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January 20th, 2010

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WHO: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (briefly), Uriel, an NPC angel, and Alastair.
WHAT: Framing a demon, watching said demon get tortured, having someone else get tortured in return - basically, a lot of bad.
WHEN: Evening.
WHERE: Starts in Lawrence, Kansas. Ends in an abandoned warehouse in Ainsworth, South Dakota.
RATING: High for violence. Probably language as well.

'Bring Dean Winchester to the demon,' said the voice, 'for he will find truth where others will not.' )

December 29th, 2009

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Who: Alastair and the Angel of Vengence
What: Taking down an Angel...just not the Celestial Kind
Where: A Street in downtown Lawrence
When: Evening (July 29th)
Rating: High, Alastair is not kidsafe
Status: In Progress

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WHO: Alastair & his victims.
WHAT: Torture times!
WHEN: Evening.
WHERE: An abandoned warehouse.
RATING: High. Violence, blood, etc. It's torture, people!

Let's put a smile on that face. )

[OOC: Comment with your characters names in the subject of each subthread and Al will drop by and visit each accordingly. Also, if you aren't comfortable with threading out violent scenes feel free to give it the old skip and we'll assume your character was here playing with everyone else!]

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WHO: Buffy Summers and Alastair.
WHAT: Smacking a bitch down!
WHEN: Evening.
WHERE: Lawrence, Kansas.
STATUS: In progress.

Alastair knew much about perfection. )
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