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December 29th, 2014

December 29th, 2014

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At least the Christmas decorations are starting to come down. I imagine I'll have to wait until July until people stop putting on their lights...

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Clark gave me a gorgeous watch for Christmas. It's also a signal watch so that I can alert him whenever there's an emergency.

Things that I have learned are NOT considered emergencies so far:

1. We've run out of coffee.
2. The cows are in the orchard.
3. The traffic is terrible.
4. My stockings have a run in them and I need a new pair from home.
5. My heel broke.
6. It's cold and I need my scarf.
7. We're out of wine.
8. Wanting to know what we're doing for dinner.

Things that ARE apparently emergencies:
1. Kittens in trees
2. Being tied to a radiator.

I still maintain that running out of coffee is an emergency.

Texts to Kol

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» Brother darling.
» I have a present for you.
» I'm spending the day with Grantaire, but can I swing by later and give it to you?

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I thought I might ask a favour.


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