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July 15th, 2013

July 15th, 2013


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Hey, have you thought about setting up a college fund for James?

No evil

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It seems I have been a bit lax in communicating with the 'outside world' for some time. My apologies. I had misplaced my computer for a number of days. ...Well, I was aware of its location, but it was buried beneath approximately twenty pounds of dried bamboo, and I did not see a reason to move it at the time.

Things truly are becoming terribly dull, if I am resorting to conversation as a means of self-entertainm

On a related note, does anyone have need of some bamboo?


I have not seen you in a couple of days, Watson. This is most abnormal, given the recent patterns. I trust nothing is amiss?

Shall I send Lestrade to check on you?

Further, would it be terribly upsetting if I were to suggest installing solar panels on the roof? I had intended to simply do it, but I thought perhaps you may object, given


It is good to have you back, Watson.

[Rose, Florence, & Harry]

Would you happen to be aware of John's current state of well-being?


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Have you ever heard of chocolate wine?

Complex Kitchen Delivery!

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Today, a giant batch of these showed up in the complex kitchen. Om nom nom. Sopapillas.

No evil

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At the risk of sounding entirely too much like an overprotective older brother...has anyone heard from my sister this weekend?

Rebekah's weekend textbombs!Read more... )

Texts to Rebekah

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Filtered from Evil

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I've sat idle too long. 

I want a hunt.

And once that's done we need to make this feel more like a war. I'm willing to take the fight to them. Rather actively. But for that we need fighters, soldiers.

I can make that happen obviously, but only if people are capable.


How are you now?


Free tonight?


I think perhaps its time we talked.

I'm tired of the silence.

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I'm fine. I didn't have my phone over the weekend, there was kidnapping and ridiculousness.

I'm sorry I worried you.

No Evil

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Going on hunts might actually become somewhat addictive.

[Filtered to Bobby Singer]

Thanks for letting me come along. Any time you want back up, I'd be more than happy to join you.

[Filtered to friends]

Obviously, I'm back, I'm fine, Bobby's fine. The Rawhead, not so much fine. He's actually more a smoking corpse.

Connor? Can you make Bobby an EMD? I think he liked it.

[Filtered to Jack Harkness]

Miss me?

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[Filtered to Freddie]

Not that you'll like it but I'm going to spend the next couple of nights over at John's. I'm not far if you need me.

Also, for the record, we're contributing to that fund. For the kids. Not like we need it for anyth

[Filtered to John]

I'm coming over. I'm armed with tea, biscuits, and doggie treats. Good luck getting rid of me.

Filtered to Anakin Solo

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Can we talk?


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So you and I are gonna hang out tomorrow.

It'll be fun.

It won't be shopping. And it won't be too crowded.

No evil

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Okay, so I was looking back at the boards for something and I noticed that like a prior me also made plenty of posts and talked to people. And I’m like do I read them? Is that an invasion of privacy? I mean because technically she was me even if I do not remember any of this place from like the month or so ago when I arrived here so like can you invasion your own privacy?

And I thought adapting to being a vampire was mindboggling enough but this place just keeps on with the hoops. Does anyone else read old them stuff?
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