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October 21st, 2014

October 21st, 2014

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Had a few costume choices and thought of trying something I hadn't picked before. Could go as Jesus but I don't want to risk a random yet convenient lightning strike on me haha I'm usually a priest just for laughs, far as costumes go Finally decided on being a Roman centurion for a costume, but authentic looking. Armor, metal helmet with red mohawk plume, leather boots, the whole bit. One of my favorite periods too. I'd heard people went to other places a while back, so was ancient Rome one of those? I wouldn't have minded that. To see the Olympics back then, or gladiator games, or even a military campaign in action Oh! Or to meet Caesar, Hannibal, just someone back in R Shame that I don't have a time machine.

Ordered the outfit online so it should be delivered to the apartment in little over a week. Oh, got an idea now. Those among us who will have costumes pertaining to ancient history periods, or any historical era? Or actually.. all of us in any kind of costume, really. Group pictures. Maybe even create multiple photo albums for displaced and natives, that way we can have them for memories, something to look at when we want to. And if anyone else gets sent away that we cared about, it can also be proof they were here

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Someone in a costume shop implied I should go as Cinderella.

Not a chance. Though I do want to come up with a rather wonderful costume. Any ideas. Will?

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So how likely am I to get away with being a secret agent for this party? Its entirely a legitimate costume.


Should we meet up soon, go through the rotas and finalize it all?


Meant to ask how it went with Barnes. But also, how's Sharon? She's not gonna tell me


Are you going? I mean I'm not deluded enough to ask you, but we could both be there.

And talk properly? I miss talking to you

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One of these days, I'm going to tell myself not to watch and then I'm actually going to listen.

Yeah, right


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Am I the only one who thinks coming up with Halloween costumes is starting to get ridiculous when you know that somewhere, every single book, movie or tv program is probably real?

[Filtered to Sarah Manning]

Hey, were you going to go to the Halloween Party?

Just, Emma and Graham aren't, they're staying at home with the kids. And, Emma's offered to watch Kira as well, if you and your sisters want a night out.
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