War Is Coming Communications.

May 7th, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


May 7th, 2014

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Very excited for the beach. Can't wait to see all who are going!


Are you sure you and Ares will be alright?

Texts to Bo Dennis!

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✉ Ahoy there, sugar crotch!
✉ Have you been shivering anyone's timbers lately?

Bekah & Nik

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Met with Katherine yesterday. It was kind of fun. Not the talking part, no like I believe her or anything, but the threat I gave at the end. That was fun.

Threats are fun. I almost forgot. I feel that's wrong. The forgetting part, not the fun part.

Got anything I could kill a state or two over?

So, this party for your brother. We should, I dunno, actually plan things or something, shouldn't we? Or are we gonna wing it the night of?

No evil

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The other buyer backed out, I close the deal on the house Friday.

Filtered to...Friends

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Am I meant to sit and ignore comments about the hatred of my very existence for the sake of this...truce?

My first instinct is retaliation. But my first instincts don't often serve me well in times of peace.

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Should I feel bad that I don't really miss home? I mean I start to sometimes, but then I just message Elsa and I really don't. There are some things I miss I guess, but we never got to be sisters there, and now it's like everything I always wanted is just sorta falling into place.

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I don't do beaches. They're weird and sandy and generally hell on my complexion.

Anyone else just fancy the pub?


So Hale.

Bet you're all manner of happy. You two get it on yet?

Friends Filter*

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Okay. I just got yelled at by a pregnant woman for irritating Khan. I mean, she was scary. I don't think I have feared for my life that much before, and I've been through a lot of stuff. Are all pregnant women incredibly scary when they get upset? I swear, though, if he sics any more of his friends on me we're going to have words, truce or not. He's getting an apology out of all this, but knowing him he'll twist it all around and piss me off and then it'll just get worse.

I need advice, though. Both of us are supposed to be at little Bo's party, but I'm starting to think me showing up would be a really bad idea. Should I go or not? I have a few gifts for her, but I can always drop them off early with the card and then leave, because as much as he irritates me he's her friend and I really don't want to ruin her day. So yeah. Opinions would be great.


I hate your guts sometimes.
I don't think I should apologize because it's my damn opinion and Killian asked but I'm apologizing because Tahiri scares the crap out of me.
I wish you would just go away and then I wouldn't have to look at your face ever again.

I'm sorry for airing my dislike of you in public. I won't do it anymore. I'll just filter you out of everything I ever post in regards to you.

[*OOC: Generally this means Charlie, Kenzi, Rose and Lydia but now includes Hook, Anna and we're going to say Mary as well if she wants. Basically if Kirk is someone you consider a friend then you can see this.]

Filtered to Magic Users

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I wish I understood this curse better. I wish I could understand the spell protecting my sister. She knows now, about my magic. Does that negate the promise I made not to tell her why I was locked away for so long? Is it over? Or if I tell her, does that put her in danger all over again?

I can't lose her. Not again. But I keep hurting her. Even here.


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[Texts meant for Rebekah but sent to everyone.]

》 I WANNA LAAAAAAAY you down I a she'd of pandas
》 For toniiight I'll sleep in a garbage pail
》 I wanna be like Moses
》 With scoliosis
》 So beautiful Panda
》 Manly tears

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what has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?
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