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September 11th, 2014

September 11th, 2014

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Who:Anna and James
What:Things end
Where:casa de storybrooke
Warnings: idk

She had just finished trying to bake, but it failed miserably. Her heart wasn't in it )

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Who:John and Mary
When:backdated to John's birthday
Where:Mary's flat

He still hadn't deemed himself worthy of love. )

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Scott & Stiles; Not sleeping, also worrying
Early hours of Thursday, Septmeber 11, 2014; Casa de Beacon Hills
TBD; In progress

Not that Scott could sleep.Read more... )

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Who: Bonnie & Kol w/ background Caroline (y'know to keep them from killing one another)
What: Talking about Expression, control, and magics.
When: 9/11
Where: Clinton Lake Outlet Park...PUBLIC/NEUTRAL place!
Warnings: TBD

Bonnie had to get control... )
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