments will be screened in order to maximize hilarious surprises!

The only way to guarantee that your character will have a personal ad published is if you write one yourself. Since doing this secretly will lead to doubles one will be chosen at random for the IC newspaper but there will be an OOC honorable mentions post for all the awesome unused ones for people to laugh over.

Please contact BB if you have any questions for this post as she came up with this plot being totally deprived of sleep and sanity. (Also, I am totally writing this up in the middle of the night and I’ve run out of redbull. ...Ahem.)

ICly, once the personal ads are published your character may respond to them! They will call the number code in the ad which will automatically leave a voicemail on the corresponding character’s City provided phone. This could lead to some amazing awkwardness. (The details of how this aspect of the plot works will be further explained when the personal ads are published.)

Personal ads are due by Sunday, February 13th at 10 PM EST. Don't be late if you want in. Results will be posted either Sunday night or sometime during Monday.

WHO: Which character is this personal ad for? Please don't make BB guess or it will likely not be used.
CATEGORY: Please specifiy Men Seeking Women (MSW), Men Seeking Men (MSM), Women Seeking Men (WSM), Women Seeking Women (WSW), Other/Platonic
TEXT: Don’t worry about using abbreviations! The City is publishing this free of charge. Usually it’s just a sentence or two describing the person and the ideal mate they’re looking for. A very plain example might be: “Single Vegan Female 34 years old seeks Single Male 25 - 45 years old who enjoys walks on the beach, going to the movies and vigilantism.”
CLOSE: Make up a six digit number that other characters will use to leave a voice message. This voice message will be routed to that character’s voice mail. Can be as simple as “#112233” generic as “For a fun time call #23522!” or whatever you like!

Use the form below for simple coding pleasure!

Use this website for tips on writing personal ads!

For additional inspiration, check out these bizarre personal ads (NSFW).

Remember, all comments will be screened.

May. 9th, 2009


Volunteers needed

For a reaper based mini plot.

People willing to be stalked by death, but will not actually die.

Apply within.
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Aug. 18th, 2008



Within the next few days I'm going to be putting up a tiny mini-plot. And yes, it's small enough to need both qualifiers.

It's something that your character would notice, even if they don't participate directly in it. You don't have to sign up for it, because it's not a challenge, it's actual plot. Just jump in when you see the post go up.

There's not going to be a time limit put on it because it's small enough that it should play out in just a few days.

Bwaha. I'm totally on a sugar high, but you seriously can't blame me for this one. Somebody else *cough*player*cough* came up with the idea.

Jul. 6th, 2008


Who to play with

We've done this before, but I think it would be fun to do again.

Who in this community do you want to see your character paired up with for plot, or just a scene, or just a random meeting of some type? List the wishlist for each of your characters. If you see your character in a reply, feel free to plot away!