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October 22nd, 2014

October 22nd, 2014

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Well, that's that I suppose.

[Filtered to Doctor Who People]

Out of curiosity.  If someone were to cosplay the Eleventh Doctor for halloween, would that offend people?

No known threats

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I used to love Halloween. It was my favorite holiday. Now, I'm not so sure how I feel about it.

[Filtered to Bonnie Bennett]
Hey Bonnie, I have a question for you.


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[Are you female? Has Jesse spoken to you at some point? Consider yourself on the filter!]


I have a date.

Aaaand I have no idea how to tell my dad.


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So people who went trick-or-treating last year where are the best parts of town to hit up for candy? You know those houses that actually give big bars of candy or bags of candy and not just the tiny little tootsie roll to each person.

And Haunted Houses?

Or best pumpkin patches? I am in need of pumpkin carving time. Also possibly hayrides. I know the Center is doing stuff but I'm so trying for a Halloween extravaganza next week.

[Mikaelson family]

Is everyone going to Marcel's party next Friday?

And its your brother's first Halloween. So anyone want to come trick-or-treating with us?


Which really, it's Hope's too. So you might want to see if Hayley wants to do it too with her. And if she doesn't then maybe we can take her with Henrik or she can come too with all of us or however it might work.


Hey, I was wondering if you were going to Marcel's party next week.

If you're not would you be able to and mind watching Henrik for a few hours?


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Okay. I'm still kind of at a loss for a Halloween costume. Davina suggested Hans Solo, but isn't Jacen one of his kids? I think I'm one of the last people he'd want in that costume. So...does anyone have any ideas? Because if not I'm considering going as one of the Ghostbusters.


So. You and Mol
Are you actua
How the hell do you get a girlfriend?

[OOC: No blank message for Khan!]

No evil bitches, man

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I think the reason we don't have pumpkin stuff year-round is because by the time the season is over we've all overdosed on it.


[Greaves House]

On a scale of one to absolute friggin killjoy, how lame am I for aski

I don't wanna be the one who goes DON'T HAVE FUN WITH HALLOWEEN, BITCHES, 'cause Halloween. But is it cool if we maybe make it a thing where no zombie or gore things happen outside apartments? I hate to even fucking ask, it's stupid and, shit, I should be over it by now but I

I'll get everyone tons of candy?


How am I doing?

Also, how're you doing?

Also, how much do you think Mal likes ridiculous plastic spiders?


I had an idea that might be absolutely terrible but you should probably let me know if it is/isn't.

Stupid ancient old horror movies. The ones that have, like, giant killer leeches that are dudes wrapped in trash bags and shit. I miss laughing at "scary" movies, but I also am liking this thing where I can actually sleep sometimes, so... a compromise with my own brain? Or do you think that would just be bad news?

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[Text to Katherine]

>>So Henrik has picked out our Halloween costume.
>>Yes, I said OUR halloween costume.
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