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March 15th, 2014

March 15th, 2014

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I'm booooored! Is there, like, a skating rink or laser tag or something around here?!

Hey... you're from my future, right? Technically, anyway. All this weird time stuff is so cool but also frakking complicated. Anyway. Do you know what happened in that wreck? I mean, my parents and everybody's okay right?

I found these pictures [2 cutesy selfie pics of older!Claudia and Hatter being couple-y]. Are we, like, dating? I mean, older-me, not me-me cause yeah no.

No evil/Heaven/remaining loyalists

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I seemed to have grown a second shadow. It's tiny and Rose shaped.

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did yous guyses no growedups were kids 1 time to???

Adult Mikaelsons

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Elijah wanted me to come over... figured I'd talk to you guys first?

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i lost my mommy and daddy and sissy

my name is jane and i live at california

can someone take me home please? or call mommy? but i can't remember her number

Crowley (Kol can see)

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You're coming to a tea party. Just so you know.

No Kids

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Dear Seal:

This is not what I meant by wanting four kids.

To do list:
1. Convince little Much he doesn't need to wait on little Robin hand and foot
2. Convince little Robin he doesn't have to be waited on hand and foot
3. Stop little Lydia from throwing things at little Much
4. Convince little Jane that this is real and even though we can't call her mommy, she's safe

No love. No love at all,
Marian Locksley

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i donno where i am

i didnt run away this time tho i promisse!!

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[Filtered to Martha Jones]

Hey Kid.

Don't know if you remember running in to me on the TARDIS. It's a weird place, isn't it? Anyway, just checking in to see if you have everything you need. Growing up again any time now would be fine, by the way. My name's Tony. Tony DiNozzo.
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