December 7th, 2013

[info]vworp in [info]we_connect

Montana is cold.

BB: This weather is trying to kill me dead.
BB: It's not the −10 to 0 degree weather that's bad.
BB: It's the "holy shit it's so bone dry there wasn't even FROST on my car this morning."
BB: My sinuses, eyes and lungs were starting to feel dry like I was breathing smoke.

Fae: It was 19 degrees here.
Fae: But that's nothing, compared to 0.
Fae: That's not even a temperature. That's a death sentence.
BB: Well, not when you aren't used to it.
BB: I was laughing at my friend who asked, "OMG is that like instant frostbite to go outside?"
Fae: I kinda wanna know the same thing.
BB: Haha. No.
BB: now when wind chill makes it feel like −30 and −40, that wind stings like tiny little razors.
BB: But it's still not instant frostbite.
BB: It just hurts if you don't cover up.
Fae: Oy vey.
BB: When it is ACTUALLY −30 and −40 that's when it can be physically painful to go outside, but then I always like a dumbass go out in like…. a skirt and tights on those days.
BB: Wear warm socks and jeans and a good coat, gloves, hat — you're fine.

BB: Woo! By Tuesday things will be in the 20s again!
Fae: That's horrifying.
BB: By Thursday it'll be in the 30s?
Fae: Oh for the love of..!
BB: Then it will be warm enough to snow again.
BB: :D
BB: But the good GOOD news is Missoula won't be overtaken by white walkers from Game of Thrones.