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September 3rd, 2014

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Who: Loki
What: Returning, ripping the hell out of his mental innards, and bleeding magic all over this bitch.
Where: Iceland!
When: aaaaaround 9pm tonight [9/3]
WHY: Reasons.
Rating/warnings: High / Pretty effing dark, brah. No legit gore/violence/etc. but a lot of mental anguish and shady wording that makes it seem darker and.... yeeee
Notes: LOOK GUYS I'M NOT KEEPING HIM DEAD, see how lovely and nice I am?!!

His best guess was simply that he had been fighting against whatever had stolen his magic - against the Seal itself, perhaps - fighting for access without realizing it - and now that he had it back, now that he could touch it, he’d simply broken everything. )

OOC: TL;DR: Loki came back from the dead, aaaaaand accidentally ripped down all his mental defenses/control because whoops. All psychics/magic-users/etc. feel free to hate every life decision you've ever made that led you to feeling the result of this small isolated shitstorm. If you are for some reason in Iceland, you are also getting to hear a psychic screaming, aaaand a lot of things in your vicinity are glowing and disintegrating for a few minutes there.

September 2nd, 2014

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Who: Loki!
What: Loki is poisoned. A G A I N.
Where: Panem, a weird clearingy pondish area.
When: 9/2 afternoon
Rating/Warnings: Moderate / Uh if you don't like snakes stay away.
Notes: If someone wants to hang out with him 'til he dies, feel free to tag in? Otherwise, narrative.

There was nothing here that would be friendly to him. Nothing this place provided was ever meant to preserve any of them. Colors shifted between overgrown plants, and Loki’s breath caught in what was supposed to be a bitter laugh. Snakes. Of course. )

August 28th, 2014

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Who: Loki & Ward
What: Contemplating killing everyone. FOR THE GREATER GOOD THO!!
Where: Panem, somewhere woodsy for optimum brooding/pensiveness
When: Today sometime
Rating: Character death!
Why: I blame the fever.
Note: Info updated!

He had been fighting the monster that he knew he was capable of being for so long now that it felt like perhaps he had won out over it - he could think about the idea theoretically, but anything further... )

August 15th, 2014

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Who: Thor and Loki!
What: Thor arrives in Lawrence. Loki meets his now little brother.
Where: Streets of Lawrence
When: Aug 15
Status: In Progress
Rating: Should be low but updated as needed

What realm is this? )

July 18th, 2014

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Who: Loki
What: Dream! (narrative; aka, Erin randomly couldn't sleep until she wrote this?)
Where: Dreamland, then bedroom, then space-between-spaces, then random field.
When: NOW. (7/18, ~1am)
wHY: I dunno. If someone can tell me, that'd be greeeat.
Rating: Moderate? It's got some weird imagery about freezing to death in it? IDK.

The feeling of being slammed back into his own dream-shape as he lost focus on being separate was as dizzying as the realization of what was happening. )

March 25th, 2014

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Who:Anna, Elsa, and Loki
what:Finding a fix/stall for Anna's frozen heart.
When: Backdated to the weekend she arrived.
Where:Wherever Elsa took her after they met up
Warnings: idk yet!

Doing a thing where this holds a place :D

March 19th, 2014

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Who: bb!Loki
What: OOPS BREAKING THE BB aka Loki is too curious for his own damn good.
Where: Older!Loki's creepy attic magic!room in Iceland, bitchesssssssssss!
When: Tonight, starting around like 8pm or so; assume Loki is off doing all this reading for like three or four hours.
Rating/warnings: Nothing srs!

I can't make this text interesting right now. )

March 3rd, 2014

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Who: Loki & Frigga
What: DepressedLoki is depressed.
Where: His place!
When: Tomorrow afternoon, for simplicity's sake.
Why: He wanted to write something, then decided to do it all weird, and then it turned into this.

Loki wasn't entirely sure when, exactly, he'd stopped believing he could bring Darcy back to him... )

January 24th, 2014

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Who? Loki (Open to Frigga? Otherwise, narrative.)
What? Flipping his shit.
Where? His place, then the middle of an effing icy nowhere.
When? Tonight.
Rating: Not intense, unless feels and gratuitous mountain destruction scurr you.

