December 21st, 2013

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Happy Solstice!

I have three more days of the holiday retail grind before I have both Christmas Eve and Christmas off. The next few days after Christmas will also be pretty rough. I am giving you a heads up that I may be slower to tag than normal.

Thanks all!

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This is TOTALLY how it'd go down!

Fae: You don't put Erik in a cage without also destroying every good thing he'd managed to build in himself in the City. He's more of the monster now than he's ever been.

Maybe he should visit one of the other monsters he knows to help him out. *HINTHINT*
Especially since Hanni's gone

Fae: Hanni would help him, for sure. It's quite a shame he's gone. A friendship, for Erik, is monumental. And he was getting very close to acknowledging that Hannibal was his friend.

He and Scarecrow can start a 'we miss Hanni' support group. Jonathan will make tea and biscuts

Oh, that'd be the day!

I can see Hanni walking in, taking one look at them and walking out, pretending not to know them.