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August 1st, 2010

[Aug. 1st, 2010|01:10 am]
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I can see them!
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|05:57 am]



Teja, my love, are you all right? Let me know if you have any lingering aches. I don't trust work that isn't mine, regardless of its source.
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|01:23 pm]


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Locked to vampires )
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|07:40 pm]
[Tags|, ]

... where am I?

Mr. Gru? Margo? Edith?
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|08:22 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Did anyone who came to the market this weekend leave a cat behind? Scrawny little thing. Some kinda mutant, s'got six legs, stubby little wings.
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|09:39 pm]
[Tags|, ]


Mia, I've got this formal black tie ... dinner dance... thing I have to go to for work. I was hoping you'd come with me as my noun date since we're verb dating.
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|10:11 pm]
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I have a new horsey!
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[Aug. 1st, 2010|10:26 pm]


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Candy )
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