The destruction spread, first the furniture and smaller items, and then the walls, floors, ceilings… )

January 4th, 2014

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WHAT: Mission: Rescue Hellbound
WHEN: Tonight- sunset.
WHERE: Cemetery of Doom
RATING: who the hell knows?!
STATUS: Possibly exploding!

This be the post for reactions post Hell.

For those who haven't read it yet THIS is what happens in the cemetery for the ritual to get people back.

For those in the Cage, THIS is what Hell has been like for you!

I shall now do a couple of subheadings for things, lemme know if you think we need another one (comment on my OOC post about the ritual to keep things neat!) Go forth and enjoy!

December 6th, 2013

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Who: Queen Frigga and OPEN
What: Look what the storm blew in? SHE DIDN'T DO IT!
When: Evening of the fifth
Where: Middle of the city in the middle of the destruction. She's used to it.
Warnings: TBD but doubtful any

But confusion fought with compassion and she wasn't even sure where she stood. )

November 19th, 2013

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Who: Loki, Moriarty
Where: Warehouse Loki has claimed and spelled the hell out of, outside Lawrence.
When: A little later tonight, around 9pm Lawrence-time.
What: Summoning, brief conversation (probably mostly smugness from both of them).
Why: Because Moriarty is a bitch. Also, reasons.
Status/rating: Unfinished / moderate to a low high? It's Moriarty and Loki, man, idek.
Notes: Just this.

When it was over, when the power faded out and Loki was left feeling weakened, but triumphant, the room was dark, lit only by the three candles on the table before him, the three on the floor around the outer edges of the traps, and the moonlight leaking in through the skylights, between lines of painted wards. )

October 28th, 2013

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Who: Thor & Loki
What: Magic! ...and probably talking.
Where: Avengers HQ
When: Immeidiatelyish after Luci screwed with Thor's head.
Rating: Probably not terrifying.

Read more... )

March 14th, 2013

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Who: Morgana and Loki
What: A meeting of the "I Don't Want to Be My Future" club? More just talking most likely.
When: 14 March 2013, around noon
Where: Why not the park?
Warnings: TBD!
Progress: Thread | In Progress

For this darkness I gave my light )

January 27th, 2013

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Who: Loki and Mr. Dark (aka Gershom Mallory)
What: Oh, this and that.
Where: Here and there.
When: Evening, 10pm.
Warnings | Status: TBD | in progress

Read more... )

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Who? Loki & Emma & Aislinn!
What? Talky & feels & etc.
Where? Aislinn's nursery
When? Late tonight. Like 3am or something weird like that.
Why? Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Rating: Lowish. Angst is probably the worst thing. Maybe random morbidness because this is Loki.

And Dark still had power over Loki - even after he had believed himself to be free. )

December 5th, 2012

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Who: Loki (narrative)
What: Power return
When: Sleepingly late last night/early this morning.
Where: Medlab, where he's camping out until Darcy is cool to go home.
>Rating: We'll see.

December 2nd, 2012

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Who? Loki, Demon!Darcy (and Darcy), driveby Sam&Ruby
Posting Order: TBD
What? Finding, tazing, depossessing, angst, and more!
Where? A dark creepy alley where Sam lured demonDarcy. Because classy.
When? Tonight!
Rating? Highish?


November 26th, 2012

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Who? Loki (Open to Darcy, otherwise narrative)
What? Depowering!
Where? Loki/Darcy's apartment
When? Monday, 11/26/12, 12am, Lawrence time!
Why? Because this dude is addicted to writing me narratives, I dunno.
Warnings? None really? Pain? Open-ended narrative format? Nah, really it's pretty tame though.

It was everywhere and nowhere all at once, a fire burning without causing damage, like alcohol fumes aflame. )

November 21st, 2012

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Who? Loki (Open to Darcy? Otherwise, narrative!)
What? Magics & naptime.
Where? Roof, then his/Darcy's apartment.
When? This afternoon, 3pm - 4pm. Ish.
Why? Because Loki is a weirdo who likes writing narrativey posts about magic when I'm not expecting it.
Warnings? Not really any. Feelings, briefly, maybe.

From his palms, a green-gold light began to spread... )
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